This is the first time that I have publicly written and expressed my views on homosexuality. Please respect my views and opinions even if they don’t reflect your values.

I have spent many years studying and researching this subject, mainly because I am always fascinated by human behavior and why we do, think and feel certain things. Our views/beliefs can be molded by parents, by our own choices and education, or it can be molded easily by others to convince us that their explanations should be our beliefs.  I believe, after all these years that homosexuality is not a natural state of being. That said, I don’t care what people do with their lives or bodies as long as it doesn’t affect mine.

The US Supreme Court ruling actually surprised me. I viewed these old geezer judges as a conservative bunch, trying to appease and balance the greater opinion. Personally, I do have opinions on why people choose to be gay or lesbian. This post is not about that, it’s about why society and this segment (homosexual) of the population is making this such a big deal and insisting/forcing “awareness”down my throat.

In order to get married in most Western, modern society countries, a couple must obtain permission to get married by filling out paperwork and obtaining a “Marriage License”.  You then become a Licensed Marital Institution that has certain “privileges”, like lower taxes, joint medical insurance coverage, etc.

You can adopt the “males” last name as your new family name. Some exchange rings as a symbol of love and marriage.

It is my understanding that homosexuals want those same privileges? All those parades, gay rights activism, change in education programs to include homosexuality, all because a group of people that do not live a natural way want me, my kids, my grandkids to accept their homosexuality as being normal?

Why do I need to accept it? Do you see Swingers organizing huge Swinger Pride Parades and openly sharing partners? Do you see normal, healthy, natural couples organizing huge Pride Natural Couple parades to bring about awareness? We should because we have lost those values about family, mother and father raising children.

Why is it necessary that we all become aware and accepting of their plight? It’s their fight not mine.

This issue will never be balanced and never be accepted by everyone throughout the world. Each one of us were born into different cultures, different religious beliefs, different parental programming; therefore we have to ask why this is being pushed down our throats?

I know there are several reasons for this agenda, but it would be speculation therefore, I am not going to even attempt to guess why, but most certainly it has to do with the destruction of the traditional family and it’s values.  Most likely it is to warp our perceptions of what is normal and healthy, natural or not. Could the agenda be to encourage homosexuality to decrease the birth of children?

Whatever the reason, I am not going to sit here and lie to you for the sake of not disturbing the peace or for fear of not being politically correct by saying that I do not accept all forms of homosexuality as normal or natural.

Yes, there are children born with defective or unbalanced hormones that are severe enough to question their gender, but I’m not talking about this group. I’m talking about adults that have made choices to be homosexual. I respect their choices and decisions to have sex with a same sex partner, fine, but please stop trying to program me into accepting your choices.

I don’t have to accept it. I don’t have to like it. I don’t have to even respect it. So long as I don’t cause any harm or say anything derogatory to those, I don’t see why I have to accept it. Children should not be taught homosexuality in schools. That is the responsibility of the parents, unless, parents specifically ask to have their children educated. That should be a choice as well for parents. They removed God from the classroom because not all students were religious. Fine. But it’s alright to add homosexuality despite the fact that some students ARE religious. Do they not have the same rights? We can remove God from the classroom because not all are religious but we can’t remove homosexuality because not all are religious? Is it not the biggest different in opinion between the religious and non-religious?

As for gays and lesbians; what rights do they think they will get? They too must apply for a “marriage license, ask permission to get married.

Marriage is not a right, marriage is a privilege because we have to apply and ask for permission in form of a “license”. The same goes for driving, we can’t travel without a drivers “License”. We can’t build a home on our own property without a “builders permit”.

There are no rights in this Matrix, there are only privileges that we have to apply for and wait for them to be granted to us.

I do have comments on gays and lesbians, it’s my right to speak what I feel like without insulting or hurting anyone. I don’t consider a homosexual relationship to be natural. I find it offensive to watch two men or two women kissing in public. Yes, for me it’s offensive and   do I not have the right to walk around in public without being offended? Smoking in public is not allowed in most cities, why is homosexuality publicly being allowed in public given it’s a hot issue and not everyone is ok with it?

