This is a post related to the following post I read today. Interesting, how we all interpret the meaning of we are all ONE.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that we are NOT all One. We are created by ONE but we are all unique in our different frequencies and choosing the experience when we incarnate here. Lets face it now, we can’t be all ONE and we will never be able to think, feel, see and experience as ONE. We may be ONE humanity, or ONE race, or ONE culture but as eternal souls, we are individuals otherwise Prime Creator had not reason to create us if we were all to be ONE. My thoughts for the day. Read on further how Penny Kelly explains the We are all ONE philosophy.

All One?

I get this question a lot, so I asked the person who sent it if she would mind if I used her question to put the answer out there again. She wrote:

I am having a hard time understanding how our people, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and so on who are soldiers would ever walk against the people in our own country. They are us, how do we come to grips with that?

The effort to understand how some people can go against others is a HUGE step in understanding the nature of reality. We are all here to evolve and change. It is very difficult to change if you are not in a physical system. We come to this physical system after having made all sorts of agreements and contracts with one another to teach certain things. Before we get here there is a great deal of time and energy spent planning a life and getting others to come back with you and play certain roles that will force you to change. The people who love us the most will often take on the role of the most frustrating people in our life. Why? Because only someone who cares for you a lot will have the stamina to withstand your anger and continue to teach until you get it. Of course, we usually set things up so that our favorite people are teaching one thing, and we are teaching them something they need. It’s a beautiful system for evolution and change.

As for your comment, “They are us, how do we come to grips with that?” Most people take the “we are all one” concept way too far. Yes, we are all made of Source material, which is Light, however, in a physical system, we are all separate, all different, and it bothers me a lot that people try to lump everyone together instead of celebrating our differences, exploring the mystery of another human, and making space for the collective reality to grow and evolve because of the millions of unique contributions of all of us here. We are not all one – except in terms of the Light that we are all made of – and insisting that we are defeats the entire purpose and joy of individual existence within a physical reality system.

2 thoughts on “ARE WE REALLY ALL ONE?

  1. How refreshing!!! I have also not bought into the we are one thing… yet more programming to remove our individuality imo.
    and may I say it is GREAT to have you back at the keyboard Ines! You have been missed ❤
    I hope all is well with your partner also.
    Much LOVE to ALL here!


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