2 thoughts on “There is No Lunar Eclipse Tetrad and Blood Moon is Ghoulish Nonsense

  1. Hi Ines, do you realize that a lot of spiritual gurus have connected these phenomena to the Popes speach to the UN on the 25th sept, and the Nasa wave x and are claiming that on the 28th sept the energy will be at it highest level and is GAMMA waves of energy. If that is their belief I hope it comes true for them, as Gamma rays kill cells, and are used to treat cancer by irradiating the cells in a focused beam, they are also used to sterilize medical equipment, As usual the idiots link onto anything to support their belief system if it is an apparent externalized planetary event. If they believe that we create our own reality by thinking it up, I hope they all enjoy the wonderful event of Gamma ray immersion that they believe is going to happen to them.


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