Wilde – Understanding Time

Within the Universal Law, there is no time.

Things are in a state of gradual evolvement. A tree has no concept of time because its essence is eternal. It responds to the warmth of the sun, but it is not “in time.” It develops from seed, expanding gradually to full maturity, and so it is with the Universal Law.

It can deliver instantly, but if your energy is not all there, it will seem to you as if it has taken time. You have to learn patience and keep moving toward your goal, knowing that your thought form will be manifest.

If you are moving toward one particular miracle, and a different avenue opens unexpectedly, take it. The Universal Law delivers in strange ways, and what you think you desire may just be your way of expressing a totally different goal.

A good friend of mine wanted more than anything else to be a film director. He graduated from film school in London but found that he could not get any work because of a technical complication. To work in films in England at that time, you had to have a union card. But you could not get a union card unless you were working. In effect, the union created a “closed shop.” My friend’s miracle was stuck!

One day, out of the blue, he bumped into an old school friend who owned a restaurant, and due to his financial straits, he gladly accepted a job as a waiter. Working hard each day, he spent his spare time watching films and keeping his dream alive through study. Each day at noon, a well-dressed old man came into the restaurant.

My friend served him diligently, and over the months the two of them became friends. One day my friend asked the old man what he did for a living. The old man replied that he was just about to retire from a job he had held for many years.

“What job is that?” asked my friend. “Oh! It’s pretty boring, really,” replied the old man, “I am president of the film-maker union …not much even happens.”

Fifteen years later, I was flying across the United States lazily watching an “in flight” movie when, to my great delight, I saw my friend’s name on the credits of a major film. His miracle had been delivered.

When you move into an energy alignment, you can never tell what will happen. Watch for signs, use your feelings to help you decide, and if, after that, you are still not sure, do nothing.

If a direction is right, you will know it automatically. If, however, making up your mind requires you to go through great trials and tribulations, you can be sure that that particular course is not the one for you. Basically, it is well to remember that if you have to ponder a decision, it is usually a mistake. When the Universal Law delivers, you will know.

Start your miracle list with a couple of modest requests. Then, as you experience the Universal Law delivering, you will feel the power of success around you, and that in itself becomes a valuable affirmation.

Each time you re-organize your list, spend a few moments thinking about how well your last miracles worked.

Affirm your power by visualizing your success, then, as you accomplish one miracle after another, you will have the confidence to go to other things.

© 2015 Stuart Wilde


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