Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe received more attention in 24 hours than that whole Palestinian slaughter did last year.

Don’t you feel ashamed to be American at times when you value a dead animal more than human life?
Sometimes I feel ashamed to be a part of this human race. I’m not picking on Americans, I am simply asking the question to those folks that created such an uproar about the American killing the Lion as if one Lion dead is going to change anything. We have  been killing wild animals for eons. Why is it now cruel to kill an animal? I am not saying it’s ok to kill, I’m just saying that we should put human lives on top of the list of killing and solve murders, genocides, occupations and then worry about the animals being killed in the wild.

What is happening to us? How have we become to fucked up that we value an animal life more than a human life? Maybe you dear reader don’t view animals as more important, but what are you doing about it? If I was living in the US right now, I would be with those folks that are pouncing on this American and asking them if they would just shift their attention to the thousands of children being killed each day. Is a child’s life not more important?

This will get worse. A warped mind can’t see through the fog of reality. It reacts the way it is programmed through TV and other media messages. It’s like tossing a dog a treat, he will leap for it and then sit there and wait for another treat. This is how some humans are behaving, reacting on current events without even asking themselves what the priority is today.

It’s a tragedy, a complete, incredible and sad tragedy that we have placed wild animals as more important and please don’t tell me that these folks don’t see the humans being killed on this planet.

I should not be surprised though, this is what I have been writing about on what to expect this year and the following one. The energy waves incoming are just too much for some people to handle, especially those that are asleep therefore, don’t be surprised when you see people around you going mad or crazy.

The X waves that Dr. Simon Atkins talks about are to be expected towards the end of August to Mid September, therefore, the first fractions are now starting to enter the planetary energy field. It’s a test so to speak, a primer to see how it will affect those that don’t have a clue what is going on and what is about to happen.

I get that part, I get the part that people are reacting differently based on their lifestyle choices, their belief systems, their religious convictions, but I can’t put an animal as more important than a human being. All sentient life must be respected, I have a difficult time squashing mosquitoes and other insects, but I do warn them: “You can fly around in my home no problem, but if you start attacking me I will have no choice but to get rid of you”. Seriously, I do say to them because I don’t like killing anything with a soul in it or a living being, but I also have the right to protect my body.

I know I’m rambling and not making much sense but I just woke up and having my first coffee of the day, while listening to RT News, I saw the big to do about this Lion Cecil and the American being chastised for killing him and I got pissed off!

Yes, sure Cecil is a lion and has the right to live, but so do thousands of Palestinian, Ukrainian, Nigerian, Iraqi, Lebanese, Native Indian children. Do they not? Should we not be making our children our most precious gifts and protecting them? We are all parents because all the children of the world are ours to take care of even if you didn’t give them birth, we are responsible for them or at the very least we need to speak up for them and fight for their rights.

Personally, I love animals. I have a dog and cat and treat them like my most precious family members, in fact, I spoil them to the point they are confused about being animals. We try to humanize our pets and I’m guilty of that one too. I love animals, but if you put an animal and a child or human in front of me, I am going to protect the human first. I don’t understand people that fight for animal rights unless they are also fighting for human rights. Sadly, the animals in captivity are now safer than those left in the wild. Due to destruction of this planet and using up lands used by the animals, we have in essence destroyed their environments so it is crazy to release any animals back into the wild. We have created a world where animals are being treated better than humans.

Again, I have nothing against animals, I just think that we have misplaced our priorities and for those that say we must fight for animals rights: I agree, we have to BUT we must first take care of the humans being killed first or we can split up in 50/50 and one group take care of animals while the other takes care of humans.

I am sorry for Cecil the Lion, but I am more sorry for the Palestinians and all other humans being killed, bombed, and their homes demolished. I think we need to re evaluate what is more important to us, and I for one believe we should be giving all of our attention to the human race first. One Lion less is not going to feed anyone, lions are dangerous, they kill humans, and right now if we don’t get our shit together before the energy waves start hitting the planet, we might as well just kill ourselves to end our own suffering and misery.

Wake up human, animals do have rights but that’s after all of humanity is in a safe place first. There are no BUTS or What About in this matter. I am sorry, but one child dead every second is much more important than Cecil the Lion.



