We are the Light Bearers


I have been experiencing a lot more pain than usual the last 2 days. I also feel that my hormones are way out of balance. I had been done with menopause 2 years ago and all of a sudden hot flashes again and often I can’t decide if I’m hot or cold because the summer heat combined with hot flashes make one sweaty body.

I read on so many blogs how these people are feeling energies and how powerful they are. Though I rarely read exactly what that is experience is, how do they know they are based on energies or frequencies? These energies don’t always leave us with good feelings especially if our bodies are transitioning and upgrading it’s own DNA structure.

Something is shifting,  I am sure of that. I can’t get into my deep relaxation trance prior to going to sleep so I can travel outside my body during sleep time, I even find it difficult to connect with higher self through my pendulum. More often than not it will move in circles meaning “not enough information”, so I put it down and just allowed the time to pass.
Simon Parkes claims that something is about to happen in July, though he doesn’t say what I really dislike those kind of statements especially from so called off planet beings that have connections through portals to speak to other entities. I will check my physical challenges to energies flooding the planet and the body adjusting while expanding the DNA strand structure. Our 3 strand DNA should be expanding now if you are in that time shift space timeline for transition.

I don’t talk about my health issues because I don’t want to give them power and this blog is not about my health. Despite the fact I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1993, I am in better condition now than I was 20 years ago. 3 years ago I was urged to very urgently have surgery on my cervical neck because of the disks rupturing but I opted out to do it myself and yes, it worked. This was to be expected because I was born with a very deformed spine and so eventually it has to break someplace. Of course it didn’t go away on it’s own. It took 3 years of exercises, meditations, speaking to my cellular structure and other modalities. I know of many people in Canada who are also challenged with FM but they are progressively worse and some even in wheelchairs.

I received an Invalid Status in Canada in 1993 for this condition. It’s a horrific i debilitating syndrome and no 2 people experience the same symptoms. We do have one thing in common and that is chronic pain that never goes away. It’s just a matter of better or worse, less or more each day and how we cope with it.

For many years it was treated as a physical disorder. Before research came out, I came to the conclusion that it was a neurological disorder. The pain center in the brain doesn’t work correctly and so it just sparks out neurons without any causitative reasons or once it sends the pain signals, it doesn’t shut off.  I was right about that diagnosis, though it didn’t change anything, it just helped me understand it better and deal with it differently.
Statistics show that one in five women suffer from FM and it is now concluded after 30 years of research that the most likely cause of this is Trauma. Most of us that struggle with this disorder have been traumatized at least once in our lives. Trauma can be abuse, car accident, serious fall, etc. Additional to the pain, we also suffer from depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders and other neurological issues.

I’m proud to say that I don’t take any medications for this other than non-narcotic pain medications and use them only when I really need them. If I exert a lot more physically, I do feel the pain much more. Even sitting too long hurts as well. It’s finding a proper balance but even after a long day of working in the garden, the pain is more of a reward because I accomplished something with it and I don’t see it as punishment at all. It’s all in the way you perceive it and how you live with it that matters.

On bad days, really bad days such as the last 2, I take it easy. I don’t book any clients, drink more coffee and write more posts, I might do some laundry, simple tasks that don’t require much effort but sitting down is not my style. I would rather take a pain medication and be active all day long. I live a normal healthy life and don’t think about it really, it’s something that I have accepted as part of my journey and nobody notices it, it doesn’t show on the outside and even if I tell someone about it, they don’t take it seriously because they don’t see anything so they think I am just trying to get attention.

When energies shift and change in big waves I really feel it and the pain becomes the center of attention and that’s when I don’t take clients, relax and just enjoy the day reading or playing games on my tablet. haha

These are times of extreme human conditions. How many people or do you actually know anyone that is healthy?

I live in a paradise, small village of 400 people, clean soil and air and still one out of five people are developing a form of cancer. 80% of the island population has their own garden and grow their own vegetables. We all have a few olive trees, mandarin, orange and lemon trees in our yards but most use chemical fertilizers and after 10 years or so of not feeding the soil, diseases start to ravage the crops.

