If you are reading this blog, I’m assuming you’re a truth seeker? You’re here to read different perspectives, get an idea of what is going on, putting pieces of the puzzle together and trying to find answers to questions you have?

Maybe you like my style of writing or subjects I write about? Maybe you’re a troll collecting and analyzing posts that we truth seekers put out or someone sent you over because I wrote about a person you follow?

Whatever your reason, I’m glad you’re here, thanks to you visitors have grown from 200 to 6000 + in the last year. What started out as a place to express my views on fake gurus, ascended masters and official voices of some heavenly parents ended up becoming a place where I write about the thought of the day.

But you won’t find truth here, truth is measured  by you witnessing or experiencing it, in other words it’s only your personal experience that is your truth. You can adopt my truth and turn that into a belief but everything on this blog is only my truth.

If all of us were cooks, we’d all be fat because there would nobody to clean up. If we were all geniuses, we would know what ignorance or stupidity was. We can’t measure our worthiness by what we do well, we measure by being human and by seeking our true self.

My cleaning lady wanted to know how much I charge for therapy per hour because her husband has some serious back pains. He is a war veteran and also suffers from PTSD and she heard I use EFT additional to other methods. I suggested rather than exchanging worthless money to exchange hour for hour.

In other words, she could clean my home for an hour and I would treat her husband for an hour. “Oh no”, she says. “You charge a lot more than I do, that’s not fair”.

“Why do you put yourself down like that, is your work not as valuable as mine?”- I ask her. I explained to her that “time” is what we are exchanging and not “value” amounts and we should stop measuring the service we offer by education, skills and training because quite frankly, doctors don’t need to waste 4 to 6 years in University only to learn how to write prescriptions.

You see, her time is just as valuable as mine. Her hour is not longer or shorter than mine, without her services I would be eating cat hairs with my salad.

You may not agree that my experience and training in body healing is equal to a house keeper, so what I said at the start about my truth not being yours, may now make sense. This is part of the mind manipulation and programming that you must go to school, get a higher education and then get a job so that you can work and make them rich and pay taxes. “You will be a somebody!”.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t know any doctors that hold to their Oath of not causing harm to their patients. Doctors are looked up to here and respected because they have a higher education not because they have anything of value to give. “He’s a good doctor” – they claim. He did great surgery today!” No doctor is a good doctor I answer because they don’t cure anything. You keep seeing the same doctor for years and never get cured of your conditions”.  My partners doctor had no problem prescribing Warfarin a well known rat poison, which will cause internal bleeding and we are supposed to look up to these people? He says there is nothing else on the market for thinning blood. Great. Drink some rat poison!

I’m not talking about services such as stitching up wounds, surgery, putting together broken bones and interventions when your life is in danger. I’m talking about the immoral and unethical behaviour of prescribing drugs and removing harmless tumors to make money. You can’t tell me that doctors don’t know they are causing harm to patients, you can’t tell me they don’t question why they are not allowed to find out why people get sick.

Ok, I’m ranting. The point is that all of us, each and every one of us have something of value to offer. If you are doing a good deed or service to others, you are of value.

The categorization and fragmentation of society through education and religion is the core problem in our society if you believe education, licensing, permits and diplomas are what make you. You’re not that diploma. You’re not that business owner, you are not a nobody.

You old soul came here to experience all aspects of God. To experience the five senses, to bring in the New Age, New Earth.

Until we separate ourselves from the social hierarchy we can’t appreciate each other. We are all equals and I’m talking about those that are harming others as well. If they don’t harm, we would not wake up and realize something is wrong. If there was not anarchy or wars, we would settle for whatever it is that we create and not feel the need to fight for peace.

Each one of us came here to play a role without judgement. Even though I learned this many years ago studying Buddhism, I tend to forget sometimes. I’m working really hard on compassion because I caught myself pointing fingers and giving lessons on how to live correctly and get sidetracked thinking I should not let a mean person be mean to anyone. But the victim of that mean person may have chosen to have that experience and by intervening I could have change their future or destiny.

