Brilliant German scientist, Harald Katz Vella Warns Us What Will Happen IF WE Don’t Act Soon

I’m taking the time to do this today despite the fact my world has turned upside down in a matter of 24 hours. My partner whom I write about being very ill was taken to hospital 2 days ago as there was nothing we could do at home for him. Although there is still hope in me that he will return home, I am also preparing myself to continue my life without him.
When I am worried or stressed out, I listen and read because I feel that as long as there is chaos around me, I can’t respond to it and give it power. It was by accident that I came across this scientist and spent most of the day in the hospital yesterday listening to his videos. It didn’t give me any good feelings, but it sure opened my eyes once more as to what is being done to us.
Even from a scientific man such as Harald Kautz, he too is telling us that we are the ones that have to make the change. It is and will be through difficult times that we will finally wake up and say enough is enough. Question is: How much longer are we going to take this shit? How much longer are you going to take this shit? What will it take to get your head out of the sand of denial and motivate you to do something? I don’t think we have much time though Kautz claims if we don’t do something soon we will be basically turned into robots  and the new kids being born turned into nanobots using vaccines and all kinds of mind manipulation. If you don’t want to do this for you, do you not owe this to your children, grandchildren to make the difference? Do you not want them to remember you as the ONE that fought for freedom rather than the one that baked great cookies?
Please take the time to listen to this and pass it on to as many people as you know. I showed to this some friends last night who are generally not into my spiritual philosophy, but listening to a scientist, gave him much more credibility and they indeed left the house with a different sense of reality. There are many more YouTube videos you can listen to and I encourage you to do so very soon. I’m feeling nauseous after listening to this below, betrayed, angry, but instead of basking on the negative, I must find solutions to protect myself as long as possible until we take this whole system down.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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