September 10, 2015

Greetings Again to Each and All,

War against the European peoples, waged by using “refugees” as weapons
and cannon fodder, continues to escalate in Europe. Evidence of the
anti-white agenda of the Zads (who drive policy and direct the wars
conducted by their proxies, the USSA and UK) could not be more vivid.
The prevailing intent is to destroy Syria, the heartland of the Mysteries.

SyrianGirl refers often to “the Levant,” the term I use for the origin
of the Sophianic narrative. Be mindful that the Levant is not an “Arab”
world but a diverse world largely populated by Aryans. The layer of
Islam was imposed late in history, but the Aryan roots of the people
seen in her report run into millenia. Same for the Iranians. They are
held hostage to Islam. Left to their own choices, they would readily
subscribe to different faiths as well as embrace the Sophianic vision of
the Magi who originated in northeastern Iran.

The people of the Levant and Iran are not “Arabs” i.e., Semites
mythically descended from Ishmael, the son of Abraham and his concubine
Hagar — making them half-brothers to Jacob, the son of Abraham and
Sarah. The Iranians are by nature intellectually mature, rational,
literate, elegant, and inventive peoples who have great affinities with
their counterparts in the West. Iran must also be destroyed, for various
reasons fitting the agenda of the Jumans, but also because left to their
own choices, the Iranians would be a close ally of Europe and the true

My analysis: the horrific mess in the Middle East is ultimately
calculated to split and decimate the masses of Aryan/Caucasian white
ethnicities, Western and Asian, delivering a death blow to that racial
group. When you see those Syrians interviewed in SyrianGirl’s video,
bear in mind that they are Aryan, not Arab. And they are Muslim by
force, not by choice.

It is hard to imagine this situation getting worse, but it surely will.
Perhaps on my journey in northern Europe I will have more insights and
observations to offer….

Meanwhile, the leading proponent of Wilhelm Reich weighs in on the
“refugee” crisis that is intended to destroy European culture:

James DeMeo is a Wilhelm Reich Scholar

He writes:

I rarely reference infowars, but in this case, the videos presented at this particular webpage speak for themselves.

Muslim Refugees (?) Chant “Allahu Akbar”, “F**K YOU”, Attack Citizens, Throw Feces

War Refugees? Economic Immigrants? Conquest-Minded Invaders seeking women and booty? Review the YouTubes and decide for yourself.

I’ve already covered 6000 years of a similar history of invasions out from Saharasia into the moister borderlands of Europe, and ultimately into the Americas,
in my book “Saharasia”. Current events follow an age old pattern.

Georges Santayana once famously stated, “those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat it.” A catastrophe awaits Europe.



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