Some say that we keep coming back until we learn that lesson. I don’t agree. No loving god would treat us like idiots. We are here to experience aspects of God and by experiencing all aspects of God, we evolve as Souls.

I wrote many times and long ago that the Karmic cycle has ended. It was in that Karmic trap that souls were tricked into believing they had to return due to unfinished business but remember, we have free will and we freely choose to experience. We experiencing killing and being killed. Love and hate, compassion and disgust, it’s all designed to experience but when we got here, things when badly wrong and our memories were erased and we lost contact with Source so we believe this is our only and current human reality.

When you’re stuck and feel you can’t move further or when you’re having difficulties in your life, remind yourself that you chose that experience. You are a Creator, you have created everything you are experiencing knowingly or not. So if you don’t like something, trace it back to where you started to think about it and change the thought.

Be careful what you think or wish for. Pay attention to how you speak. Your body doesn’t differentiate a joke, an analogy, satire or irony, it literally follows commands/words you give it so when you say “My back is killing me”,. you just get more pain.

It’s not easy to think consciously or speak consciously because we’re on auto pilot most of the time. Did you know that we are conscious of our thoughts and actions only 5% of the time? It’s true and this is why it takes a lot of practise to live consciously.

Every thought creates your reality, so you see, it matters not if you’re  a doctor, lawyer, janitor, cashier or professor, you all share the same reality and co-create your reality.

Your education or blood line doesn’t make you what you are. You may have chosen to be born into a certain blood line but you still have to figure out who you are and why you are here.

As we near the 4th blood moon, as the Wave X slowly penetrates the planet, you will be tested so my advice to you is to “live consciously”. Be aware of thoughts of fear or panic. Do not fear pain, discomforts and other strange experiences and sensations; rather welcome it and rejoice in those moments. It means you’re ready for the next step.

As I was walking through the village today, observing people passing by, I would think: “This guy is not going to make it, she will die soon, he is almost there, she’s going to run to church and pray when the shit hits the fan: — this is how I am seeing people I know. I can see their energy fields,. most of them are gray and black. Very few have any colors and I only saw one person that had a very brilliant pink energy field. Some call this auras, I call it energy fields because that is what ti is.

A healthy person resonates between 13 and 15 hz. Rarely do I meet anyone above 5 Hz and it’s not always a physical condition. it can be emotional. Fear and anger bring the resonance down the most.

This is not  your truth. It all depends on where you live. My people are most catholics so they are damaged soon after birth at the first Baptism when the Vatican assigns them a Baptismal Certificate and the water poured on them marks them as food for the beasts and enters them into the system of rituals, blood sacrifice holy days, false beliefs and worshipping their alien god.

Very few people here will survive the shift and I believe my job is to help as many as I can when the gnashing of the teeth starts. If we have a false flag Jesus event, many will go to that thing, so honestly, I’m not looking forward to the separation of wheat from the chaff.

This is why detachment is important. Your loves ones will not all choose the truth path so detachment emotionally will make it easier for you to let go.

Don’t believe anything I have to say. Living in a third world country has it’s benefits though. we are not a police state yet and can still grow vegetables in the front yard. I can ride my bike without a helmet and our police are very lazy so they avoid work as much as possible.

This end of the world of Eastern Europe is saturated with churches, temples and mosques, religion is the foundation of this society. People fear death, fear god, fear life, fear love, fear clouds, fear funny smells, fear not knowing if they are going to heaven or hell.

The people that will make the transition easily will be those that are left of native peoples still living in tribes and small communities away from cities. Those that live in direct contact with mother Earth.

Do you see why my truth is not yours? We all live in different countries, cultures, societies and everyone will be having different experiences in the next couple of years.

Do not accept anything I write as your truth, but you can believe that I am being honest about my experiences and perspectives.

May you be filled with love.


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