Olive Harvest and Sorting

When they ask me how they got sick despite eating daily fresh vegetables they grow, I try to explain to them that their vegetables are living organisms just like humans need nutrition to strengthen their immune systems and that chemical fertilizers just encourage plant growth and not feed the soil. They don’t know this because they never bothered to find out, they simply do as they are told and so they are actually eating toxic vegetables.

Last week a client visiting the island from Luxemburg was telling me her doctor diagnosed her with Arrhythmia and that she takes 2 medications for this disorder. I need to ask clients everything about their health first. When I asked her if she knows what that is she said no. She didn’t even know why she was taking the medications, only that her doctor told she had to or that she would die. Here is my response to her: “So let me get this straight. A doctor, you only met once, a stranger tells you how you are feeling, what is wrong with you, and gives you medications you know nothing about, you actually don’t even know what Arrhythmia is? You take drugs not knowing, not asking and you expect to get better?”

I politely told the client that I can’t help her unless she is willing to get some counseling because I would not accomplish anything with her in an hour. This woman takes no responsibility for her health and even if she wanted to; can’t because she knows nothing about her disease. She wanted me to fix her aching back and legs. I don’t fix people, I help them raise their vital energies and consult on how to improve their conditions but don’t feel I should waste my time educating them for hours. Until this woman takes full responsibility for her health, I can’t do much for her in an hour.

This is a very asleep, dumbed down individual who has relegated all her rights and responsibilities to what she believes are experts. Personally, I don’t understand how so many people like her just accept a diagnosis and don’t take time or have the desire to learn about their illness yet they will stand in front of a fruit stand and carefully pick out the best looking fruit after inspecting each one. It also shows they don’t want to get better or are so naive believing that medicine actually cures anything.

Moreover, while talking with her, she could not even understand what was wrong about not knowing anything about her heart condition. She couldn’t understand anything and was upset with me for refusing to treat her.

Finally, I explained to her that I can’t even touch if she doesn’t know what is wrong with her and that I can’t in all fairness work blindly if she doesn’t know anything about her body I can’t even explain to her the different methods I am using and why.

Honestly, I don’t have time to educate people, I don’t get paid for that time and time is needed, plenty of it. For this client she has to literally open an anatomy book and learn how the body works first. You can’t give someone keys to the car if they don’t know how to drive it, also, if they are on a tight budget they need to learn how to change the oil and filters, fix a flat tire etc. Those are basics we all should know before taking a longer car trip.

This is an example of someone totally asleep. If this person doesn’t know anything about her body, how can she know how she fits into the equation of humanity/change? How can she contribute to helping others if she can’t take responsibility for herself first?

It all starts with us. I never give advice on how to lose weight. Even though I know the different diets and can design a unique one depending on each health condition, I would feel like a hypocrite because I am overweight. Even though I choose to be this way and don’t work at it, my clients might not understand that and not give me respect because I should be an example should I not?

In order to start we begin on ourselves and once we have learned how to love ourselves; we can then go out into the community and world to help others.

This woman probably won’t make the transition. Her energy is dark and heavy and she chose to stay and experience something else. But if you want to transition into the new Earth energies, your heart must be overflowing with love and desire to share that with others.

Bring a loaf of bread to your neighbor is not merely just giving. I bring him love. His eyes don’t light up because of the bread, rather the love I felt to share that bread with him.

This is who we are. Beings born into LOVE and carriers of that Torch of Love to others. We are the Light Bearers.


2 thoughts on “We are the Light Bearers

    • I live in Croatia the last 10 years and have not yet seen a clear blue sky. I’m well aware of the chemtrails and other programs. It’s not making everyone sick, it’s making those that don’t have a clue sick, those of us that are aware can take measures and precautions to stay well. They will only make you sick if you believe they will. Trust me, I know this from my own experience. We bring to fruition all of our thoughts and beliefs. If you say to yourself and ego that those programs are not part of your reality, they won’t be. most people see them and then pretend they don’t see them, not wanting to deal with the issues, but if they are sick, it’s because one way or another they have allowed it to happen.


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