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Steve Beckow Truth

In building Nova Earth, we’re going to have predictable disagreements. Some of them drain energy significantly and are unnecessary.

One is our disagreements over “what’s the truth here?”

Supposing I were to say to you that the wait lines at the bank today were outrageous. A half hour wait with only six customers ahead of me and three tellers, sometimes four.

And supposing you were to say to me, the wait line wasn’t that long. Besides there were sometimes two tellers there instead of three or four, and anyways some tellers were doing wire transfers and other complicated matters.

We’d probably end up pulling each other’s hair out.

The listener has responded with what they conceive to be the true picture of what occurred.

But what they’ve failed to do is to get that what the speaker said is their truth, what is true for them in that moment, and that that truth has not been heard and acknowledged.

How many fights occur because the listener does not get that the speaker wants their truth to be heard and acknowledged, however we may feel about it? Instead what happens is that the two dispute what may be true. They end up presenting two versions of the truth, neither of which may prove to be totally correct.

And no one knows why so much resentment has been generated. The listener wonders why the speaker is so hot under the collar? Aren’t they interested in the truth?

This is one predictable fight that I see happening around me with regularity. It’s one that could be left at the door, so to speak, if we’d simply hear and acknowledge another’s truth as their truth. We don’t have to agree with it.

When we’re building Nova Earth, we may need protocols for getting along.  And hearing and acknowledging the truth of another needs to be right up there at the top of them.
Source: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/10/13/hearing-the-truth-of-another/



  1. Steve Beckow? Wasn’t he the one who bought into the whole 2012 run up hype, had a previous webpage titled ‘the 2012 scenario’ before reinventing it as the current one? Didn’t he have a tab on that earlier version proclaiming to all his unwavering support for Obama? Although he has decently presented points in the above post, he clearly has more than established the case for discrediting himself to become a worthy club member of similar such sources you’ve outed, as Webre, Cobra, Tolec, Wilcock, Fulford, etc, etc.


    • Hank, I agree with your observation, but it wasn’t Steve that impressed me, rather his post. And yes, I have debunked all of the above mentioned, but you have to admit, it doesn’t require a lot of intelligence to write what he did? Maybe he’s starting from scratch? Dont’ shoot the messenger 🙂


  2. It wouldn’t be an issue of intelligence, but rather one of credibility. Once one has painted himself successfully with the tar brush of deceit, especially for a very long time, can’t come back from that. That’s really the point, and too often painted over in the ‘New Cage’ movement all to often by far too many others giving this kind of hall pass. In this respect, it makes it extremely difficult, if not near impossible, to wade through all the disinfo permeating the net lore, as you too have discovered. My position is we don’t need to aid and abet this in any kind of way, albeit in good faith.

    Ask yourself if you would similarly post anything seemingly sounding true from any of the aforementioned sources you have to date properly outed, even without editory comment. If not, then why this likewise for an established shill?

    Just wondering.


    • Hank, I understand your view and respect that, but I also stand behind the post and that it was somethign to ponder about but didn’t require predictions or assessment of this person. Though, I will take this into consideration for future even though I don’t like being told what I should post or not. I think we should focus on the message, we already killed the messenger and lets move on. if this post can help someone, isn’t that all that matters? I don’t post anything that I don’t feel is correct for me, but I can’t speak for the readers, so I put out a lot of different subjects and perspectives so that everyone can find something of interest. Hope this helps.


  3. “Agree to Disagree” can be a very humble, yet troublesome decision to make. It is not an easy choice for some, depending on the state of open mindedness or willingness the person is at, or the ability to comprehend the meaning of achieving peace on one’s own behalf.
    When considering the old saying “blinded by the truth”, I see it as trying to explain to a colour-blind person that the colour they’re seeing is wrong and visually, what we are seeing is right.
    It is also important to understand how emotional barriers and the brain work together, when considering the elements of truth and denial, along with allowing truth to unfold in a universal way that I believe Einstein was referring to. Perhaps it is on God’s time, or when an individual is willing enough to have a change in perspective outside of their self-centred way of thinking.
    Validation, in some unfortunate circumstances, can be a very powerful and deceiving form of control that it can actually take the power of LOVE out of the formula altogether. This can lead to the destruction and in many cases, suicide, where one’s truth no longer works to “set us free.”


    • I love the way you express yourself Christine. It’s all sound and truth to you like you said, our truth is not their truth. I have written many posts about truth, it’s difficult to define just as Love is as we all have our own vision of what it should be. I too am still learning to agree to disagree, but sadly here in Croatia my people will not even consider that, they will argue until they either get their way or disown you. Sad but true. After being gone from Canada, I feel that I have lost myself along the way and have absorbed some of this culture. I don’t like it and this is why I keep my english blog going to stay connected to real people that are open minded and are on their journey as well. Thank you for your comment!


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