As a 10 finger typist, it’s strange to type with a finger I don’t feel very much but will do my best anyway.

It’s one thing to believe in your healing abilities, but it’s also awesome to actually see it at work. I want to share this story with you because even I am amazed at what is happening.

Let me just say first that I normally heal very fast. Superficial cuts on hands take a few days to totally disappear, I have an uncanny ability to coagulate fast so the bleeding stops very quickly. This accident is the 2nd major one I have had in the last 10 years and I consider to be a serious injury but also it’s my hand and I can’t heal others without my hands.

Last year I was bitten by a Rottweiler, Lucy was safe I was told and so she sat between us on the couch, everything was great until we started tapping and I moved over to my girlfriend to show her the correct point to tap and Lucy bit into my right hand twice within seconds.  The dog was acting upon her instincts to protect her owner I can’t blame her, but I did tell my girlfriend to never put anyone in that situation, you simply never know when it can happen and it almost cost me my hand. 3 fingers were affected with over 18 bites visible, but I was so lucky that day to have a bottle of DMSO in my purse, and while my friend was running around finding something to wrap my hand in, I passed out from the pain. When I came to I told her to quickly go into my bag and get the bottle out and we poured it all over the hand. Within seconds the pain lessened, and then we wrapped up the hand and I actually drove home 9 km. I had never been bitten by a dog before so I really had no sense of what a wound should look like, so I decided to visit my doctor. Upon entering the office, without even looking at my wound, he ordered the nurse to get a Tetanus shot ready and antibiotics. I refused both, it was obvious the would didn’t matter, and he didn’t like that very much, but no less, unless you can prove I have an infection, you can’t force me to take that crap.

He didn’t consider the wounds to be deep, I knew they were because of the pain and I had no feeling in my forefinger, therefore, it was deep enough to sever or damage a vital nerve. Through meditation (I close my eyes and visually collect Violet and golden light and send it to the injury). I used the Colloidal Silver and DMSO, changed the wound everyday and within 10 days I was healed. I have 2 small holes left to prove I was bitten by a huge dog, but I have no side effects or long term problems.
This injury was probably worse that I just had, in terms of pain. I was trying to open a bottle of oil, the cap ring wouldn’t separate from the cap so I took the first knife handy, a jagged edged filet knife and tried to separate the two. The knife slid deep into my left forefinger and went downwards to exit halfway down the finger. I didn’t know the severity of the wound at the time, first comes shock and then stopping the bleeding, Immediately I went to the drawer where the DMSO was, poured it over the wound and then grabbed a clean kitchen towel and called the doctor and told her I was on my way.

By the time I got to the clinic, the bleeding stopped and the nurse cleaned up the wound where you could see the entry and exit hole. My doctor wanted me to go to the mainland and have a surgeon look at it. Of course the knife had to cut a lot of material on it’s way down, I took the referral and went home as the ferry was still an hour away.

I had to make a very serious and tough decision, even though my intuition responded in the clinic by saying that I should not go to the hospital.

Here is where reality sets in looking back 5 days ago. Not once did I have any fear, any negative thoughts, I simply observed what I saw and responded with taking care of the wound. Long ago, I listened to Kryon about speaking to our Cellular Structure and I have been doing that since then and it does work. So, that night I talked out loud and told my cellular structure to leave the gray hair for now and focus on my finger. I dipped the finger into Colloidal Silver, and covered it with DMSO for pain. Even as I type this, I feel pain each time the finger touches the keypad, but I also know it’s part of the healing and that to just be normal is the best part of the healing.

So that day after returning from the doctor I had to make a decision, these were my choices: 1. Go to mainland emergency and risk needless surgery causing more trauma and put myself at risk for getting MRSA in the hospital as it’s a known fact there is an epidemic or 2. Stay home, take care of it myself with the risk of losing feeling as I still do not have much feeling at the tip. A surgeon could have found that and fixed it, I don’t know and that is the risk I took.

My higher self wanted to stay home, I even used the Pendulum and it confirmed a YES to staying home.
My girlfriend and I changed the bandage everyday, soaking the finger in Colloidal Silver and she too was just amazed at the progress. She owns her own pharmacy so she’s seen a lot of wounds. In fact, when the bandage is on, my tip shows and it looks just as healthy as the rest, there is no redness or swelling.

The doctor was clearly surprised when I went to see her this morning to take a look at it. Before bandaging the wound back up, I brought my own Colloidal Silver with me and she had no problem with the nurse using that to soak the bandage. In fact, she even asked me where I got it and I told her that I produce it myself.

The results achieved were due to many factors: Meditation, healing frequencies such as Rife and Beck, using an emotional based frequency to remove any fears about the trauma, Colloidal Silver and DMSO. All of these contributed in one way or another, there is not one factor that I can say played a major role. The wound hurts quite a bit when making certain movements because it is very deep and very cut up inside, it’s understandable, though it looks wonderful and if you didn’t see the exit wound you would not believe how serious this injury is.

It was a bold decision not to go to emergency and have it looked at by a surgeon, but this was the time when I had to trust my intuition and at times it’s not always logical but we must listen to it.

It’s a long way to complete healing, the knife severed everything in its path but the main thing is that the signs show no infection, redness or swelling, this is healing. I forgot to mention while at the doctors office, she checked my blood pressue when I told her I was feeling dizzy and she was surprised to see it was normal. Normal for me is 120/80, it showed that despite the trauma, I was calm and composed without any panic or fears.

This event although painful and traumatic to the body was evidence that I am well and on my way to increasing the DNA structure, that I am able to heal myself through thought and that not panicking is a benefit if and when I ever need to help others in difficult situations.

This was confirmation for me that all those years of hard work paid off and I need to have a talk with my knives and let them know that regardless the fact I may point towards my body parts, they must not obey the hand movements. Will they listen? You bet, because I’m not speaking to knives rather my body, I’m taking responsibility and hoping the body will not allow any knife to jab into me anymore. Will it work? I don’t know but I sure as hell am not going to test it either!

Moral of the story:  Do not do what I just did. This is in no way encouragement for you not to see a doctor and listen to them.

Our bodies can heal themselves given the right tools: Belief in healing, no fear or negative thoughts and lots of Colloidal Silver and other natural remedies depending on your injury or illness.

Most important of all is having the knowledge to determine the severity of your illness/injury, that’s why it’s always best to see your family doctor or emergency first to get a diagnosis at the very least.
Never act on your own and act as your own doctor unless you have good knowledge or unless you are a medical doctor. Bad decisions can lead to long term consequences that can be irreversible.

This post was not intended to give any medical advice. I am simply sharing my own story.


4 thoughts on “MY HEALING STORY

  1. OMG!!! I am so glad that you were able to make this kind of progress sis! Amazing!
    It is funny you have popped into my head a lot this week. Now I know why.
    Glad to hear you are going to heal up. I really need to get some CS!
    Love you!


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