What does it mean to be authentic? Are you authentic? Can you even be authentic?
Authentic: 1. not false or copied; genuine; real 2. having the origin supported by unquestionable evidence; authenticated; verified

So there you have it, you’re not false or a copy of someone else. Is it possible to be authentic? Isn’t authentic similar to honesty? To be your authentic self is to act, do and say as you are, be yourself.

This thought came to me yesterday, in fact, it was on my mind all day as my partner struggled to breathe. I can see that he is greatly suffering, I can see that he is holding back from telling me how bad he is feeling. He never complains, unless I ask he will never tell me he’s not feeling good. But he’s not the problem. My partner has never opened up to me and shared his deepest pains and dissapointments or even joys in life.

How do I know this: His school friends, current friends and family tell me that his past, as a child was filled with tragedy, sadness. His 5 brothers and sisters lost their parents while they were still teens. An older sister raised them in extreme poverty.

But let’s leave this story aside for now. It does lead somewhere.

What does genuine and real mean to our humanity? We are not our original selves, we are not in an authentic body, the body that was originally created for us has been genetically changed and dumbed down.

The Wingmaker material talks about 3 bodysuits being made for us. There is a lot research currently available about our origins and how we were created but this is not the topic either because it’s not my area of expertise and in order to present this information requires a lot of research and compiling information. The point is, the bodies we are in today are not the original form.

When I think authentic, I think real and honest. If you’re not a copy of another person than you are genuine are you not? I’m talking about our expressions, communications, thoughts about ourselves, how we present ourselves to others.

We live in a society where all behavior is defined by laws. We can’t speak out about the Holocast because it’s illegal now and you can go to prison for hate crimes. You can’t speak out against or about a race of people because you will go to jail for racism. If you try and discipline your child or a pet for that matter, you will be arrested for abuse. If you become a Whistleblower and expose the government for it’s crimes against humanity, you can be charged with treason.

So, as a society, in order to survive in this reality without going to prison or being accused of something, we are forced to change, pretend or wear a mask or outright lie in order to protect and defend our sovereignty.

I could even say that the day I was born was my true authentic self. I knew no anger or frustration, I feared nothing and all I felt was love and the smell of my mother. My authentic self came into this world and the moment my umbilical cord was cut, I was no longer authentic.

How do we define a human as being authentic and from what point do we start?

My authentic self right now is pretending that my partner is not dying. I am angry at him but not showing my anger. He would ask me why I am angry and I would have to lie to him because I can’t tell him I’m angry because he’s not doing enough to stay alive. I’m angry because he refuses to go back into the pain and suffering so that we can talk about it. I’m angry because he’s choosing death over life. I’m angry because I have not been able to get him to open up in the last 10 years yet strangers come to me for help and are relieved in a matter of hours.

Why have 10 years gone by and I was not successful? Because for 9 years I respected his authentic self, I loved and accepted him for what he was, his journey, his reason for being here so I didn’t push him to talk about it. He’s not happy being ill, he says he wants to get better yet I also know that his illness was manifested from all the pain and suffering he is holding on to.

He can’t even tell me why he’s holding on to it. The answer is always:”I don’t want to talk about it”, so in essence he doesn’t want to get better.

The authentic self has long left his body and memory. A child that is born, regardless of what happens around it, whether it’s born in poverty or not, feels mother and love. If it’s not mother, most likely it is someone that loves that child.

Newborns are born Lumine, in Luminescence. They don’t need to hear or see Love. They emanate love and are happy feeling a loving touch, it’s all they know.

Could that be our authentic self? Being created out of love, conceived and born into love? Let’s just assume that our authenticity is measured at the moment of coming into this world but not by our body weight, size, imperfections or disabilities but by our love and instinct to survive.

Until we grow into adults we need love, food, shelter and stability. That’s it. In order for the human to survive he needs food, water, shelter and safety from danger. That is our authentic self, our genuine self. It is how I see the authentic self in this reality because until we are absolutely sure on how we were created, it’s all we know in the now.

We can say that our 3D world and body is not authentic, but again, we don’t yet all agree on what an authentic self really is, our origin is still being debated.

Are you living a life that is more in tune with your ‘authentic’ self (who you created to be) or your ‘fictional’ self (who you want others to see).

The authentic self is the one you feel in tune with or the one you strive to be. Dr. Phil defines the authentic self as: “Being the real, true, genuine substance of who you are, the authentic self is the you that can be found at your absolute core”.

I must ask Dr. Phil what exactly our absolute core is and how do we get to that? He claims that: The authentic self is all of the things that are uniquely yours and need expression, rather than what you believe you are supposed to be.

How do we express our unique self if say for instance we were abused or abandoned as small children? In a perfect world we may grow within our uniqueness or authentic self, but let’s face it, we live in a world of duality, control and a myriad of laws that prohibit us from being authentic so Dr. Phil or Philip McGraw is living in a fantasy world because he doesn’t see any obstacles in being authentic. According to him you’re either authentic or fictional.

He’s offering a Authenticity Litmus Test to find out how authentic or fictional you are. The catch is that he has not gone into detail about what authentic self really is or another very important aspect is that because of traumas and some form of dysfunctional living, we don’t know or even remember what it means to be authentic so Dr. Phil wants to test you based on his version of authenticity.

My comments below are in bold and answers to each question he proposes for you to answer.

