Thank you

When I first started this blog I had no idea the trials and tribulations I would go through. I never thought that trolls would seek out words or phrases and accuse me of stealing work, I just never thought about how low some people can live in that world of constantly seeking a way to put another man down.

Although this is not the original blog From Croatia With Love, I have continued on with my journey in sharing my thoughts and knowledge with others. This morning, when I went into the GMX mail which I keep forgetting to check, I was overwhelmed with all the new ‘followers’. I hate using that term “follow”. It implies you’re not a leader and that is not so. All of us are leaders, all of us have qualities that are outstanding but WordPress likes to copy Facebook and other social media phrases so I have to get used to it.

I want to thank all of you for sticking with me, and all of the new readers that have come on board most recently. Thanks to Albert Einstein, many folks ventured to this blog and signed up. I’m humbled by this because it shows that many of us want truth and often we stumble upon it by accident? There are no accidents, it was simply your time to arrive and visit not just this blog but many good blogs who are doing the same.

Each of us has a responsibility towards each other. I am the last generation of being raised by parents that teach hard work, responsibility and respect toward older people. My parents as bad as they were, I mean as immigrants and uneducated they were taught that discipline and punishment was the way to raise a good child, but they also instilled many good things in me. I will never forget my father telling me once after I got caught using his electric shaver to shave my legs: “I’m not mad because you lied, I’m mad because you thought I was stupid and would not find out”. I will never forget those words and when you really think about it, it’s true.

The other thing he constantly reminded me of was: ” All you have is your word, without your word you are nothing”.  That too has stuck with me all my life and I truly aspire to do as I say or never make promises I can’t keep. I will even to my own detriment keep my word because when you break the trust, when you lose trust , what is left? So my generation is the last one to learn these things. Those of you born after 1970, you have not been taught many things and I believe it comes from our society, schools and new laws where parents are afraid to even raise their voices in fear their child will report them to the police.

This is just one issue, but it’s true; we do change from generation to generation, only the last 3 generations have changed dramatically. Do you know why I don’t go to the city anymore? I get upset when I travel to the mainland because all I see is people holding on to their iPads or other devices either walking and texting, sitting in a restaurant or cafe and texting, and the most hideous scene is seeing little kids playing on tablets all day. I can’t watch it and I don’t trust myself to approach those ignorant parents and tell them what I think. Yes, they are ignorant willfully hurting their child and there is no excuse for it.

So, I thank you all for being here and reading my posts. Often I get really rough and tough, but it’s my expression when I am writing about something. I’m currently having so many astral trips and lucid dreams that I wake up agitated or really tired, so tired that I don’t want to get out of bed. Although I can’t remember where I went, vaguely I feel that I was battling with swords and laser sticks, watching huge ships fly by, that’s all I can remember and so I must be tired because I’m using my energy somewhere, hopefully one day I will be able to remember that part too. It’s so weird now because before falling asleep I talk to myself and tell myself I don’t want to go anywhere where it’s crowded or I will just ask to go to one life or one event because I feel that I’m all over the place.

I can’t explain this to you because I can’t explain it to myself. All I know is that what I thought were crazy dreams are not dreams, they are my other realities and lives. The Soul as it gains knowledge and experience can fragment itself and experience more than one lifetime or experience. There are many indicators that I am an old Soul right down to the NDE (Near  Death Experience) where most people experience going through a vortex or tunnel and are greeted by entities that they know. I didn’t travel or was greeted, I simply went directly home to source. Old Souls usually pick really difficult and challenging lifetimes and I sure did this time around but also, the dreams I have been having for years finally understanding that they are all of my different soul fragments having multi-experiences.

This is the only way and best way I can describe this. We are in a 3D body and density, our level of understanding, even our language is limited. We didn’t always talk you know. Before we were dumbed down and genetically modified, we communicated telepathically, there was no need for language. Over time, we had to develop language and writing because we lost our ability to telepathically communicate. How can I define something that doesn’t exist here on this planet or something we have never seen or experienced? All I know is that I am not just this body and this ONE soul, I am an Old Soul with many experiences at once so when I go to sleep, I am aware of them. How, I don’t know and I can’t explain this but I have counted at least 8 different lifetimes/realities that the Soul is experiencing and how it chooses to visit while I sleep or travel while I am in deep sleep I have no idea and this is why I am now telling myself where I want to go and see if I will end up there.

I never thought I would be writing about this, really. What started out as a means of exposing the con artists here on Earth and the con artists in higher dimensions, slowly evolved as I grew as well. I am not the same person I was a year ago, and I won’t be the same person tomorrow, nothing is set in stone, I’m comfortable with change and just living in the moment although often my partner reminds me that hours have gone by and lunch is not on the table yet. Oooppss…

It’s a  lot of fun writing and sharing and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me. Each time I write something I think about how you will just walk away thinking I am crazy or weird, but you know what? I AM. I am what I am and maybe that is the point of it all, to help you understand that you are not to follow standards or rules as to how you should behave or how you should look, think and feel. Be yourselves, you are so powerful and I am just discovering how powerful we truly are if we believe this and work on developing our gifts that have been hidden from us and genetically manipulated to keep us dumb and blind.

Challenge yourself each day, set your alarm clock different time each morning, don’t repeat your days, be different, dare to challenge yourself but PLEASE help each other to stop the wars. Peace must come first before anything else changes. We can’t sit around doing nothing and waiting for someone else to do the work. I beg you to start thinking about all those millions of refugees right now that WE caused. We allowed our governments to bomb and occupy, we are responsible for this madness and this will keep repeating itself until a bomb falls on your house because someone will eventually want to do that in revenge.

PLEASE open your heart to those that are suffering, don’t pretend they don’t exist. They are our brothers and sisters, we can’t move forward without starting to change our paradigm and I can’t do it alone, if I could, believe me I would.

So, my message today is that I love you all, I love the broken ones, the damaged ones, the homeless, the refugees, all the children of the world that woke up hungry this morning, I love you all and I ask you that you do not allow this to continue. Yes, many of us have chosen roles to be victims and to suffer, but we also chose to correct that and create a peaceful, loving society free from slavery and tyranny. Only we can do this.

Thank you all for putting up with my sillyness.



One thought on “Thank you

  1. Thank you also!
    Not many people have the balls to tackle the tough issues and say what many are thinking and feeling but are afraid to say.
    I totally get what you mean in the word “followers”. 🙂 I like viewers myself. Implies peeps are actually seeing. And hopefully this is so.
    So keep on with your silliness Ines! It is like a breath of fresh air in the realm of the new age “followers” .


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