Look, if you are gay or lesbian, that’s your choice, but stop shoving this “acceptance” and “awareness” down my throat. I don’t want to accept and I don’t want my kids to be aware of it. Yes, they know what homosexuality is. yes, they know that Aids and other diseases are NOT a homosexual issue. Yes, they know that it’s a choice and it’s not natural. If they want to further learn more or even become one of them that is their choice. But as a parent, I have done my job in educating them. It is within my rights as a parent to shape their opinions as well, once they become adults they can shape their own. I will teach my kids values and if my kids don’t accept homosexuality, is it not their right to do so? What does Education have to do with teaching my kids moral values? Is it not the responsibility of their parents? Since when did parents give up their rights to the STATE?

I will not pretend I am ok with it. I am not ok with it being shoved down my throat. I am not ok with this movement of constantly whining they want the same rights.  Nobody has any rights, and those privileges were set up and designed to suit the natural and normal man- woman relationship. Get over it. You want to be different, but you want the same rights?

You can’t have the same rights because your marital relationship is NOT the same. You are asking for equality when your relationship is being sold to me as being of equal rights. Men and women are not equal in terms of their body, brain, hormones, muscle strength etc. We can only be equal in respect, being paid equally, being treated equally etc.The Gay and Lesbian community are insisting they have equal rights. How can they ask for equal rights when they will be bringing up their children with same sex parents? This is another issue that I am not going to get into. Let’s just assume that every child in a gay lesbian family will be loved, nurtured and taken care of. It is the core values and how this child will grow up unbalanced that concerns me. We are too early into this generation to see what the results are for children growing up in same sex marriages, but it’s yet to be determined.

Remember, none of us have any rights. We must ask for permission for everything, therefore, they are merely privileges given upon completing certain conditions and requirements. These are not rights. Your right to marry or drive should not be conditioned upon a piece of paper. We pay for these privileges, they are not free. If you want to be different, you don’t have the right to ask for equality.

I am sick and tired of pretending I’m ok with this. I’m not. I’m sick and tired of being treated like an idiot as if I am old fashioned just because I don’t accept homosexuality as normal. It’s not  normal or natural because if it was, we would have been living like that for millions of years. Stop pretending you’re ok with it if you’re not. Stop trying to appease the politically correct group. Speak out. I know many of you don’t share the same views or values as I do, and that’s ok. I’m not here to convince you of anything. I am here only to share my thoughts and opinions without fear of what someone else might think about me.

Homosexuality is not part of our evolutionary process. It has never been seen as being normal going back thousands of years. It is not natural, if it was designed that way then we would all be created differently. There is not one cellular structure equal between males and females. It is not natural. We are not designed this way. Evolution didn’t transform us into homosexual beings. These are choices made by individuals for whatever reasons they choose and that is their right and choice, but please stop shoving this down my throat to accept your choices. You want equal rights, sue for it and deal with the courts but leave us alone. We all have the right to believe in what we want. There is no right or wrong here. I simply find it offensive and UN-natural to see two people of same sex being in love and intimate. I question it’s foundational purpose and also recognize that there are exceptions as well.

Why are people afraid to voice their opinions? Why can’t people be honest and tell people the truth? I know many people that will whisper in my ear what they really feel, but when speaking in general public,they will all say ” I respect their choices”. Sure, we all respect their choices, but do you feel it’s normal or natural? Do you feel that THEY have to dance around, engage in naked gay pride parades? What is their point? We all know they are gay and we all know they have chosen that lifestyle, but why are they pushing it, why are they creating such pomp about their choices? Be proud of what you are, but please, stop demanding that I accept it. I DO NOT.



  1. I think this is the first step opening the door to pedophilia becoming acceptable in society, abusing children and babies a norm. I have gay, dear friends that do not shove their lifestyle down my throat and I respect and love them. I am not so sure it is a choice and believe that some are born that way and it is OK just doesn’t appeal to me for me. The sick people and the PTB want to rape & seduce our children and it to be legal and acceptable. The transgender is next. I read that insurance will soon pay for the surgery. Being gay is probably 10% of the population and always has been but transgender is less than 1% and the next to be shoved in our faces. This is one of the reasons the people were placed in the white house with Michelle-Michael and gay Barry. The breakdown of the family, society, morals, religions, etc. is an agenda by the freaks that run this world are attempting to do for their amusement just like fads, styles & movements. It is a sad state of affairs for the next generations.