  1. I hear you Ines, such righteous, angry passion, you sound just like me, I resonate with you on everything you post. Bottom line is that we are all divided and wer’e gonna be conquered if everybody dosn’t wake up, time is running out. In order for more to wake up, the first requirement is to listen to others, but if we are not in unity with those others, you can talk till your’e blue in the face, won’t change a thing. Or your’e called a nut job, conspiracy theorist who needs their head examined and this ALL BY DESIGN. Those of us who are already awake are in more despair because we see so clearly whats going on in the world, we don’t have the ‘luxury’ of denial. Or whats likely gonna have to end up happening is that things are going to get so terrible that more people than not are going to have to wake up and see whats really going on, and we just have to hope that by then its not too late. Cecil the Lion is put out there for all to see, what went on in Palestine, Russia and everywhere else we could mention,the true version did not get put out there for all to see, I know you know this, but it simply does make it harder for those that are not awake, not accessing alternative media, for them to see, Again as we know ALL BY DESIGN. I hope and pray that this forthcoming shift, coming very soon, will awaken humanity like nothing else will, IMO it is our only hope, not to ‘Save Us’ but to enable us to save ourselves, this planet and all the animals too. Even us who are awake are far and few between, geographically we live so far apart, where can we all come together, where can we physically start to be united as One, there are even divisions in the alternative media, how do we even start to arrange all this if this were possible??? Who is going to arrange it. We are like voices in the wilderness, who is really listening to us even at a local level, I don’t have any answers anymore and my only trust now is in the Powers of the Universe and that when the SHTF I’ll be there passing on what I know about whats really happening because then people might just start to listen. I hear you sister, God bless and God help us all.

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    • Wow, thanks for that wonderful comment and it’s so nice to hear from all of you resounding on this issue and others. I speak from the heart, whether anyone likes it or not is their problem, but I must speak out, it’s what I feel inside that is needed. Thanks again!


      • Thanks Ines for putting the Song Wake Up Everybody out there and also for your pointer to a website that I’ve looked at today and yes I do resonate. Thanks again…………


  2. Ines here is a link to a song I’m putting out there, its a classic from the 70’s but so timely for today.

    Wake Up Everybody…………..

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  3. “Don’t you feel ashamed to be American at times when you value a dead animal more than human life?”

    YES! I do!!! But to be fair it is not just Americans that came out against this asshole dentist and this Cecil story. The entire world has reacted to this. Some of us here in this country get it. I know you are not picking on us over here and your point is well taken by me. I understand where you are coming from Sis.

    Until ALL humans around this globe ( if it is a globe lol) stand up and protect ALL life this bs will continue.

    I would like to see the sleepers over here stand up against the human slaughter that happens on a daily basis from the police forces that are in death mode. One must also remember that the msm filters all actual stories on the war slaughter. I am not making excuses but just pointing out what we are up against.

    So we continue with our calling to wake them up…. one at time. With 8 billion humans this is a very large task we have chosen to take on.


    • Yes it is a very large task but we are making progress, although it may seem to be slow it is happening. Sadly, your US media just doesn’t show things that happen around the world so if you don’t go looking for it on the internet, you won’t know about it. Maybe we should not use the term “asleep” because most people are good folks that are just too damn busy trying to survive that they don’t have time to seek out the truth, so that said, it’s our job to try and connect with those and talk to them in person like I do. During 4 hours of therapy with my clients today, I spent 3.5 hours talking to them about health issues and they leave overwhelmed by information they never knew about so, yeah it’s a tough job but when you love what you do, it doesn’t seem that difficult. We’re getting there, don’t give up hope.


      • Good point! I will call them oblivious now and not sleepers. It is much kinder. 🙂
        When I was in the public sector I also had the opportunity to spread info person to person and I do miss that. Now that I am not I still am relentless in my postings daily to my site and social media.
        I will never give up…. even though I realize that those we need to overthrow are light years ahead of us and we really have not a snowballs chance in Hades to making much progress in this lifetime… but we are we really have not a snowballs chance in Hades to making much progress in this lifetime… but we are getting that snowball rolling downhill and gaining momentum and size.
        LET’S ROLL!!!


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