This is what I started the day with. Actually, after pouring myself a cup of coffee, instead of listening to RT news, I went to youtube and found a Hari Krishna Mantra to listen to. After that I watched the Hari Krishna movement documentary. Why? A few days ago I was listening to an interview with Santos Bonacci and he mentioned the mantra Hari Krishna and how that resonated with our frequency and that it was good to practice this mantra. So, here are my thoughts for today:

“You are not this body that you are inhabiting, you are an eternal soul, a spirit soul. Every living entity including you, is an individual eternal spirit soul. We are not these bodies that we are living in. We are eternal, spiritual, living entities. Stuart Wilde writes in his book “Whispering Winds of Change”: I am eternal, immortal and what I am is beauty and magnificence”. It’s not directly quoted but I say this to myself each night if I start thinking about unhealhty thoughts.

Our material bodies are changing every moment, manifesting first as an embryo, then as an infant, a child, an adult, then inevitable old age comes. The soul leaves the body, then takes another body.

If science including biology truly joined into a more open and spiritual science, or joined science and metaphysics, it would then finally come to the answer as to why the body ages and dies. Perhaps they already know this but don’t want to tell us, but it has been researched for at least 50 years that the body regenerates itself yet ages.

It ages because it was designed that way. Our bodies are temporary vehicles. If the body lived forever, we would be trapped or stuck in them forever. The physical body as any other physical body of animals, plants, insects and all other living organisms were designed for souls to have an experience, nothing more or less.

Similarly, under the same process, you can accept another body, when this body is no longer useful. So death means when this body is useless , it will not come to this body, we accept another body.

This is called death.

Our material bodies are temporary, however we are eternal beings because we are created by God’s eternal spiritual energy. At the moment of death, the individual soul changes bodies transmigrating from one body to another. But the soul remains always unaffected by these bodily changes.

Also, the animal souls are just like humans. Only we have a different type of body. They have an animal body while we have a human body. By natures way, we are getting a body that is on the selection of the nature according to my work here or agreement I made before coming here.
Then the question is: “What kind of body will I get” That is human intelligence.

The living being is eternal by nature due to his bondage (karma bandhana) in the material existence, he has to change the body from one to another. This is called transmigration of the soul. The cycle of birth and death (samsara) is very painful for us because naturally we are eternal. Death is painful for all living entities. So, the human will ask: “Why this trouble, why do I need to go through all of this?” That is human sense. If I am eternal, why not my eternal body? Eternal existence? Why should I die? This is human sense.

When we get the chance for human life, it is a chance to get free from the laws of karma, a most precious chance to be liberated from the continuous cycle of birth and death, it is a chance to realize our blissful, eternal, spiritual body near God and to use the intelligence, common sense and desire to remember that only humans can experience.

Only pure spiritual activity as the potential to free us from the repeated cycle of birth and death because as humans we can achieve this not as other life forms. By finding ways to connect with Source, we will find our way home. So long as we don’t connect with Source we must continually reincarnate until we figure it out and remember who we are.

Our selfish actions will find us to the cycle of life and death making us forgetful of God/Creator/Source. Attachment to our sense pleasures, attachments to material things and ignoring our relationship with God is the source of all suffering.

Yes, we have free will to make our own choices but we have to accept the painful reactions of our actions. In this material world, all sense enjoyment is temporary. Jesus taught this, he said “I am not part of this world”. He meant that he was not part of the material world and all it’s attachments.

Jesus was a teacher of the Mystery Schools. It is written that he taught Gnosticism and for this reason was killed because he was teaching liberation from the false god and it’s dogma. He was teaching us that we are eternal beings and then the story was changed to make it sound like he was the founder of Christianity.

As spiritual eternal beings, we can find satisfaction only in eternal, spiritual and perfect love. Not knowing our true nature, we are trying to enjoy the temporary and illusory material energy. We imprison ourselves by sensory activities such as drinking, gambling and illicit sexual behaviours.

We choose to numb our consciousness with computer games and media instead of meditating our existence. We allow the media to condition our minds into identifying ourselves as material bodies when we are not. A Buddhist Monk once said that we are disgusting creatures, painting dead hair and dead nails. He said we rot and smell like rotten eggs within 24 hours, we smell, we are filthy and then we decorate our bodies to look good.

This ignorance causes suffering of the soul and we don’t understand why we are not happy. Authorized violence and eating meat covers up our mercy, the very essence of being human. One who desires to eat the flesh of other creatures lives in misery when he takes his future birth as our soul is tainted with soul energies of other animals and we can’t connect to Source while we contain energies of other souls.

Your love to Source remains defective and it will never be complete by continuing to consume other living creatures. I will call this soul energy pollution that acts like smog and keeps us disconnected from Source. If you love God/Creator/Source, then you will love all living creatures. That is real love.

Would you not kill your own child? Why? Because you love him.

We allow animals to suffer greatly for our own pleasures and greed. We excuse this behavior with so many stories, yet truth is all living things were created equally, created so that the Soul could experience all that is. I am still working on not consuming meat. I think that a gradual process is much healthier and easier on the body if you have been a meat eater all your life so I am not giving lessons on this, I too struggle with that issue of killing animals for our consumption.

