The True Lucifer is Sophia – John Lamb Lash

The True Lucifer is Sophia

Part 1: Sophia’s Transgression

Part 2: The Satanic Distortion

Part 3: Lucifer Liberated

Welcome to the investigation of an implex.

Implex: Intricate; entangled; complicated; complex. “The fable of every poem is . . . simple or implex. It is called simple when there is no change of fortune in it; implex, when the fortune of the chief actor changes from bad to good, or from good to bad.”

– Q Joseph Addison (1672 – 1719) British essayist and poet of the Enlightenment

In this first installment of the three-part series on Lucifer/Sophia, I cover references to the “fallen angel” motif universally applied to Lucifer, and show how they actually describe the Aeon Sophia, the Pleromic goddess who fell from the heights of heaven (galactic center), according to the Gnostic star myth, the Fallen Goddess Scenario (FGS).

I first encountered the word “implex” in Hamlet’s Mill by Santillana and von Dechend, in reference to certain astronomical motifs found in the lore of sidereal mythology, i.e., myth and legend associated with the starry constellations and individual stars. I understand it to be an adjective, “The story is implex,” as well as a noun, “The figure of Lucifer presents an implex of uncertain, diverse, and conflicting components.”

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6 thoughts on “The True Lucifer is Sophia – John Lamb Lash

  1. Ines,We have always put Lucifer first at the head of our meditations, along with Sophia, as I have always known the Lucifer and satan are not one and the same. Satan is an invention of the religious, and refers to Saturn, a planet in our solar system who is supposedly responsible for dark deeds done to us all. Lucifer refers to LIGHT and is the Light bringer. Which can only be found while standing in the dark, ie: our lack of knowledge. The story of Sophias decent into our realm is the same as Lucifers fall from heaven, to place either in meditation is to seek the wisdom that comes from the light bringer. It is the path back to source that brings us back into contact with our creator, that in turn will bring us the ascention many seem to want to seek. But will they enter the dark?. Most say NO!, they all go on about the light, when in the light you see nothing as the light blinds those who stand in it, hence they will all fall in the ditch. JLL doesn’t mention satan, which is the greatest deception ever perpetrated on us by the religious communities. What a great hidy hole the church has created for archonic activity to go on unabated. To get rid of the archons, you have to kill satan. Jesus never did, he was killed instead, and so let Satan reign supreme. Sophia or Lucifer, it matters not which you choose they are both one and the same. Bye for now, Your friend John. Blessed Be.


  2. John LAMB Lash is a satanist. He is a puppet of Satan himself. A godless man and a manipulator of the Truth that Jesus Christ IS the Rock of our Salvation, the very Son of God the Creator.


    • You are entitled to your opinions, I can’t prove that he is or is not, I simply like what he teaches but that doesn’t mean it’s true. All of us have enemies especially those of us that seek truth, but if you can prove to me why you feel this way, I would love to hear it.


    • Minnie, I am not a Satanist, I am a Luciferian, though I doubt you make that distinction. One complaint made against Luciferians is that they, like Satanists, seek self deification. Well guess what? Jesus, like Lucifer, was an emissary from the All Father, who is the True God, sent to liberate us from demiurge (the false, Old Testament God who enthralls via His teachings). Jesus was a SON of God, who told people that they too were were SONS and DAUGHTERS of God, and that they could raise themselves up to be one with Him. If you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, then He too, using your logic, must be a Luciferian, for He taught, “BE YE PERFECT, EVEN AS YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS PERFECT.” If that isn’t encouragement to deify “self” and to be as God, I don’t know what is.


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