Just when I feel that I have the human mind all figured out, a client will show up and toss a curve-ball at me.
Even in my early days dealing with psychology and understanding how traumas can and do impact our lives; there is and was the understanding that each event is recorded and it’s a matter of “how” we record that event. For instance: My abuse as a child and young woman caused me to feel angry and helpless, while someone else may feel anger and shame or some may feel all of the above. The difference is based on what was going on in our lives at that moment and many other issues at the time.

If you were in a car accident as a small child and came out unscathed while someone else was seriously hurt or even died, we may feel guilty, we may have phobias in cars, suffer loss of parents, many feelings/emotions show up in this kind of trauma yet someone else may simply have the memory as an event and move along without any baggage.
My point is that as adults, we may be suffering from chronic physical ailments that are associated with some form of trauma and I can say during my many years of working with clients that 60% of them do suffer from emotional blockages associated with traumas in their past.

The false paradigm we have been sold is that the body gets sick mainly because of our genes; meaning we are more likely to acquire a health condition based on our parent’s genetic blueprint and less likely to get sick from poor diet or emotional issues.  Fact of the matter is that 90% of chronic illnesses have some form of past trauma or emotional blockages attached to them.

Epigenetics has been around for over 17 years now. You don’t hear much about it. Dr. Bruce Lipton is the forerunner and discoverer that we are not victims of our genes. The reason we don’t hear much about it is because we would learn that we are NOT victims of our genes; rather we activate the gene through our thoughts and our environment.

So, if there is a history to breast cancer running in a family, this does not always mean it’s a genetic issue, rather it can mean that each generation has in one form or another bought the concept of inheriting that sick gene and so we think about getting breast cancer, in some cases even believe we might.

I have written before about using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
I use this technique most often to determine if there is an emotional aspect to the illness or sometimes I will work on the physical issues and if there is anything lingering, then use the EFT to see if there is baggage attached. I book my clients for 1 hour sessions at a time, they come for specific health issues most related to neuro-muscular, skeletal, joint and spinal issues; but often I will discover that their suffering is possibly from a trauma in their life that was never cleared.

A few days a client from Sweden came to see me. Unfortunately, due to my finger injury I was unable to see her for 2 weeks and she had a few days left before she had to leave for Sweden. 2 hours were not enough for what I wanted to do and so I had to squeeze as much into 2 hours and that’s where EFT plays an important role because I can right from the start determine if her Rheumatism and arthritis, chronic back pain is related to any unsolved emotions.

Normally I will do the TCM therapies if after them the client has not made progress I expected, then I use the EFT to eliminate any emotional issues. This is why many people from all over Europe come to see me because I combine psychology and physiology together because we are mind, body and soul therefore truly use a holistic method of healing.

The 2nd session was actually used for EFT because I watched her walk to the house and observed changes through many factors such as her walk, posture, facial expression, arm swings, position of head etc.  When she arrived at the door, I already saw much progress and asked her how she was feeling. She focused on the negative first and then I had to interrupt her and ask her to tell what the positive changes were. Of course, more positive changes than negative and this was another clue that there were some emotional issues attached to her well being. She was the typical Victim=Trauma=Helplessness/powerlessness (doctors not able to cure her).

I don’t want to go into the details of the EFT protocols but usually after a few tapping sessions the pain level goes down quite substantially and there is always a positive, surprising, smiley response. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is no pain and 10 is a lot of pain, she started out at 8. As the pain levels were going down, before telling me what her new pain level was she would jiggle, wiggle, swing her arms around, twist her neck, she was looking for pain basically and when I finally pressed her to tell me what her pain level was because she stopped telling me, her answer would be: “I don’t know, my body is numb and I can’t tell, I’m confused, I need more time”.

This is the first time I had such an experience with someone who came asking for help, showed a sincere desire to get better. My client suffers from a very difficult Rheumatoid Arthritis affecting all of her joints. Pain meds don’t work and Corticosteroids have made her gain a lot of weight and water retention. Aside from the diagnosis, she suffers from chronic back pain so she left me scrambling in that moment to come up with a method to dig deeper into her denial and counteract it.

You see, you don’t have to believe in the method of EFT, while tapping on specific acupuncture points we are talking to ourselves and telling ourselves that despite the fact we are suffering from something, we completely, totally love and accept ourselves.

It was obvious to me that my client had suffered great trauma so I had to start asking what it was. Once we come across something like this, we find aspects of that trauma to work with to find the root cause of the problem. We don’t need to know where it came from because we ask specific questions as to the “NOW” and what the client wants to get rid of, it matters not what kind of trauma it was.