    • We are all entitled to our opinions. Keep in mind I live in Croatia. This society has slowly altered my way of life and thinking in the last years. That doesn’t mean I felt different before arriving here, it’s just how I see things. I am all for mutual respect for each human, but the bottom line is that we must ask if these aversions are normal and natural. Yes, there are many more gays and lesbians today than ever before, we should be asking why instead of trying to explain why we feel the way we do. It’s great that you’re not confronted by it, I have gay friends too and they know how I feel, but they respect me and I respect them as well. There is a big difference between respect and judgement. I judge no one, I just don’t agree with some things.


      • I am not judging anyone, sorry if it seemed that way. I see a bigger agenda going on and I don’t know if it population control or sheer insanity.

        I agree with everything you said, I feel no desire to scream to the world I am straight either.


        • I believe there is an agenda behind this. There was an agenda behind the feminist movement..look what happened to men after that? We lost our sense of “femininity”, men were confused and didn’t know how to behave, some even fear women. They can’t whistle, they can’t compliment, they can’t touch ….basically that was the whole purpose of the movement to re-define everything we grew up to believe was a tradition and how important family values are. Look at us today. Look at the men turning to being gay and look at the women turning to being Lesbian. Do you think there is a connection? It sure looks like it, but that’s just my observation. I’m a very strong and assertive woman, but I am not a feminist. I love being taken care of, I love having a strong man to lean on and I love being cuddled and nurtured when I’m down. I don’t want to be in control and I don’t want an equal. My partner is not my equal. He’s bigger, taller, stronger, his hormones don’t produce menopause and he is the breadwinner. We are equal in placing the same amount of food on our plates, spending money equally, having all the things we need in life, equal rights to property, but as a man and woman, we are not equals. I don’t want a wuss in my life, I want a powerful man I can feel safe and protected with.


  2. I agree with everything you said. You are lucky to have a powerful man with you. It is getting harder for men to be men with the chemicals they are getting to feminize them.


    • He is powerful, but not healthy. I do my best to keep him alive and I hope that he will live long enough for me to still cradle in his arms when I’m really old. He’s 12 years older than me, but I do enjoy the natural/traditional relationship of being a real woman and him being a real man. The younger generation or my kids generation don’t know about this anymore and as a result, marriages and relationships don’t last long. If a woman can’t feel safe and protected, she will find every excuse to blame everything on the man. I’m sorry to say this, but I see it everyday and I used to be that way when I was younger. Because of my abuse, I wanted to revenge every man that came into my life. I am proud to say that I got over that and enjoy feeling safe and protected. As independent that I am, it has nothing to do with being a feminine woman wanting strength and protection from her partner.


  3. I think the problem with this article is the word natural. Homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality. Homosexuality is an innate characteristic, it is not a learned or acquired behavior. Maybe if this could be understood as fact then people could understand how it’s wrong to deny homosexuals the right to express themselves as they wish and to participate in the same privileges and freedoms heterosexuals are allowed, Just because you have never experienced being born attracted to the same sex does not make homosexuality unnatural. If people could truly experience someone else’s life and feelings I don’t think this divide among sexual preference would exist.

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    • It’s my belief and my value, nobody is asking you to accept it..it’s NOT natural, sorry, if it was then we would not have been created that way where a male had to inseminate a woman to conceive. Our original design was both, we were male and female only because physical sex was not part of our reality, it was after being genetically modified that we were created as male and female. In Genesis, the gods tell Eve after being thrown out of the garden that she would bear incredible pain during birth, because up to then, women didn’t give birth, we energetically created a new being through source. As a psychologist, way back in University, we were then taught it was NOT natural and today, there is much evidence to point towards epigenetics, where only a hormonal imbalance will create a “natural”homosexual, therefore, you are not born with it, it’s a psychological identity crisis and if you do some research you will find that most male homosexuals had very dominant or abuse mothers or put men down…in the end…it matters not what I think, I’m simply sharing my views.