We can’t create a life at will so we don’t have the right to exploit and kill anyone or any living being. Animals have souls like humans. We both eat, sleep, fear, defend, mate, mourn, nurse and love. Just look for videos on youTube on how animals mourn their dead.

One who is involved in killing, selling, cooking and eating innocent animals will surely suffer like them in another life by similar process. If we experience all that is, would that not mean that we choose to experience being a cow and experience being slaughtered? If we all stop killing animals to feed on them would it not stop the cycle of violence?

Meat eating is not a habit we should be proud of but what choices do we truly have? It’s not so difficult to stop eating meat, it’s almost impossible to not kill any living being.

If we go with the concept of reincarnation or what Buddhists call Samsara, and we choose each lifetime through choosing a living body to experience ALL that is then how do we live on this planet without killing a living being?

If we take reincarnation alone without any religious or spiritual belief; the life and death cycle simply being a choice or agreement before incarnating, then how do we integrate the concept that living beings are created by God and that we must not kill?

In the 10 commandments that were supposedly given to Moses, the first commandment was: “Do not kill”.

Alright. Do not kill who or what? If this commandment refers to another human being; does this mean that if someone is about to kill you and in self-defence you kill them, is it not a sin?

what about soldiers that go to war to defend their country? What about a soldier or person occupying a country and killing so called terrorists? How do we not kill a living entity? If you see a scorpion in your home, are you going to allow it to live knowing if it stings you that you could possibly die?

Did we make an agreement with the soul in the scorpion’s body to kill for the sake of experiencing murder or being hit with a heavy shoe?

At what point and risk to ourselves do we protect all living entities? If termites made their home in my home, am I supposed to just let them live there? I can’t chase them out or tell them to leave.

Do you know what I think about this? The living beings that have no purpose in nature other than to harm or kill us were by design. The same geneticists that altered the human genome and DNA, lowered our frequencies and descended us brought harmful insects and animals on purpose to keep us in fear, phobias and to harm/kill us. Creatures such as wasps, mosquitoes, scorpions, ants, spiders and animals that kill other animals to feed on are all designed to harm us and keep in negative frequencies.

In order for all of us on this planet, all of us means all living souls occupying various bodies must live together without eating each other to survive. the system was interfered with and entities/creatures were brought here or created to keep us off balance.

A mosquito has no purpose. It doesn’t pollinate, it doesn’t do anything useful except for finding a body from with blood in it. It is a disease/virus/bacteria transporter and we can never know how many living beings got ill or died by a mosquito bite.

This insect is not a creation of ALL that is. It is a parasite that feeds off another and every living creature that feeds from another living creature may also not be the creation of our loving creator.

We are told that spiders for example serve as insect hunters and control that kingdom by eating flying insects. But spiders can eat vegetation like other insects do. If we don’t eat each other, there is no fear but scientists will tell you that without a species eating another there would be an overpopulation.

I can’t agree or disagree because I’m not a scientist but I also know that as long as living beings eat each other, we have not evolved and we cannot say that we love ALL that is because we are ALL that is.

I also know that a loving god would not create living entities that harm us.

I think that the true concept of reincarnation may have been hijacked. Perhaps we did reincarnate based on free will for an earthly experience without karma, just because we could. If we reincarnate into a being based on karma, then we are victims; or does that concept stand but the alien gods inserted another program for us to choose experiences such as killing and being killed?

Why would any Soul choose to experience an antelope being attacked and torn apart by a tiger?

These are questions that I have been asking and seeking answers to for over 30 years and have not been able to answer with certainty.

My akashic shows that I experienced 80 lives as sentient form such as rocks and vegetation, 40 lives as animals and approx. 300 lives as a human being. My akashic is over 3 million years old. My lives as rocks lasted millions of years and when I look for answers as to why I chose those experiences, I get the same answer: You are ALL that is. In other words, I am a rock, a plant, a flower, a creature, a mountain, a river, I am ALL that is.

Isn’t that divine? How divine you are!

So why can we not live in peace and love? Why can’t we live together with all living beings on this planet without fear? Because the alien gods created harmful entities to purposely harm us and the reincarnation program was inserted to make us believe we keep coming here to experience something. They did this to keep us from finding our true selves and to keep us from remembering who we are and to keep us from connecting back to Source.

That phrase that “We are all god’s creatures” is total bullshit. We are ALL God’s creatures but which gods? Our loving creator would never create anything that is harmful to us.

But no worries. This program is about to end soon. According to my lucid dreams/future experiences, the reincarnation trap and 4th dimension has been wiped out. All souls that now leave phsyical bodies are taken to healing centers or holding centers where they will have the choice of returning to the new Earth or have other experiences elsewhere.

Babies born now are healed souls with higher frequencies, they didn’t go through the reincarnation trap and return here as a damaged soul. All souls that get trapped by the Karma Lords didn’t get a healing so were returned to Earth with a damaged soul. This is no longer and thus the reason for Archons and other dark entities are more aggressive and pushing more violence and wars, they no longer have trapped souls to feed from and without them they cease to exist. These are entities with no souls and they unsuccessfully tried to hijack our souls. The archons were/are jealous of us because we were created in LOVE with souls while they were an accident with no souls.

All that is created in LOVE cannot be stolen or broken.

How divine is that?


Your thoughts are welcome!

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