The Pleiadians are always mentioned in my life ever since the 90’s. For starters, the day I entered my favorite New Age bookstore sometimes in 1991 or 1992, I had an opportunity to have a reading with a well known Psychic. In exchange for the reading, all I had to do was buy her book. That 45 minute reading changed my life. In fact, it was that day that I started to re-think and re-consider my NDE experience. 10 years prior to this reading, I had given birth to my son and during the C-Section, complication came about, my heart stopped and I was clinically dead for 12 minutes.

That day I purchased a book by Barbara Marciniak “Bringers of The Dawn” because the Psychic said I was from the Pleiadies. Heck, I had no clue where that was or what that was. The psychic knew my past and present, I had no choice but to believe the future. She had it down 100% and I realized many years later that she was an incredible Akashic Records reader. She had direct access to the records, she spoke directly at me without a pause and she was right about my future too. What does that tell us? Does it mean we have come from the future? Does it mean we can change timelines? Does it mean we have already played out our life and are now physically experiencing it?

That day she told me that over my right shoulder was my Healing guide, a native Indian with a leather pouch filled with lavender and that he would guide me when I needed help. I am a healer and the island that I live on is abundant in Lavender. She told me over my left shoulder was my Literate guide. I was going to write a book and it would change lives. I have written that book, it’s on my PC and it needs to get revamped because many things have changed since I wrote that 3 years ago.

Many years later, I met a Dr. Chappiallone through Jeff Rense’s website, we communicated for a while and he had asked for my picture. He wrote back that I had Pleiadian eyes.

Nothing happens accidentally, everything has purpose even when we think that it doesn’t make sense at that time, but listening and following to our intuition will never take us off the road. It’s when we start questioning that first thought that we end up analyzing and if we feel is not logical or the timing is not right or too fast or too slow, we change course only to find out later that first thought was the correct answer or decision.

My first action when logging on is RT News, checking my Gmail account and once I have heard the news, I will then go to YouTube and watch the latest Suspicious Observers series. While I am doing that, suggested sites are always listed. The video below was one of those. There was a reason for it and I didn’t question or analyze, as I don’t do that anymore in my life. If an opportunity presents itself, I go for it because I know there is a reason for it.

Barbara Marciniak and her books fulfilled a lot of my curiosity and questions. Although her telepathic communications with this group has lasted over 30 years, I don’t keep up with her messages, in fact, I have never been to her website. This video today was the first I had seen in many years, so far, the messages never disappoint. From the first book to today, I have rarely questioned anything in the messages and I was so happy to hear what they had to say at this Sedona 2015 Seminar. I trust what they have to say, I have never had reason not to trust. It’s a long video and if you don’t have time, then I would suggest to listen to the latter half of the video as it has some important information. The 2nd half of the video is questions and answers, some I would have asked if I was there as well.

Enjoy this message and lessons, I sure did and it has only confirmed what I have known to be my reality all these years. It feels good to know that following my intuition and being connected with my higher self has led me down the road to wisdom, truth and an incredible reward after ending this life time. With gratitude I am prepared for all that is to come knowing it is necessary, knowing it is what we planned and knowing that all of us who are here now are the chosen ones who will in their vast lifetimes experiences have the wisdom to endure, be patient, not fear and feel that childish excitement like waiting for your parents to come home from a long trip because you know they will bring gifts.

Enjoy the video.


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