  4. How can someone who is not a homosexual be an authority on homosexuality? From where do you get your notions, your perceptions? And what do you think homosexuals should do, go live in a cave, out of your view? It’s a big world, push over .. we need more room. Room for love, room for compassion, room for unity. Selfish, intolerant people make the world a sick, sad place to live.


    • You are entitled to you views just as I am mine. Do the REAL research. Soon we will be saying it is a mental disorder because there is no cure for it. I treated many inmates in max. Security for murder whos mothers Fucked them up and who believed they were gay because of their mothers. I love everyone and I don’t have to accept it.


  5. You are so lost its unbelievable. You’re simply scared of something that’s different than what you are. No one is “shoving” anything down your throat (even though every anti-gay asshole loves phrasing it that way). Gay people have been classed as second class citizens for decades (and still are in many individual cases) and they want equality and to openly feel proud that they don’t have to stay closeted anymore. Not everyone is heterosexual, deal with it.

    And if you find it offensive watching minor gay PDA then you need to get over yourself, many straight men and women have no issue with it so don’t say that every straight person hates it. Besides most gay couples aren’t going to be passionately making out in public anyways so chill the fuck out. There’s no reason not to except it. It exists and harms no one. No one. Who cares if your children hear or learn about it? There going to see plenty of it the more they get older and it’s not going away. No one is forcing children to watch men have sex.

    There is no “agenda”, another hugely popular word used by people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. The only goal I can think of is equality. Gays are not looking for special rights, just to be treated as human beings who want equal rights.

    And this whole natural/normal thing; normal is a useless word because it can mean different things. Is queerness technically speaking an abnormality? Absolutely, it’s not the majority but the minority. Technically heterosexuality is the mainstream, “normal” sexuality used to reproduce. But why is an abnormality bad? Being left handed is abnormal, being red headed is abnormal, is there anything wrong with those? No. It’s same type of thing. More socially speaking, being gay is normal because it’s being accepted and embraced by millions now more than ever. It’s a variation, it’s not going to end the world (even if every man and woman were gay it still wouldn’t be – gay people are not sterile).

    It is 100% natural as well, it exists in nature and the action of gay sex does not require anything man made to occur. If homosexuality didn’t occur naturally, where/when did it originate from? Anal sex has been practiced for thousands of years by both gay and (gasp) straight people and to this day women do love getting fucked in the ass. And don’t use the lame ass response of “the asshole wasn’t designed to have anything go up it”, if a dick fits up there, you do it right and it gives you pleasure then what’s wrong? Straight and gay people have enjoyed it for years with no issues. Besides for (gay) men the g-spot (prostate) is located up his ass, now why would that be located there if it was intended to give one pleasure, like the female g-spot? I could be coincidental but who cares? The asshole also doesn’t have to have lube for it to be fucked, and in many cases I’ve noticed there is some natural fluid that keeps it moist when the person is sexually excited, in both men and women. Even if lube is required, masturbating also sometimes needs lube and no one calls that unnatural.

    And regarding homosexuality itself, that of course too is natural. There is no “homosexual lifestyle”, that doesn’t even make sense. They don’t have a lifestyle they just live their lives. Gay/bi people are born that way. You yourself even mentioned epigenetics and then say that it’s not really natural and that they aren’t born that way. If it happens in the womb before birth and there is no substances effecting the baby’s differing hormonal exposure then yes it is natural and they were born that way. They are simply born different, with a different wiring in their brain that can’t be changed. Like being a leftie, even if you learn to write with your right hand you are still always left handed. It is not a “psychological identity crisis” and there has never been any legitimate proof to back that up, that’s just what you like to think it is. And the myth of the overbearing mother is bullshit, again, there is nothing to back that up, especially when millions of gay people had loving and nurturing parents and suffered no abuse whatsoever.

