I finally deciphered a lucid dream I experienced a few night ago. I was in a reality where  I woke up in a field and saw nothing but fog around me. I didn’t remember how I got there and why I was sleeping in that field. Then I noticed the fog lifting from ground up, a path was showing itself slowly as the fog lifted. I got up and started to follow the path, not knowing where it would lead me, but I just knew it was a path I had to follow. As I walked, flowers just popped out of the ground with smiling faces and each flower bowed to me as I passed it. I thought “Is this what Alice in Wonderland felt when she fell into the rabbit hole?”. The view in front of me expanded even further and all I could see was flowers coming out of the ground and the fog was lifting higher and higher. Once I saw the blue sky, a rainbow appeared in front of me but under the rainbow was a huge opening. This opening reminded me of smoke rings. If you’re a smoker then you know what I’m talking about. I stood there looking at the opening wondering how I was going to get through it since it was so high up. I thought; “Maybe I can just wish myself there”, and no sooner did I think that, I woke up.

When I look at the events going on the last few days, I realized that the lucid experience into a reality I was familiar with, perhaps one of my soul fragments is experiencing the future, but the message is now clear. The fog is lifting, the veil is lifting, we have access to more information, energies are coming in much faster and those of us that are awakened from this control matrix are finally seeing this endgame as being the last part of our journey here.

The current fire in Kiev is a diversion from the killings. It’s intended to divert attention to the fire and population of Kiev, I also saw Fire extinguishing planes flying over and a huge area on fire. Is it possible that the Russians will come and help? I’m not predicting, just sharing my dreams, but something great is going to happen. A phoenix will rise from the ashes. Could these be the ashes of Kiev burning?

Stay tuned!



  1. Ines, you have just seen our new future. I had the same vision some 40 odd years ago, in mine I was interacting with all that was around me. The flowers i told them that they looked so beautiful, they then blushed and gave off the most beautiful scent that you could envision. I then was led to a large arena in which a pianist was performing the most beautiful concert that I could hear and see. Yes see, while he played the music rose into the air as glowing rainbow forms that moved in time with his playing. The rainbow energy generated intense emotional feeling within, that connected one to the feelings of the pianist as he played. It was as it I was one with the music as it was generated. I call that place the interactive garden, because that is how it operates. You are extremely blessed to have been given that vision. It will never leave you. Blessed be, Your Friend John.

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    • Hope it happens soon sister, it’s getting weird in your face destruction. This is the part where we have to persevere and just know it is ending soon. these souls are leaving in thousands right now, they have done their work and left. Although it may see horrific to the mortal way of thinking or 3D thinking, as humans we have a hard time seeing this but as beings of light, we are just completing our missions.


  2. Ines, the fire represents the cleaning process that the planet must go through. It could possibly be a war scenario or a spiritual fire. I feel that it will be a combination of both. Many have to leave their physical form to be removed from the planet. most will never be allowed back. The rest will be back and be able to see the re-generated garden of eden. That is what your vision represents. We must go through death to be reborn, this process will take place in full concious awareness. This is what ascention is all about. In the new garden our thought process interacts with the reality that we are surrounded with. The garden itself, ie Gaia, will feed us the knowledge required for us to be able to manipulate our reality in accord with the divine will. Hence Sophia, the conection to source, will give is the wisdom needed to use our new found skills correctly. When we finally pass our spiritual exams and get our degree. We will then be free to explore the rest of creation at will, and leave our earth behind. Our earth is the spiritual kindergarten for souls. We haven’t even got to kindy yet, let alone be anywhere near the completion of our ascention journey. There are no ascended masters, only decended ones. They are the Pleuroma, who are here in physical form and will be the mentors that help us through this process. We have been told that the next destruction will not be flood, but fire. And so it will be. This process will become known as the age of the Phoenix. Blessed be, John. ps: keep you mind on the garden, and the fire will pass you by.


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