Comment: I would like to share this email I responded to one of my readers. The reader will know who it belongs to, but this information flowed this morning and after completing it, I re read it and realized how significant I have evolved over the last 2 years.
Question: When you say that “no one is coming to save us”, I like the responsibility message that we must be spiritually active, but do no high level spiritual entities care about helping us to break the deception? Can the rest of the universe be so cold as to only observe such a travesty from a distance, only regretting the plotline like we watch a movie unfold?
Imagine yourself way up there being able to see the world at once in all happenings. Pretend you are God/Creator and can feel/see/hear everything at once. You look down and you see 1% of humanity controlling the 99% and you wonder why these idiots don’t wake up. Imagine, we the 99% and we can’t beat the 1% controlling us? Can you truly say that it is an impossible mission? Do you honestly believe that our cosmic family, ancestors/parents from other realities are willing to come down here and interfere when we have our own solutions? Think about it.
The whole paradigm as it is, even from the so called “truth seekers” and researchers is that we can’t win, it’s too late, we don’t have solutions. I even thought and wrote this for a while, but it’s not true. We do have the tools and the means to stop this madness, therefore, until we exhaust all means of our own choice and free will, “they” are not allowed to interfere. Let’s just say they are on standby in case we finally do go that route and  are not able solve our problems in time.
You may now ask so what is the solution Ines?
First of all, if you see yourself as a human with a soul, this answer will not make any sense to you. If you see yourself as a Soul occupying a human body for the experience here on Earth, then it will make sense to you.
As a Soul, long before we chose to have this earthly experience, we were aware of our eternal self, an earthly lifetime is but a moment in eternity. Coming here was about having the most challenging experiences as “higher dimensional ” beings. After being all that there was to be, as eternal souls, we come here on this Earth/3D reality to truly evolve in the deeper sense of “feeling” all that we are already know exists. So, if you are seeing yourself as a human with a Soul, then you are seeing madness all around you, not understanding why we don’t get help. We will, but it won’t be to save us humans, it will be to preserve us as SOULS so that we don’t leave here undamaged.
We have solutions, very simple ones, ones I write about all the time. I even dedicated a blog to this but the stalker created such stress upon me that I closed it down because I have a very ill partner and I don’t like to carry around negative energy.
The solutions are very simple yet when I write about them, I’m told it’s impossible. The solution is difficult because it takes at least 11% of humanity to act on it. We close down bank accounts, we don’t go to work and we don’t spend any money. If we can last 7 days, we have shut down the whole system. But it’s not about shutting down the whole system, it’s about letting the 1% know that we can and have the power to shut them down. It stops feeding the war machine, no money, no production, no wars. We become the  ant and grasshopper story.
Solution #2. We go into the streets and put up signs “We know who you are and we are coming to get you”. 11% of us can shut down the whole matrix in a few days.
So, you may say that people can’t do that, of course they can’t, that’s why we are in this predicament. They choose not to, it’s not that they can’t, they CHOOSE not to because they are still living in a material based world, but the point is that we do have solutions. As long as we have solutions, we are not getting help.
If you have children, grown children, have you called them up and asked them if they need money or food? If you have, you have not done them a service.  You have enabled them to depend on you and the next time they get into trouble, they will pick up the phone and call you first before they find their own solutions. It’s hard to see our kids struggle, I have 2 grown adults and they struggle too, but they have never asked me for help and I will never offer to help them because I have then disabled them from being strong and willful. I’m not saying we should not help our children when in need, but we should not offer it and let them know they can always give up easy and ask us for assistance. 
If you are God looking down on humanity, you know there are solutions, would you really send your force down to help them just because they haven’t figured it out yet? Remember, we are not humans.
We are Souls, highly evolved beings that came here to have the ultimate experience, this is all an illusion we created to experience all that is. If you see it that way, there are no problems, only realities that we created to experience. How do I know? I just know.
I had an NDE experience and often write about it. This happened way before I knew anything about them or what they were even called. On July 3rd, 1981 while giving birth to my son via C-Section, the anesthesiologist gave me too much or rammed the tube down too harshly, (never really found out the truth), I could not breathe  and my heart stopped. I had toxemia so it was a dangerous pregnancy to start with. I was clinically dead for 12 minutes while my son was still inside of me. I felt the pain of being cut, tracheotomy and then I was gone from body. I found myself surrounded by beauty, different colors, but it wasn’t what I saw, it was what I felt that changed my life. I felt like I had come home again. I just knew that this was the place where I was created. I was in the incubator of life, where Creator creates the souls. I was home for a short while, it was a familiar place, I felt happy and safe, I was aware of who I was and before I chose to back to my body, I felt a tinge of sadness thinking : I have to leave again I can’t stay here but it was nice to see home again”.
My son was born after I was brought back to life, he’s 34 years old and a genius with a very high IQ. According to the doctors, he should have either died or be born a vegetable not having oxygen for over 10 minutes.
It took me 30 years to figure this out, but I didn’t go through the reincarnation trap because I didn’t die. There were no tunnels, no lights, no tubes, no pulling me out of body, I simply felt pain in my throat and then found myself in that place familiar to me. If there is a reincarnation trap, I didn’t go through it. Highly evolved souls don’t go through the trap because we know about it. The ones that believe in religion and gods and saints, usually get caught in that trap because of their programming and the Karma Lords wait on the other side.
I don’t have proof nor can I give you any other than my own experiences. I have spent most of my life researching and reading about the reality of LIFE itself…I have come to the conclusion that we are all Highly Evolved Souls choosing this earthly experience to fully evolve, so we can graduate and become co-creators to new universes and galaxies. If you see yourself in that light, then this playground is all that it is, a playground we created to experience all that is.
Having said that, we are here as humans, we have hearts and feelings. WE require air, water and food to keep this body alive therefore, we react with emotions, and often we forget who we are and why we are here, so we play out the game thinking we are entrapped into this madness. If you think of this reality as a playground, then there are no problems and there would be no issue with waking up tomorrow and closing your bank account, not going to work and not shopping for anything. In a few days the whole system would crumble and then that sheer influx of love energy that they have been blocking us from would expand, we would finally awaken and connect to our higher selves.
This is what I know to be true. What I feel to be true. I am connected to my higher self although it’s difficult because of the rays, frequencies and HAARP….I do connect with it and whatever I say here is coming from my truth. This doesn’t mean this is yours, remember, you and I came here with different goals and roles. You need to find your own, dig deep within and find it, the answers are all there. We came with our memories, but they are locked because of the this density we are in and because if we knew or remembered who we are…you can bet your last dollar that we would be rushing out of here right now.