    I don’t know if you bring any religion into this but if you do then then you lost the argument if you bring up an ancient, outdated book of fairytales about a non existent deity, talking snakes, pregnant virgins etc. If not then never mind. We weren’t “designed”, we evolved and being gay doesn’t interfere with evolution.

    So when it comes right down to it you are incredibly intolerant and bigoted. You need to understand that gay people are here and they’re not going away. If you seriously feel threatened that they are “redefining” or affecting your traditional and family values then you need your fucking head examined. It’s not insulting your values, it’s just an alternative way of life. Gay people are getting married and having children, how is this interfering with your life in any way? You see same sex couples holding hands and pushing strollers? Oh you poor thing! You need to understand that the two groups of people can coexist and that the gays aren’t trying to overthrow the heterosexual world.

    They aren’t the ones that need to change, it’s people like you that seriously need to.


  6. I do not disagree that the “agenda” is being forced on society at large and I will not try to convince you that homosexuality is morally right…
    However, I am a 37 year old man who is 100% attraction to men and can tell you it is not a choice. I have never kissed, held hands or dated a man and that was my choice but nothing in the world will ever make attracted to a woman. This “choice” that I have made means that at age 37 I have never dated or had sex. I will die alone. That is a life of loneliness I can and never will ask someone to make. This is the choice to which you refer. To love or not. No one simply decides that they want to begin dating the same sex one day (as if they are morally corrupt heathens). To suggest that is ignorant. And I am glad that kids these days are able to see that there are other people like them so that they do not grow up feeling depressed, alone and wanting to kill themselves daily the way I did. Normally, people can find comfort in their church, but not homosexuals because people like you vilify us and make blank statements that you know nothing about.


    • I know nothing about being homosexual or gay, I simply state my opinions. I respect your choices or your attraction to other men. Your attraction to men doesn’t make it normal though, but then what is normal? Are we to use the bible as a guide? What do we use as a guide as to what is normal or natural? I can accept that there may be some hormonal imbalance that might have you feel the way you do, but forgive me if I don’t understand it. To me it’s not normal or natural and if god wanted it that way, would he not made us both? This male female life is difficult at best for everyone because we are told how to behave. So, what is normal and who determines that? We certainly can’t use the bible as a guide because the god in that bible is a nasty SOB. I didn’t mean to offend anyone who has homosexual tendencies, but I also won’t apologize for my views. As for me not knowing…I don’t know.I can understand but as a psychologist it leads to question this and no, I don’t have the answers to this.


  7. I’m not offended by anything you’ve said and agree that you should be free to have your own opinion. It doesn’t affect me.
    I actually agree that homosexuality seems “abnormal” but ONLY from a Judeo/Christian perspective. That is what has kept me celibate. From any other perspectivecits simply biology. I can’t imagine why there would be moral judgements associated with it outside of those contexts because my dogs have gay sex daily. Females with females, males with males, even females on males!
    I have had my hormones tested many times and there have never been abnormalities and I have seen psychiatrists and counselors who insist it is normal and innate. If you had ANY capacity for empathy -to understand the burden of living as a gay man or woman – you would understand that no one would CHOOSE this life for themselves. If I could have simply chosen to be “normal” I would have.
    SIDENOTE: My two gay uncles (married 20 years now) adopted two Romanian orphans and one American newborn and those kids are better educated, well adjusted and happy than many of my friends who come from broken homes. I can’t say whether a traditional family is ideal but those two orphans are WORLDS away from the orphanage in which they found.


    • What is important is not what I think or anyone, what is important is that you are happy and accept yourself for who and what you are. I understand that society breaks down the good and bad because experts like us ” say so”, but the truth is: Nobody knows what goes on the mind of man, even man himself at times can’t understand himself. Personally, I don’t see homosexuality as natural or normal but then nobody has yet been able to prove either side is correct or normal. I hope you can find yourself in all of this and not feel you need to justify who you are. I wish you all the best. Nobody can understand and know your situation and anyone that says they do, is lying or just trying to appease you. Only you know what you are going through. Stand tall and proud of who you are, those that can’t accept you, get rid of them from your life even if that means your family and closest. You don’t need their toxic judgement.


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