It turns out my client is actually from Bosnia and immigrated to Sweden as a young woman during the war of 1992 and ongoing from there in the Serbian conflict. Their town was literally bombed for 26 days straight, almost flattened like Dresden was during the WWII. She had 2 small children to take care of, her husband was fighting the enemies and she had to run into mine infested fields and forests with her kids to get to safety. She said she moved 31 times before finally making Sweden their home.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have to have more sessions but she was clearly 80% better though it may not last too long if her denial continues. She denies the painless body she just acquired.

There were my final words as I walked her to the door: “You learned today just how powerful you are. From today, instead of waking up faced with pain and feeling helpless about it; you now have 2 new choices: “You can continue to suffer or you can heal yourself”. Don’t ever forget that you hold the power, you choose how you want to live your life”.

We didn’t talk about her denial, there was simply not enough time and honestly, it’s not that important. What is important is the fact that my clients, you, me and all of humanity have been denied the truth about how powerful we are.

Because of this programming, we never developed the tools or skills to heal our bodies. There are many techniques out there that work. I chose EFT because it combines psychology and Chinese Medicine, it’s my area of expertise so it was very easy to learn. It’s a fast method and you can get rid of an unwanted emotion or pain within minutes.

What we do in EFT for 1 hour usually takes 10 years visiting a traditional Psychiatrist. This is why it’s not well promoted because the mental doctors would go out of business.

My job is to teach my clients how to take charge of their lives once we have healed their physical issues because if there is emotional baggage, the symptoms will come back until we work on the baggage. Once they feel good physically, they are much more motivate to work on themselves, they form positive belief systems in natural/alternative medicine and are much more open to faster healing in that state or frequency.

My clients come from all over the world, most from Europe. These are people that are educated, have knowledge outside of traditional or modern medicine, so they come with specific ailments and know what to expect.
The locals only come when they are in a crisis and can’t walk or get out of their beds, or they were sent home from failed chemo-therapies to die and are desperate to try anything at that point.

Due to their ignorance, narrow views and Catholic programming they simply have a difficult time accepting the reality that anyone other than God can save them; yet they never ask why God let’s them get sick in the first place!

After spending 3 years of my time educating my people and giving out free Ionized Silver, pamphlets of information, asking them to stop calling me a masseuse; I realized it was not up to me to educate them or enlighten them. They had to ask for knowledge or information, so I backed off and simply treat them for what they came for.

One woman and regular client of mine came to see me 2 years ago because of her chronic neck pain. It was only then that she told me was could not have children They tried for 17 years and even tried the laboratory conception methods/treatments without any success. While working on her, I could feel the shame, guilt, religious beliefs, anger and all kinds of trash emanating from her stomach I asked her if I could just place some cupping sets on her lower abdomen for a fertility treatment. While my hand was slightly touching her stomach she told me she didn’t believe in that shit, only her God. I said no worries, you don’t have to believe anything. So, the therapy was done and a year later I find out she has a baby girl.  This client is a religious fanatic. My first thought was that she must be in church everyday now thanking God for her child.

I was right about a few things. She never told anyone about her treatment, she never called me to tell me she was pregnant. It is a coincidence that after 17 years of trying to conceive and a month after seeing me she gets pregnant?  I don’t claim to have helped with her conception, but chances are I did, after all, why would god make her suffer and wait for 17 years to have a baby especially since she prayed to him all day long?

A few months after I found out she had a baby and found out she never told anyone she came to see me and told everyone how god finally answered her prayers, I ran into her husband and said”Oh congratulations, I’m so happy you have a baby girl. Isn’t it a coincidence that a month after your wife visits me that she gets pregnant? ” He just stared at me and I know he was surprised but I made it easy for him and just said ” No worries, I gotta go, see ya!”.

I had a reason for telling him the truth even if it meant him having a problem with this wife for not telling him. This was not about getting credit because it would only be self-serving. I did this so that people know god does not give and take children, god is not so cruel that he would bless some parents and deny others a child. I wanted this fanatic woman to stop blaming or thanking her god and to take and give credit to whom it was due.

I honestly believe that I had a lot to do with her conception but I can’t prove that. I do know one thing for sure though: God had nothing to do with it.

Denial that we are powerful creates illness. Denial that we co-create our own children causes childlessness. Denial that we are GODS, creates a godless world.


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