When The Lights Go Out

It’s now 12:00 noon as I write this, having just returned from my cafe latte coffee and waiting for the Post Office to open. I was determined to get my packet today and so waited until I saw a Postman entering the office. Now, word has it that all phone lines are down in Croatia and that not even emergency numbers are working. Here is how synchronicity or intuitive pulse felt this:

Normally, I wake up whenever I want to and when I do, I lay on my back trying to think what day it is and if I have anything urgent to be done for that day. Then I talk to myself: “Come on Ines, get your ass out of bed”. This morning was different. I woke up, and sat straight up and thought: “No laying around today, get up now”. I sensed that something was different but didn’t know what it was yet.

I believe that we had a CME event although Suspicious Observers said it was not directed to Earth, but we could have picked up some magnetic winds. When I got to my laptop with my cup of coffee, although I don’t go to FB unless someone has left me a message, this happened this morning where someone sent a friend request and when I went to FB it would not open up. That means something is not right when FB is down. Some websites I could access and some not, but the Post Office of course could not operate because it acts as a bank as well and heaven forbid should anyone make a mistake in the banking system.

My first attempt to get into post office didn’t work so I sat down in the Cafe and ordered a coffee. I did notice panic. As far as I could tell, only the phone lines were not working, so those that use phone lines for internet were not able to access their iPhones. I had no problem because we still use a Modem so I guess that’s the difference.

People were simply passing to each other how they could not access internet, there was panic, questions, all in all it was obvious that these people who are addicted to their iPhones had problems coping with no communications. This was just a small problem since it only affected phone lines, but imagine if ALL technology just shut off?

For a small inconvenience a lot of chaos was created and it reminded me how dependent we are on just the internet. I didn’t dare ask what happens if we need Emergency services and how do we call them?

So, I went back to the Post Office determined to get my package and entered into darkness. Two clerks sitting behind the counter telling me they are not working. Excuse me? You mean to tell me that you can’t even give me a package without the computers? “No, we can’t”. Oh yes you can. You can enter that data later, but I’m not returning. I managed to get my package, but it was an excuse for them to not work really, because you still have sign paperwork and money can be entered later. It’s the banking system that was the main problem. HPB is our bank and Postal Service therefore, no banking services were allowed. People were all lined up outside asking me if I was able to get what I needed and I said yes of course because I don’t need to pay bills or do business with the banks, but I could see the worry and panic in these folks.

We are so dependent on technology, I can’t imagine what would happen if we had a true CME event. Think about it.
For a few days we would not even know what was going on because we could not call anyone for starters. If everything goes out, including new computerized vehicles than you know it will be either a CME or EMP attack. Thing is, with no communications, we have no way of knowing this so we go back to the Stone Age of walking to and fro to figure it out.

In the meantime, all frozen foods start defrosting, most foods in fridges start getting warm and by the end of the day we have decide if we will wait it out throughout the night or just give everything away. Problem is, the employees can’t even contact their superiors to ask them what to do and what is going on. It usually takes 3 to 5 days to figure out what is going on, but you should know that if all technology goes down including vehicles, then it’s major event and start getting ready for the long haul.

Experts claim that should we have either a CME or EMP attack, it would be years before we reconstructed what we lost. The first 48 hours there is massive deaths as all those dependent on machines in hospitals would die. A few days later most diabetics that need insulin would be in shock because Insulin has to be refrigerated therefore, there go the diabetics. Also, we don’t have supplies of anything, everything is now delivered daily, so even if refrigeration was not an issue, there is only so much stocked.

Experts claim that in the first week of a total power outage, 30% of the population would die or be in the process of dying just from medical needs. Imagine the stress and fear when you are caught at work when everything does down, but can’t get ahold of your family that is spread throughout schools, jobs and other activities?

Traffic stops, literally, all computerized cars stop dead in their tracks, there is no moving forward. In US, the stores would be looted within 24 hours. Here, that would not be the case. People here will wait it out for a long time and would not even think about stealing something unless of course their children were dying.

We don’t think about these things, therefore, I am giving you an assignment to do. When you have time, take a piece of paper or write on your computer what your day would be like if the lights went out. Imagine your awakening and the whole process of what you would normally do but without power. You will get stuck at the coffee part because there is no electricity to even boil your water for instant coffee. No cellphones, no alarms going off, silence in the middle of the morning because no appliances are buzzing in the background.

Just imagine that you are at work or in your car on  the way to work and everything stops. Are you ready for this? Have you got plans with your family on procedures in case the lights go out for a long time? I think it’s time that you do this, trust me you will feel a lot better knowing you have a plan and your family knows what do in case it does happen. Remember, there is no communication so you can’t call anyone or receive any messages, you have to rely on common sense and sadly, many of us have none of that either.

If you have not yet created your power outage plan, start now. If you have children or family members that are dependent on medical devices or short lasting medicines, this is the time  you need to start preparing for it. We just don’t know what could happen and we should be ready for anything.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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