In order to understand the programming, we need to highlight a few areas for those that are not so familiar with the physical brain.  What is the subconscious mind and how is it connected to the Astral?
modernslave mindcontrol

We have a left brain, right brain and the Pineal gland in the middle. Left brain is the center of the conscious mind. The right brain is the center of the super-conscious mind and the Pineal gland is where the sub-conscious mind energy comes in. This is my understanding, I don’t claim to be an expert in this field.

Now, really, all 3 are the same, it’s just a question of perspective and how the levels of awareness relate to what is going on around us.

The conscious mind deals with physical reality, the right brain deals with the hyper-space and non-physical reality and the Pineal subconscious mind deals as the liaison between the two. So, in effect the subconscious mind is highly connected to the Astral levels;which is the mid range between hyperspace and physical reality.

And so, in the Astral, many things are possible because it’s kind of like the transition point between many different energies and awareness-es.

So, the government, alien beings, astral entities, demonic entities use the Astral or subconscious region in order to access the mind of people, places and things.

What happens when you die? Whatever you want to happen is what you will see, whatever you believe in is what you will experience.  Ultimately, you will go into a transition period that you start to know really who and what you are energetically but basically, initially; what you expect is what you will get.

Is the subconscious mind physically in the Pineal gland?
No, that’s where the liason forms a nexus point for the physical and non-physical.

What is stored in the subconscious mind?
Memories, a lot of the electromagnetic experiences that we accumulated over our existence as a Soul. That’s where the dream state takes place. When we go to sleep at night, very often we go into the subconscious and Astral, that’s why the dreams can feel so real because in the Astral whatever you think of is manifested instantly.

This is why I warn people that are thinking or wanting to commit suicide that believe all their problems will be solved if they just die. That in effect can be the worse thing to do because if you have a mind pattern that is making your life here on Earth miserable and then you commit suicide, well guess what; when you get to the Astral plane, every fear, every issue you imagine will be right there in front of you to deal with whether you like it or not.

What is the dream experience about?
When we dream, we actually leave our bodies. The soul personality leaves our bodies and hopefully we go to the hyperspace level and not subconscious or Astral level and there we experience pure energy, pure thought, the triad of god mind, the archetype color and symbol and tone.
When we come back into our bodies, our left brain or conscious mind does not have a point of reference for what we just experienced and so the subconscious mind through the pineal gland takes pictograph and layers them over the Archetype symbols and strings them together in an imagery so that we remember it as a dream.

And that’s why it’s very important to write down your dreams as much as you can remember and then analyze them to see what the symbols are telling you; because most dreams will be a status report of your life and give you direction to know what you should be looking at, fixing or changing.

Is it necessary to be completely De-programmed and what would we be like if we were totally De-programmed?

Are many of us programmed on Earth?

At this point, I believe 100% of the population have some kind of programming or another. The general standard population programming would be to listen to the news, to what the government tells you to believe what you are told, take your injections/vaccines, take your medications, listen to what you learned in school and take that as truth.
These are general programs that are being implemented on people to not resist or argue about anything but there are about 5 to 10% of the population that have specific programming like Monarch, Green Star, Montauk, religion, vigilante etc., where they are to perform specific functions when they are triggered and then activated into action. That’s going on right now as we are in End Time program activations globally.

There are groups of souls that have been programmed such as Montauk to play out someone’s agenda. This is Illuminati/government programming that’s been going on since the late 40’s in North America. So with approx. 7 billion poeple on the planet and you take 10% of that, that’s 700 million  people on the planet with specific programming.  This number was taken out of several researchers articles and I don’t know if they are correct or not, but it sounds close.
Years ago it was done through programming sessions where they actually were taken, traumatized etc., but in the 10 to 15 years it’s all done through satellite transmissions, TV, broadcasts, computer/internet transmissions, any electromagnetic device that can transmit and pick up the carrier waves is used to transmit the program. It embeds into the person’s mind pattern and it is enhanced by the things they give us to eat, drink and inject. We in fact become walking antennas because all the injections, all the food, all the things that are in the environment puts heavy metals in our bodies which accumulate in our bodies, our cells and we are walking antennas.

Fear opens up the mind for programming, so that is why on our planet there’s a constant state of fear being imposed by our news media such as terrorism, global warming and other terrible things they tell you creates fear on a subconscious level and that constantly keeps your energy field open for input to your mind. So the fear state is what is used to enhance the various programming transmissions.

Nobody is exempt from it, not even the Illuminati and their children, although their programs are aimed at helping them achieve their goals and to ensure their children follow their footsteps. This is part of the agenda, it’s normal for them to do this in order to keep us “drugged” to push their agenda, do their dirty work so to speak by hurting each other.  This is the domination and control matrix often discussed.

We can’t run away from it, we can’t move to a different country to avoid it. Maybe we can minimize it, but you’re just changing the venue. Croatia is much less programmed because it is a small insignificant country so we can still allow our children to walk to school without worrying too much about pedophiles and criminals wanting to kidnap our children.

So, live where you fit. We fit into certain climates, and earth energies similar to your house or a room located over an underwater brook/current that is detrimental to your health. You don’t need to move, you can just move the furniture so that your body is not affected. Go where the energy suits you so that you become stronger.

I can’t recommend a DE-programming technique because we are all so different and there are many out there I have not checked into and all resonate differently with our bodies.

“The best slave is the one that doesn’t know it’s a slave”, – don’t know it’s author.