  1. Ines, I always knew that you and I had something that joined us up in a spiritual fashion, It is the fact that we both didn’t go through the reincarnation trap. You connected to the rainbow light display which are the light bodies who create our souls. I bypassed them and went directly to the void, The place that exists beyond all space and time. I have also seen the light bodies and know how they produce new souls. They are the light of creation that source put in place to begin our journey. Source exists in the void. The Maoris refer to it as the unformed void. It is beyond the state of matter as we currently understand it. That is why it is called unformed. I have been given information on our soul birth phase and how we continue the life forces once we begin our journey. That journey of continuance takes place on our planet. That is why we are the center of creation for our universe. There is no death only life, we are all born immortal, as long as we are part of our planets construction. The interlopers aren’t that’s why they will be removed. Blessed be, your friend John. ps: I am an original soul, you are an ancient. Newer souls are created by physical conjoining with opposite sexes. That conjoining produces newer souls based on our genetic markers, It is a little more complicated than that, but i’ll leave it with you for now. Bye again, John.


    • You have peaked my curiosity John. Tell me about the Ancient soul? A psychic in the 90’s told me that I had lived over 300 lives here on earth. I have always felt wise and looked upon other as plain dumb. I know it sounds horrible, but it’s how I feel. I just don’t understand why people can’t just do what it is they need to do to change their situation. Never in my life here have I ever allowed anything to continue if it didn’t provide me with benefits. I have always achieved everything I wanted because I literally visualized what I wanted and then worked towards achieving the goals. For me, NO is just a word but I don’t use it in terms of being able to do something. i simply do it and then don’t understand why we all can’t do the same.
      This allowing the suffering to continue baffles me that humans turn their heads to it and REFUSE to face it. Yet, they will wait for someone else to come and save them. Save yourself by saving others, that is what ONE is all about. If we are ONE, we are united in everything which means we either take on the suffering or end the slavery, either way, we must be equals in everything in order to be ONE. Isn’t this what Unity Consciousness really is about? We can’t just call ourselves being part of ONE, we have to create that reality by ensuring ALL of us are included in this reality. For whatever reason, I have been focused on this the last few days, I am angry that humans are going on with their lives yet complaining about hardship. Haven’t they figured out yet that our governments INTENTIONALLY want us to fall and depend on them? What will it take for humanity to accept this and fight back? The only answer I have is that people are drugged to the point where they have lost their compass. There is no other logical answer!


