A Notice to my Readers

Dear Readers and friends,

I must apologize to all those that I have not answered emails to. I am totally confused as to how I forgot an email account I use for this blog. As a WordPress blogger, when we log into our WP accounts or blogs, we can see in the upper right hand corner if we have comments so, using this feature, I totally neglected the email account where each comment reaches as well. In those hundreds of comments were emails I just found today, so please be patient with me, I have tried to answer to as many today and will do so tomorrow, if you don’t get a response by weekend, it means I deleted your email along with the comments.

Please write again or resend your emails if you don’t hear from me by Sunday night. I apologize for this, but you can’t imagine how many emails/comments I get, I had no idea and for months now, wondered how come nobody writes. hahaha

Thank you all for writing to me, I missed out 2 invitations for interviews,  so it was my loss really but I will do my best to keep checking that email account and ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Summers are very busy for me especially because of the tourism here and so I have many clients for therapies, my garden, household, ill partner and everything else we need to do to stay well. I have been unsuccessful in finding an assistant in the house so some things simply get neglected. Hope you will all forgive me and know that I don’t ignore any emails and even if they are negative, I will respond. So far, have not received those kinds except for the stalker/troll but it seems she got bored and went off to greener pastures!



Your thoughts are welcome!

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