Everyone has a frequency, a set of vibrations unique to them. I like to call this our Soul Code, and when you can tap into it, the set of unique vibrations, you can add or subtract to it whatever you want. It’s like having a computer, every computer has a unique address, I believe it’s called a DNS address and you can send to that number whatever you want.

All devices today are 2 way monitors from digital television, computers, cell phones and any devices connected to satellites. Even when they are turned off, you can still be monitored. It picks up your vibration, your energy, it knows where you are at any given time.

Even power companies give us more electricity than we need so the excess goes into the ground and surrounds our homes with electric waves that attract frequencies and De-ground everything including us.

I have at least 12 pieces of Orgonite pyramids placed around the yard and in the garden, plus reach room has a Orgonite cone. A cell tower is only 1 km away from us and the frequencies travel directly over our house , using the pendulum, I have pretty well diverted the ELF outside our circle. I notice during electrical storms that we don’t get hit with lightening either. Orgonite isn’t going to hide me, but it does absorb the negative frequencies and recycle them to positive again.

The US cities still have above ground poles, most of Europe is now underground, and most 3rd world countries still have above ground power poles so this makes your environment even more toxic and conducive  to transmissions.

Someone from a computer can easily find you, record your unique Soul Code and send to you whatever they want. This is not for most of the population but it’s used for specific individuals they either want to program or set up to be a mass killer. I believe many scientists were suicided this way because it did look real, they in fact did kill themselves, but their loved ones refuted their intent because they had no reason to kill themselves. This is an example of how programming can work and used when it serves their agenda.

We’re all targets depending on the purpose and what they will use us for. It depends on their motives and what particular function you might serve.

If humans can do this to humans, imagine aliens and astral entities being able to transmit to us even easier. This is why many of us are in agreement that channeling is not always safe, it can be compromised very easily by hijacking that transmission channel.  We have a lot of work to do to protect ourselves from further damage and programming and we can  De-program very easily. That’s why we are seeing such irrational behaviors all over the place now. You name it, it’s going on everywhere and every single day. We’re even seeing animals behaving very strange all over the world. An example are beached whales. It’s possible that their frequency they communicate with is damaged or eliminated, they use it to navigate and stay together, so it’s possible they lost that frequency and they got lost.

We have created a lot of challenges on Earth and there is no need to be afraid or get depressed. If we know this is going on, we learn how to avoid it or minimize the damage done to us.

Knowledge is power, and it needs to be shared with others. When we know what is going on, we can make better decisions in our lives.

There is another form of programming currently going on called “imprinting”or Desensitization that the Illuminati are in the process of beginning on to the public where we need a new common enemy. We need this common enemy to unite the world under one government and what better way to do that then to have a threat from outer space, an Alien threat. We must forget all our differences and join together. We need one government to control it all and to fight this alien invader. So, the imprinting has already started and UFO’s are now being shown on mas media, questions being raised about “Are we alone?” The European agencies have announced the discovery of 50 extra solar planets that are like super Earths and that we are getting information about how NASA said that there were at least 400 million Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone. This is all done very subtly, gently, slowly to start preparing us for the next set of lies about spaceships being caught on camera and the story will just unfold depending on how we react.

Here is a bit of humor. I do believe they are planning a staged alien invasion but with a twist. The aliens arriving are the good guys and they don’t want us to welcome them so the government will start attacking their ships to make it look like they are defending us. The good aliens will turn around and leave because they will see we are just as mad as ever or they might just neutralize their weapons, land and then start introducing themselves to us since the government already prepared us for them, it won’t be such a shock?

Your guess is as good as mine, but for those of us that look through the NASA photos, we can see the solar system is just loaded with all kinds of different ships from both sides in the last battle for Earth.


Granite and sea salt are one of the many materials used to protect us from EMF, ELF along with Orgonite, copper coils, crystals and many other natural products. It’s impossible to detach from everything, even if you get rid of all equipment and devices, live totally off the grid, you are tracked by our own Soul Codes or unique vibration, but for now, all we can do is try to protect our physical bodies from damage and our brains from certain frequencies to program us.

It’s bad enough that most recent research out proving that long term usage of cellphones daily can cause brain tumors, this is just for cellphone usage, imagine what everything else we are exposed to is doing to our bodies?

The very first thing you need to do is get rid of any fears you have. ALL fears, all fears are a frequency so if you’re afraid of spiders or darkness, it’s all the same frequency and effect on you.

I’m not here to give any advice on how to do that, if you are reading this post, then you’re already sufficiently awakened and intelligent enough to know do your own research and find methods that are best suited for you.

Personally,  I use the EFT (Emotional freedom Technique) because it’s fast and I use it on my clients but we all learn in different ways, some visually, some audibly, some by reading and the same goes for self-help. The same goes for the programming, ti’s basic knowledge that the less we watch TV and use our mobile devices the more difficult it is for them to access us.

There are many devices and natural materials you can use to protect your home and family but that all depends where you live, your finances and availability of products. Orgonite can be made at home to save money.

Stay well, have no fear, fight for what is yours, ours and help our Mother Planet by protecting ourselves. We originally parked in the spiral arms of the galaxy, we are now in correction and heading towards the Galactic center. This has been going on for a few years now. John Lamb Lash has a lot of information about this on

There is not going to be any pole shift. That is new Cage bullshit and scare mongering/programming. We will wobble a bit, the weather is extreme, but given the odds we have against us as humanity, we will make it to the Galactic Center in one piece, I trust our Mother earth will get us there.

Stay well, have no fear, empower yourselves.


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