Cindy Kay Currier will be issuing arrest warrants folks. Beware of her, she’s one dangerous fraud. I wish I wrote that article about her several months ago, but I did respond to one of my sisters when asking me about the new kid on the block called Cindy Currier and I watched the first video and immediately felt bad energy and told her so in response. Even though she has this soft, pudgy and feminine look, soft spoken voice, you really have to be sensitive to energies to feel what is coming from her and I picked that up right away, but part of me always hesitates for fear of being wrong and I’m still working on listening to my intuition 100%, perhaps in this world of deceit, it’s good to have a small piece of doubt just in case we get it wrong.

Anonymous issued a Cease and Desist Order on her, and that alone should tell you what is going on.

At the 11:00 minute mark, she claims to be the one issuing the arrest orders. You know, I wish I had that kind of power, hell, I would be issuing millions of arrests orders.
She’s got a Cult following just like YRFT does, people want to believe that a savior is going to save them from their current miserable lives. Anyone that is not happy in this current state of reality is looking for a way out. There is no way out folks, wake up and realize that WE are the ones that will make the change and we ARE making the changes, it may not be as fast as we want them to, but it’s like taking a few toddlers for a walk, we stop and wait for the last one to catch up, we can’t leave without them, we can’t leave toddlers to fend for themselves or find their way home.
You be the judge and tell me what you think about this one.

All her videos have comments disabled now. If you see any PEACE signs in her videos, better look that up and see what it stands for.



  1. This Anon video that called out Cindy Kay to Cease and Desist was the only one on the You Tube account.
    It only called for a Cease and Desist and was really quite laughable to be honest.
    It proved nothing whatsoever.

    So… her panties are not down yet. Her slip is not even showing!

    Keep digging.

    My questions are many. I asked her directly and still have not heard her address these questions in her videos:

    #1: What gives her the authority to put out arrest warrants and how will she serve them?
    #2; She said she had verification of M1Mr.Sinos funds but never disclosed how she knew this. Then she did an about face and issued a warrant for his arrest.

    I have many more questions about Respublica and the many other sites she is putting out.

    So it will be very interesting to see how this unravels.


    • I agree…but this is the first phase of uncovering or unclothing the fraud. Before you claim to do or be anything, you present the proof first. This is how credible and legitimate people function, not after the fact when people start asking questions. I never trusted her so she will get what she created.


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