Alex Collier Lecture

Great lecture and the information has stood the test of time, so has Alex. He’s gone through many difficult years, constantly being attacked, but he is a true hero in my eyes for standing up in what he believes to be true and benefit to humanity. I’m not the only one that is telling humanity to get off it’s ass. I’m not the only one that is urging humanity to get up from the kneeling position and to ask themselves if they want to live like this for the rest of their lives. I’m not the only one trying to wake you up and encourage you to take that first step. I’m feeling this sense of urgency again, there is a great wave of destructive energy heading our way. This could be the wave that will knock us off our feet and wake us up to the reality that the Controllers just sharpened their blades and are now going to chop down everything in sight. It’s what I am feeling, and this interpretation is mine, I do not wish to instill fear in anyone, only urgency that we can’t sit around anymore.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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