Get Used To Your New Skin

What this means is as more and more of your higherself comes down into your physical you’re going to have some weird energy things going on.  When this happens it’s rarely perfect.  There is a period of equalization.

The situation is, now you have two parts of you trying to occupy the same space, and although it will work out fine in a few months there may be some unusual energetic stiffness until both energy bodies can harmonize sufficiently.    Your higherself has to get comfortable being within you now.  Remember we said previously the energy that used to rush in from your crown chakra will move from above you to within you.  Believe me it sounds much easier than it really is for the physical body.  All your little cells are screaming (in a good way) trying to relax with this new source of energy living in the same space they have lived for up to 7 years.  Yes every atom in you is replaced within 7 years.

One thing that will happen is your overall energy is going to change.  You may have been warm all the time before but for a few weeks after this happens you are going to have maybe a few weeks that you are cold.  You may have always had warm hands and warm feet, for a period of maybe 2 weeks you could have cold hands and or feet.  This may happen a few times but it will level off and go back to where it was before this merging.  But one of the weird things is there will be different spots on you, and it will be different for everyone, where something about the energy is going to take a little bit longer to settle in.  You might have a weird feeling on your back, kind of an annoying little ache or pain that was never there before.  This will always be in the same spot and it will have started around the time your energy changed.  Some people might have something weird with your foot.  You’ll feel a pain in your foot but you’ll wiggle your toes around and can move them with your hand but you can’t make it hurt that same way again.  The pain or ache will be sporadic.  But you won’t be able to reproduce it no matter how you move or manipulate your foot.  This is one of those things that will drive you or your doctor crazy if you go to the doctors for it.  They won’t find anything.

Please go to the doctor if you wish to be sure, but if they find nothing please try to relax about it.  Let it happen.  The more you worry about it the more grief you will give yourself.  Just try to relax into it and it will work itself out.  You may get a bit of a white glow from it as well.



2 thoughts on “Get Used To Your New Skin

  1. Ok……how many times have we seen the same-o, same-o story reiterated since pre 2012? That run up to ‘the Age’ was, well, epic. Actually when doing a forensic analysis this too isn’t old, having been suggested in era-specific terminology going back decades. Is this too only another tale of PTB salesmanship distraction??

    Only time will tell.


    • It could be Hank…I am first to admit that these biblical blood moons and prophesies had some meaning, but have matured since then. I have been watching Crow777 for a while now and although I’m not expert in his field, I tend to accept his work because we have had so many unfulfilled prophecies that I believe the intent is to totally confuse us. You know what? I have discovered that our discernment doesn’t work unless we are grounded. Our bodies are so filled with so many frequencies that we no longer have that ability to ‘feel” what is right, but I can tell you after grounding ie. going barefoot into nature for 45 minutes, you feel different and you feel more intensely after that. There is a lot of truth in our disconnection with the planet because we no longer touch mother earth, through shoes, pavement, carpets, tiles….and high skyscrapers we are totally disconnected from the energy of mother earth. I know this as I have been grounding for months now and I can’t believe how things are different. Even my dreams are more lucid and I can remember them much better. I always say that we have to go inside and find our own truth. Call upon your guides and those that watch over you and communicate with them….higher self/intuitive self is who we are but we have long forgotten our true nature of being Souls occupying these bodies. The time now is massive dumbing down and confusion…use your higher self to access the truth…so much disinformation but you as a truth seeker will find your truth, that is why you are questioning and wanting to know….it’s like an addict admitting to being an addict. We truth seekers keep seeking….until it ‘sits’ with us and resonates. Thing is most can’t resonate because of the disconnection with Earth…so our frequencies build up and disconnect us from higher self. It all makes sense now.


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