Protesting is absurd. Violent resistance is ultimately counterproductive and largely impossible anyway.

Our culture has failed, at every level, and is rotten to the core. We need a completely new culture, with a completely new basis. At a minimum, we need to revere life, and to see the living world as sacred, as the infinite gift that it is. We need to nurture the natural life of earth, and keep the planet in a state of climax ecosystem, pretty much everywhere. We need to live in a good and basically workable way. This isn’t negotiable, it’s simply what’s required if we want to keep being here. We need to create a culture that lives in harmony with the earth, and we have to do it right now, because we are running out of time. After we get the world healthy, we should then see how much tech we can make without harm, and restrain ourselves from making more. We need to get our values and our priorities straight.

We also need to abandon the false concept of ownership, which is simply the illegitimate idea of total control. No human deserves total control of anything or anyone, because we are not Gods, we’re humans. The “I” to which a person is usually referring is the ego, the personality, so to say “I own land” means really, “My ego has total control of this land” and why should anyone’s ego have total control of anything? By what right could an ego gain that sort of absolute power? It’s silly, this delusion of ownership. We need to respect, negotiate, and share, from the perspective that all of life is a gift that we are given, and are privileged to be able to share with each other. We need to talk about usufruct, negotiated rights of use including the idea of non-abuse, rather than ownership and absolute power. Absolute power is an inherently disgusting idea. The Ring of Power is power. Cast it into the volcano, unmake it.

scorched earth

Nobody owns land. It’s absurd to declare ownership of something that pre-existed you. Claims of ownership, especially of land, are simply assertions of violence against other humans. Ownership is theft from everyone except the owner, by means of violence. We live in a world full of greedy, deluded monkeys trying to steal the world from each other. It’s absurd, tragicomic. If it weren’t for all the suffering, it would be funny as hell.

To state the obvious, what we need to do is to love each other, share of our abundance, and act on simple timeless human morality. Ownership and profit-making, upon which our culture is based, just aren’t basically ethical. Shocking as it sounds, we need to get to a gift-based economy.

It seems to me that life is a gift. It looks to me like I’ve inherited a huge amount from the past, and I have an obligation to the future. I am defined by my relationship to the Earth, and to other beings. It seems right that I would be a steward and a caretaker, but an owner? No.  How? Why? I want to share land with people and life, not own it. I want to take care of the land and make it abundant. I want to live in a good way, and for whatever reason, I’ve been born into a culture that’s gone a long way down a bad road. At this point, what keeps coming up for me is to get some combination of land, money, people, and tools together, and build a sustainable eco-village, an artists’ and artisans’ cooperative, an open-source modern medieval cultural experiment, living center, thing. That’s what’s next for me. If you’re interested in helping out or being a part of the core group, drop a line. Otherwise, do something else awesome! It’s time.

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