How to tell if you are on the Path or off it

A confirmation I am vibrating in 5D…awesome post!

Infinite Shift

The most important tool in our physical toolbox is our emotions. We create with our emotions. This is what we have been using to support the current old paradigm. Up until now the default creation (unconscious agreement) of most humans has been in support of the Matrix. Here are some simple definitions of emotions and where you are vibrationally when you experience them.

Wow, this planet has a lot of variety on it.

3D = survival, conflict, self-protection, absolute truths: unconscious creation
4D = choice, but still struggling with being conscious
5D = love, empowerment, detachment, allowance, relative truths: conscious creation

5D involves detached witnessing and allowing others whatever experience or vibration that they want. Free will is one of the principles of this paradigm: everyone gets to choose their vibration/reality.

My new favorite phrase when I see something that doesn’t agree with my chosen vibration is “Wow, this planet…

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