It’s worth watching and click on CC for title in English. This woman is impeccable in her language and ways of communicating. Although this is not something new for me, I have always believed that the holocast was an invention to keep more control over whatever it is they wanted to control. For those of us that are NOT German, we can swallow this truth somehow and accept it, but if you are German or of German decent, your life would not be what it is today, especially those Germans that immigrated during and after WWII. Imagine, as a German nation carrying the guilt and taking responsibility, compensating for it financially. This is why laws were created to make it illegal to speak about it, the truth about this event would change everything we ever thought to be true.

This must get out, whether you believe it or not, people have the right to see this and make their own judgements about it. Hundreds of holocast deniers have been and still are imprisoned because they dared to research and find truth in their research. We owe it to them as truth seekers to help them in our acceptance that perhaps, the Holocast after all, was just another illusion created for purposes of enslaving the human race.

Questions now are being posed about Israel, about secret testing of dirty bombs, questioning Israel’s denial of not having weapons of mass destruction or nuclear weapons. This is another awakening, people are finally finding the courage to go against the Goliath, whether we can call Israel that or not, it’s not the people rather the government and society of controllers. It’s time to question Israel, it’s time to boycott everything coming from them, it’s time to starve the war machine and it all starts with Israel.

Pass on share please, you owe it to humanity.


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