  1. Enter a thought, belief or attitude that you hold about yourself. I am fat and unmotivated. This is true about me. I am overweight according to today’s standards and I don’t like housework. I don’t see myself in a negative light, I’m simply the observer stating facts. 
  2. Is it a true fact? Is what you are thinking or feeling verifiably true? Yes, absolutely. 
  3. Does holding on to the thoughts or attitude serve your bests interests? Does it make you happy, calm, peaceful and fulfilled? Yes on every question Who says people can’t be happy being fat? 
  4. Are your thoughts and attitudes advancing and protecting your health? Do your thoughts about yourself push you into situations that put your well-being at risk? Hmmmm…What does my health have to do with authenticity? Why would my situation whether it be good or bad push me into a situation that will put me at risk? This is more of a “are you depressed” litmus test and not one that will bring out your authentic self. 
  5. Does the attitude or belief get you more of what you want, need and deserve? Or is it leading you toward or keeping you in circumstances that you don’t want? I won’t answer this question because again, it’s more of misleading you into finding out if you are depressed or if you like yourself. You see, I am overweight, that is a fact but it’s how I see the weight that matters. I love who I am and being overweight changes nothing nor does it prevent me from being my authentic self unless of course I try to cover the fat, deny my weight gain and pretend there is nothing wrong. This is where society and so-called Psychologists such as Dr. Phil more often that not have a tendency to subdue our authentic selves to fit into and by doing that we also suppress our creativity. These psychologists or mainstream shrinks use a set of defined behaviors to categorize you into them, they don’t give you free choice to be who you want to be so he is the last one to test you for your authentic self. 

We present ourselves according to the situation we are in and we may act one way in front of family, another way in work or business situations etc., and we consider those ‘fictional’ selves as normal because we all do it living in a society full of rules and correct behaviors, regulations and how to’s.

Being your authentic self is not about expressing your opinions, it’s about confidentially knowing what your opinions are. Furthermore, being your authentic self is your private relationship with yourself because when you are living your true and authentic self, you are then living in harmony with everything.

Philosophers like Camus, Sarte, Rousseau, Krishnamurti and many others have struggled to define the authentic self, but the one I like the most is from Philosophy : “Becoming authentic is an individual mission, and since each person has their own way of being human, and consequently what is authentic will be different for each individual. Furthermore, personal authenticity is highly contextual, and depends on various social, political, religious and cultural characteristics. But the unique nature of each individual is best seen not in who he is, but in who he becomes and becoming authentic is a continuous process, not an event. It involves not just knowing oneself, but also recognizing others and the mutual influence between individuals.”

So philosophers define what authenticity is but don’t offer to understand how we can recognize our authentic self.

Let me give you an example. If I grew up with an abusive father, more than likely because I am not being my authentic self, I will and I did marry a man that was just like my father. I didn’t know any better, I thought my father was the role model for children so I married that kind to be the father of my children. At that time, I was 21 years old, I had no way of remembering what my authentic self was. Surely I was not born with low self esteem either.

How can you be honest if you had to lie most of your life? The lie becomes my authentic self until I learn through more life experiences that I didn’t need to lie to impress my parents or anyone else for that matter. All I had to do was to learn to love myself which is part of the authentic self or it’s core value which is LOVE.

So, the bottom line and perhaps the question you would ask is: How do I know what my authentic self is?

My answer to that would be to be yourself, to speak what you feel and not what you should say. At first, you may not really ‘feel’ that is your authentic self because you’re not used to being that and so many layers of programming telling us how to behave and think must be removed, but it’s practice of being authentic that is important and you will slowly evolve into being “true” to yourself. After all, that is what this is all about, being honest with yourself.

I do not approve of gays or lesbians. I do not feel they should be parading to get our attention. I have my reasons, well researched and documented as to why I do not support their choices. I respect their individuality, but by being authentic, I am saying what I feel without worrying whether it’s politically correct or socially acceptable.

I do not debate this issue, I simply express my opinion and views regardless who is hearing me. This is what I call being my authentic self and if I am sitting in front of someone that is interviewing me for a job, my answer would be the same. My view on that is that if an employer values me, he/she will value my honest not what I think about it.

This is another core cause of societal breakdown because we are not encouraged to speak out our truth rather, we are being governed and controlled to fit into a global mindset which is impossible if we want to be our authentic selves.

It’s almost impossible to be yourself because you are constantly judged, measured, tested and chosen by your views and beliefs.

In today’s world, it takes courage to live as your authentic self if you even manage to find it, but you can never be truly happy if you are constantly appeasing to someone or something.

The control system promotes individualism yet they define what it is to fit their agenda. I have seen friends change just by taking off their makeup uncomfortable in that facial nakedness. We are so fucking messed up that we can’t literally show our true face. We’re living a big lie, surviving in an illusory world and losing if not lost already our core and true identity as a human species.

You can say that we are human robots and soon will even forget that we were born from our mother’s womb.

Our world is about to collapse in itself because we never agreed to go this far, we never agreed to lose our true identity. We came here to figure out who we are and instead of moving close to Source, we are actually dumber than cavemen and primitive monkeys.

Perhaps it’s necessary to manifest the ‘fall of mankind’ in order for us to truly wake up to our core authentic self. I like to believe that is the case otherwise there is nothing left to hope for and look forward to. I am comforted by knowledge of who I am, and that as an eternal soul, if I don’t succeed here, I will just keep going to another life or experience.

Wake up, damn it!



  1. Consciousness of ‘who’ you are is helpful in becoming/living as one’s authentic ‘Self”. This state of knowing is not a given as one grows into it by awareness and acceptance. It’s a lifelong journey that some simply do not embark upon and sadly, there could be many reasons for this. Just a few thoughts.


    • This state of knowing is a given if we choose to open ourselves to it. Nous as in Gnosis is “knowing”, and yes it is a lifelong journey because we are prevented from making that journey. If we were not so controlled in this matrix, it would never take a lifetime because we would be born into knowing it. I should have written this post as if we were living in a perfect world, but then what is perfect and what is normal? Thanks for sharing.


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