The Coming Wave of Consciousness is Here

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Infinite Shift

The Coming Wave of Consciousness

Questioner: Could Awareness say more about the wave of consciousness that is coming in mid-September?

Cosmic Awareness:

“This wave of consciousness is Divine Source Consciousness. This Awareness has spoken in the past that the experiment is complete, is coming to an end. The experiment referred to by this Awareness is that experiment in a dualistic third dimensional consciousness that gives the participant a choice between black or white, good or evil, right or wrong, this way or that way.

Remember that the energies of consciousness are of such a nature now that many are starting to question this dualistic approach to reality that they have been experiencing for so long. This wave that is underway, that is building up and will fully crash upon this planet, engulfing all, is meant to raise one up beyond the simplicity of a dualistic reality where one feels that…

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