Where is your humanity?

You know, we talk about spreading love around and giving to those that need our help. Really? Have you Americans been watching the REAL news lately? Have you watched the inflow of immigrants running across European borders, holding on to their young children, dragging along toddlers that can’t keep up with their parents? Have you watched them cramming into trains, leaping into windows while their child gets crushed underneath them because everyone is desperate to reach a place of safety?

You talk about sending love around the planet, really? What about DOING a loving thing and helping those that are seeking better lives? You know, the ones we BOMBED enforcing our democracy and freedoms? To turn a blind eye now is like pouring hot coffee on your child and watching it cry in pain. You hug it and try to comfort it, yet it needs urgent medical attention. You can’t hug your child’s pain away, it needs medical attention, medications, pain relief. This is how we are behaving now. We talk about sending love to them. What the fuck is love going to do for them right now? Is love going to find them a safe place for the night? Is love is going to convince our governments to open their bank accounts and help these poor folks while they spend billions on weapons and military equipment?

Don’t tell me you did your share today by sending love into the Universe and hope it reaches someone. You see, this is the control matrix mythology that we can actually send energy over to someone else or send love to another person. You don’t send love, you act lovingly and give love to those that need it.

Love is not going to keep them dry and safe tonight. Love is not going to give the children a warm cup of milk. Love won’t even heal their trauma as their parents are running away from bombs and massacres. These children, I’m talking about 4 million children according to the UN will be suffering traumas most of their lives if they don’t get professional care.

What have we become? We sit back in our comfortable sofas and chairs watching the news and saying “Oh my, these poor people”. These people have the courage and the guts to run away into the unknown, while you sit in your comfortable homes and sigh about the their plights. That makes you a coward. You complain about not being able to pay for your rent or mortgage. You whine about not having a job. Man, would these people love to have your problems. They might not have mortgages or rent to pay now, but they have NOTHING. No home, no security, no visible relief, only uncertainty and hope that some country will take mercy upon them and throw them a few crumbs while holding them in decrepit  refuge centers.

There is no change unless you change. By changing I mean using your resources and whatever you have to offer and helping those less fortunate. Even Jesus, should he return will not be doing this anytime soon because he sees that we are not doing a whole lot to help each other. We the 99% can’t even topple the 1%, yet we cry for help from the Cosmos or some divine intervention. Really? Have you tried hard enough? Have you done enough or are you just whining because your life is fucked up and can’t make it work?

Did you ever ask yourself why your life may not be the way you want it? You see, there is abundance on this planet, everything is essentially free, but you are still seeing scarcity, and are programmed to believe there is scarcity so you have scarcity in your life. Your whole being is focused on “how much” you need for the day or week or month and so you get scarcity. If you’re in a bad situation, you created that situation, no Jesus or Sananda or EEk cult is going to save you because you are not doing anything.

Are you going to help your child while it sits on the couch all day? I sure as hell would not help my son with anything if he sat all day long. Well, our creator is the same way. He’s not going to throw us the anchor to grab on to because we haven’t even added the rope to the anchor yet.

I went to see a woman today who is an alcoholic. She injured her foot so badly that she’s got pins in half her leg. She has no bathroom in her house, she has to go outside. She lives without electricity and running water and really needs help right now because she can’t carry water into the house. 5 of us went to see her today. Each one of brought something different. We brought her a water filter so she could get water from the well instead of walking down the street to her neighbor. We brought her kids food and drinks, we brought her new blankets and a foot stool so she could lift her leg up. She drinks her money away but she’s a good soul and we don’t judge her. We do this once a week in our community, we pick out a family to help and those of us that have extra money get together and make a list of things they need to bring. None of them ever know if and when we will come, it’s always a surprise.

So you see, there is a lot you can do, it starts in your town, your neighborhood. It can be a freshly baked loaf of bread for your elderly neighbor. With this kindness you create the loving deeds, it’s this creation of love through giving that we can elevate our fellow humans. There is always something you can do and instead of buying yourself a big Starbucks in the morning, use that money to get a child a lunch for school.
Get my drift fellow human? How long will you wait until you realize that the train left the station and you got there too late? That’s right. Nothing is for free. You have to earn your ticket to the New earth, it’s the whole reason we are here, to figure it out and remember who we are.

Remember who you are fellow human. You’re not a couch potato waiting for Jesus to come and save you. Save yourself by giving and doing, by sharing what you have with others, by saying a kind word. This is what creates the energy of LOVE, by doing and creating the energy we share with others. LOVE will not solve anything, LOVE will motivate us to do things, but it won’t provide a safe home for millions of people seeking a better life. We created their reality, we need to change that reality by creating a new future.

We need peace. Nothing will change until we create peace. Don’t say no more war. Say PEACE. Define what it is that you want your reality to be  and then thank with gratitude as if you already have it.

How long are you going to sit in your comfortable chair tweeting and socializing about how bad things are? They are bad because we are not doing much to stop it. Face that reality. It’s starts with us and ends with us. It’s not about THEM doing killing us, it’s about US not doing anything to stop them.

Wake up, time is running out. I don’t want you to miss the train and you’re holding up my evolution as well. I can’t leave without you.

For those of you out there that are waiting to be saved, I have a message for you. I doubt very much you will be saved as you sit in your comfort and allow your fellow humans to suffer like this. Do you really think a Savior is going to pull you out of here because you have done nothing to make this planet a better place? Do you truly think and believe that your suffering will be ended soon? We live in comfort and luxury compared to those running from bombs. In fact, you can never understand that feeling of running for your life with children, walking for thousands of miles in the middle of night when your kids are tired and can’t walk any further. Imagine your child right now, sleeping on an empty stomach. If you’re a mother you surely do not feel good that your child is hungry tonight. Now multiply that feeling by a million and become the mother holding a child in her arms, holding one by the hand, running away from border patrols, not having a clue where she will end up that night let alone where the end of her journey will be.

So what do we do? We put up walls. Our governments put up walls, while extremist German groups burn down migrant housing units. We complain their garbage stinks, yet nobody bothers to leave them a few toilets so that they can relieve themselves with dignity. We complain they have diseases, what a sorry and pitiful excuse we give so that we can justify why we don’t want them around.

Where is your humanity? You can’t go anywhere until you take care of your brother and sister who has the same right to this planet as you do. Borders were set up so that we could live divided, different religions and cultures were created so that we could bomb each other across the border lines. Yes, we allowed this to happen because we fell for the bullshit propaganda that our governments would take care of us. Well, they sure did a great job of taking care of us didn’t they? They turned us into selfish and self aggrandizing primitive people because we can’t even admit to ourselves that our equality means that we should all share with each other and not compete who will have more.

I’m sick and tired of watching you all complain about how bad things are getting, yet not willing to do anything about it. You made your bed, now you have to sleep in it. I have said many times before that there are things that we can do to change our current situation.

I know what it is. You are waiting for someone to toss the first stone right? Yeah, once that person does it first then you will follow. Do you know what that makes you? A follower. We don’t need any more followers, there are plenty of sheeple around for that. We need your leadership, your LIGHT that you are. Wake up old soul, everything you have accumulated your whole miserable life will be for nothing when the financial crash happens. We all worked hard most of our lives thinking and believing we are what we have. We have nothing.

Your light needs to shine. Wake up old soul, turn that flicker into the brightness that you are.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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