Tell This To The Next Idiot Who Thinks You’re “Unpatriotic”

“And for anyone who truly cares to defend your country from its domestic enemies, starving the beast is one of the most powerful tools you have available.”

Comment: Below is the partial post that caught my eye. How often do I write about starving the beast? Often. His quote only reminded me how much money we spend in things because we have been brainwashed into thinking we need it. Ask anyone who has watched his house collapse or torn down by a tornado and they will tell you that at first glance it was devastating to see how their whole life just vanished. After a while, when they start collecting the broken glass, smeared family photos and whatnot, they realized how much useless junk they accumulated.

Moving to Croatia taught me to live with less. From a high end apartment in the most expensive part of town, Yaletown Vancouver to a third world country where I could not yet buy a Microwave Oven in 2004, I didn’t miss it. 10 years later, my closets contain only clothes that I need and wear, it takes me 2 hours to cook meals because I cook from scratch, and my garbage is minimized to only packaging because I recycle everything.

As for the main subject about being a Patriot. I don’t see myself as a Patriot at all. We don’t belong to any country, we were placed in countries and taught to behave like a country. We are all ONE, borders were created to herd us like cows and control us easier. I am here in my country of birth because I left Canada as it was becoming a police state and I was given “energy information” to leave and come here. I can’t explain how I got this information, all I know is that I needed to be here. I would never return to Canada, seeing what it has become since I left, this is where I belong for now. Would I defend and die for this country? Hell no. Nothing is worth dying for and certainly not a country created by the controllers to herd us in smaller pastures so they can control and manage us easier. It’s another illusion, created for those that believe they should take up arms and fight for the Controllers.

Croatia has 450,000 Veterans, yet a population of 4.5 Million. Many of them are dissatisfied because they are not getting the benefits and are demanding it. I don’t agree with their actions. Those that volunteered to get shot up defending their country have no business asking for payment. That’s like me coming to your house, offering to clean it for you and on my way out asking to get paid. If everyone on both sides put their arms down, or refused to fight, there would be no wars. I am not a Patriot. I love my people, I love the country I was born in, but I would not die for it. The only reason I would consider giving up my life would be for my children, nothing and nobody else.

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