      • Ines, as I was given to understand the progression of souls on our planet, I was given names to each advancement from our concious beginnings to the present that link into our current perception of time. The originals are from the void, and were in concious awareness when the universe was created. The next stage of our development was the creation of the light forms that you were taken back to, they are your soul parents, so to speak, which is why you felt their presence the way you did, They were your source of becoming. Your physical parents would have had genetic make up that also had connections to your light source. When we mate we share our soul forms in a similar manner as the light bodies do, and so create another soul to take over the new physical form. The body is new, but the soul contains the original form that it had in it’s beginning. ie: an original or an ancient. The ancients soul paths were the original Adam and Eve’s, to use an analogy, that started our physical growth on board this planet. I would place their existance here approx 100,000 years ago. There are also New souls here which came at a later time, those souls are not decended from the ancients but are a product of alien interferance with our origins. Those souls are destructive towards us as their origins are not conducive with our planets makeup. They are trying to change our planet into one they remember from their past. That is why you see continuous shit all around. They will never change, just as we can’t either. The end result will be a war begun in the heavens, and finished here on our planet. You have a dim memory of your past, just as they have. Oil and water don’t mix.They never will. To think of all being hu-man is a mistake, They all arn’t. The word hu-man is correct it actually refers to those who are not of our creation, but of an alternative beginning, words have a meaning that is long forgotten. The hu-man’s keep control by dumbing us down, as Orwell stated in his epic 1984, doublespeak. He placed the control over the world in Oceania. That’s where I live, i’m keeping an eye on it. There is a lot going on down here politically to do with the takeover by the, so called, cabal. The plot is thickening fast. The media is not conductive to our good health. It will only deal with doublespeak. If we are able to recover our lost memories of our origins, we will have the means to sort it all out. I already know how to act when that time arrives, with the full power of the light at our disposal, nothing can stop the process. As it was in the beginning so it will be at the end, Alpha and Omega are to be one and the same. Stick with the Ancients, you can’t go wrong. Blessed be, your friend John. ps: What came 1st, the chicken or the egg?. Neither, the answer is The Light. That is where you went, to bring it back home. Which is where you are now. Please enjoy the journey, the rewards are extremely great. Once you know that the end is far greater than the travel to get there, The past fades into insignificance, It is only the future that has any meaning to those of us who become aware. Let the light grow within. and join the party. It is the light that brings about a collective. Be at peace, and enjoy.


  2. What if God wanted to know what it would feel like to lose?

    Which aspect of God volunteers/is chosen to experience failure?


    • I can’t answer that, I can only share my perspective on things, ultimately, you need to ask yourself what the answer is. I don’t question God as I believe that everything it does is for our good even if at times it may not seem logical because of the density we live in and are unable to see past our planet in detail. WE are not yet in the frequency of being able to see everything therefore, we question these things. I don’t have answers…but then again it’s not important to me at this time. Good questions though.


      • What if Lucifer’s “pride” was believing they could experience “failure” and be unaffected?

        If God/Source wants to know everything about itself… it stands to reason there is a scenario where “good” will never overcome. A black hole. Or at the experience of being “good” forever overpowered by “evil” being available. Since the rest of experience is also still out there that scenario is not meant to inspire people to know how to overcome the impossible… but to see/test/practice what you will do when you are guaranteed to fail.

        It’s easy to be good when there is hope that it will pay off. How many stay true when their act will be devoured and eradicated by the black hole? At least in material terms?


        • To be clear, I too have a confidence (but not certainty) that there is a larger structure in play.

          At this point a massive data dump of what all the intelligence agencies have been collecting for the past 100 years… as well as the books that have been kept secret for 1000’s… would be a powerful “Revelation” for humanity when combined with our capacity for making information indexed and searchable.

          This would have the effect of dissipating the majority of the power the black hole currently has on us and give us a genuine option to make decisions as a population with informed consent rather than the current faux consent.

          However without having experienced the current form of ignorance of each other and the consequences, I’m not sure we’d understand the value of our separateness enhanced by such a global data dump.

          Dunno… it’s interesting to flip the narratives around and see what shakes out.


        • I like John Lashe’s theory that Lucifer is actually Gaia Sophia. I can’t say I know, but I feel he is correct in that. He’s been right about many things in the last 10 years since I have been studying his work.


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