When I was a young woman, that life I created was filled with chaos. Every aspect of that life was chaos from work, relationship with parents, my marriage, parenting, friendships, everything. One thing was very consistent though and that was my ‘dream’. In conversations when we talked about our dreams or wishes and when it was my turn to answer, the answer would always be the same: “I just want to wake up without any worries about how I’m going to survive”. I never considered wealth as a goal to achieve, throughout my life despite it’s chaotic ups and downs, my struggle was always having enough to survive and never dreamed about being rich.

Cancerians are generally savers, I was and still the opposite. I can’t keep money in my wallet or savings in the bank, it’s like it’s a contaminated thing and I need to get rid of it. Although it’s not part of the  Cancerian trait, I believe it’s something from my past that caused me to get rid of it as fast as I can, Stuart Wilde talks about how we form relationships with money but it’s not important to me to deal with because of that abundance in my life, money comes when I need it.

As a child who was often sent to her room for days, I had nothing to do but dream. In the early seventies my mom would sneak in a record player while my dad was at work and I could listen to music, but other than that, I had nothing to do other than write, lay on the bed and stare into the ceiling or stare out in the backyard. My dreams were always the same. I live those dreams today and they are living in abundance.

Abundance may have different meanings for each one of us. Abundance for me is having everything I need and money always comes when I need it. I simply see it and it comes. My life is filled with abundance because I can wake up each morning and literally think about what I want to do for the day. I don’t have to rush to get ready and go to work for someone. I don’t have to take the kids to school. I don’t have to do anything that is not part of my choices I make that day. This is what abundance means to me.

Today, as I was listening to Corey Goode, I started to think about what it will be like to live in a world without money or having to pay for anything. Think about it. This planet was created for us, in other words the Aeon Sophia first created the Earth and then created the beings that were to live on it. So, here we are paying for each breath we take in. Imagine, getting up in the morning and telling your replicator to make you cup of Irish Coffee or Herbal Tea or plain toast with peanut butter and all you have to do is get a napkin to wipe your face. You will then take the utensils used and place them in a recycling technology that will create glasses, dishes, ornaments maybe even porcelain teeth! Everything coming from the replicator is made from organic matter, therefore, everything will be natural and healthy.

Imagine sleeping a quality 3 hours of sleep, happily gathering the family to breakfast and then choosing which community garden to work in that day. We will spend many years regenerating our planet so in the new earth, we will be using our current talents and skills to build a new earth, create new organic gardens, replant new forests, clean our oceans and rivers. Everything on this planet will be ours in exchange for contributing towards a better world.

I guess I must have known about this all the time and from the time I came into this reality because it is something I always dreamed about. I never felt that I belonged to this reality, I can’t understand how we can look at someone in the eyes and lie about not feeling something or how we can allow someone to hurt, rob and steal from us. I don’t understand fear, I have never feared anything in my life. In this reality that fearlessness has cost me by driving a car without a license because I refused to ask for permission. I would tell my boss she was doing a crappy job of managing the department. I would tell my doctor if he ever cured anyone it would be considered a miracle. Yes, I got punished for saying those things, but I could not pretend that things were alright. I could not go along with the false paradigm of faking it all the way only to get ahead.

Truth is, nobody gets ahead fearing everything. Fear attracts the very things we are afraid of. I wouldn’t know this because I have never feared anything other than my father coming home from work but in general, as an adult I have never feared anything. I understand now why my dreams were to live in a Utopia of getting up each day without having to worry about money and how to survive. Perhaps I have done it before, perhaps I have accessed the future to this reality, but it’s so incredible to finally see it coming closer to being a reality.

Imagine never ever having to open your wallet to pull out cash or a debit/credit card to get your needs met. Imagine telling your replicator you want a black satin robe for the evening with your partner. Imagine telling the replicator to make you a healthy nutritional drink? Imagine never having to fear not having anymore? Perhaps the word IMAGINE is what we should be thinking about to motivate us to change what we know needs to be changed.

Instead of wishing for more or buying lottery tickets, why don’t you just imagine how you see your future and that is what we call manifesting. By imagining we are manifesting our future, by imagining we are changing our reality into a world of abundance, peace, loving your fellow human and feeling worthy of contributing to a better world. You have the power to Imagine, create and manifest whatever it is you want.

Imagine that.

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