Total Chaos and Madness

I have been sitting here trying to come up with a title for this post, as you can see, it’s total chaos and madness. The difference between 1 year ago and today is that I see it for what it is and don’t react, but it’s unbelievable. I see through every word, every gesture, every announcement, every news briefing.

Where do I start? How about chemtrails? My vegetables are deforming, plants that grow double flowers joined together. Tomato plants that grow one stalk with 2 leaves? How about zucchini plants growing male and female flowers conjoined? We can’t eat out on the deck anymore, the flies don’t just sit on you, they bite, they are aggressive and chase me.

We are in the process of re-applying stucco to the house and had to remove a few bug screens. Well, I have had to close all the windows and when I do need to go outside, quickly open and close the door so that the flies don’t rush in. They have become predatory insects and I am sure that Enki or whoever seeded this planet, created insects that would do us harm. These insects such as flies, mosquitoes and plant bugs that eat the stems were not intended for our benefit rather serve as something to annoy us, scare us, frustrate us and cause us to be on edge at all times. They serve no purpose in nature other than to bite us. I can’t even keep dog and cat food in dishes because they drop eggs within minutes of leaving the food out.

This is just nature, chemtrails are so widespread today that they blocked the sun within 2 hours of spraying. Madness!

We can go to FIFA, 47 wars going on as I write this, not counting the agenda to destroy Russia before it can stop peace from happening. They are freaking out, they are desperate because they know we are catching on and so before they go down they will take as many as they can.

I’m calm, actually, I’m having a challenging time with my daughter in Vancouver B.C. She refuses to get a Geiger counter, she’s trying to pin the “paranoia” on me by telling me that I am being paranoid and that she doesn’t want to talk about it. For years now I have backed off when she would write something like that. Today, I said NO. You either deal with it, talk to me about it or don’t write back. She’s constantly sick, she doesn’t want to find out why and she’s a stepmother to two young girls that have the right to know what is going on. She writes that she is responsible and that I don’t have a right to interfere. Excuse me????? So, you’re saying that you are responsible for 2 small children but if there is a chance there is radiation and it’s harming them that I have no right to interfere? Who is crazy and paranoid here? She may not write for a long time, that is her way of dealing with truths she can’t fathom, but I’m willing to take the risk and she may never understand why because she refuses to get a Geiger counter and prove me wrong.

Yes, the madness is taking one step further into oblivion but we can’t do anything about it. It has to play itself out. Humanity is going to wake up just because I said they should. We have done this for years now, writing and talking about what is going on and those that didn’t want to hear will continue to not want to hear; this is why this madness will go to another level and keep getting worse until everyone wakes up. It has to happen, we’re like alcoholics hitting rock bottom, there is no way but up after that.

Don’t waste your precious time getting angry and frustrated at what is happening. It has to be  this way. We all chose this time and place to be here. What you need to do now is focus on your higher self and ask that you can remember who you are, ask to be connected to source if you’re not already. Our connection to source is what must happen, as long as we are disconnected, we can’t radiate with divine love. This is our reality that we created, so that we could find out how long it would take to return to Source. It all looks very ugly and scary and if you’re like me, you can see it clearly. I don’t even have a tolerance for most people now especially those that wear Prada Sunglasses and think they are cool. Give me a break.

There are kids on this planet that have never seen what a cup of milk looks like, never mind tasted it. It’s time to stop being polite and patient, it’s time to call it what it is, madness and chaos.

People around us are going mad as well. People you thought you were good and kind just going nuts over night, losing their bearings so to speak, it’s all part of the breaking down and rebuilding process. It’s all about the ending and each day gets madder and crazier. Let it go and live your life according to your knowledge you have gained over the years. The signs are all here now so get ready, store some food and water, if you can afford it; buy a bug out bag and just be ready for the worse and hope for the best. I do believe that once things get really scary that we will have divine intervention to lift us back to Source so to speak. Don’t fear this, it has to happen and stay away from the crazies even if they are your family.

I have been so busy with work, my book, clients, the house and garden that I just don’t have time to sit down and write very much lately. My partner can’t do any work outside anymore so I have taken a huge load and I don’t mind, I love being outside in the yard working. Now that the heat is here, 33C today, I stay indoors until around 5 p.m. and then head out to work again. I literally have to plaster myself with clothes and bug sprays because the mosquitoes are aggressive and penetrate clothing to suck blood, just unbelievable. We have never had this happen here and because we don’t know what these pests carry anymore, you really have to protect yourself even if that means spraying chemicals on your body. Choose the lesser of evils at this point but getting poked with who knows what kind of GMO or virus is not something I’m prepared to risk anymore. The countdown is now folks, they are hitting us from all sides.

Be good, take care of yourselves, leave those behind that can’t see, you now must help yourselves. Will try to write again soon.

Be blessed

This is


5 thoughts on “Total Chaos and Madness

  1. Sounds like you really have your hands full right now Ines! I was wondering where you went. ❤
    I HATE mosquitoes! I am allergic to them and swell up like a balloon. They seem to be worse here also.
    Seems we are dealing with many of the same issues.
    Hang tough sis! The next few months should be a real test for us all.


    • Hey sis, been thinking about you and was going to write tonight! Not complaining at all, time is just flying literally!


  2. Ines, we picked up in our recent meditation the words kill, kill, kill. Further on the words changed into Satan, Satan, Satan. We were then told that that was because the public had to have something to blame for their misery. Because Satan doesn’t exist, only as an indoctrined belief, most are not aware that it is they themselves that are to blame for allowing the deception all around to control their belief system. So it will be their own beliefs that will take them out. The spiritual collective that you and I know is our only hope, does not exist amoung the masses as they believe in their deception which is a false hope. When the fight amoung the deceptors reaches it’s climax, and they kill each other off in their hope for world domination, May the last one standing be buried alive in insanity. Will they ever learn?. NO!, they have run out of time. Your friend John.


  3. Hi Ines,

    I totally agree that we are in a time of madness, and empathize with what you are going through with your daughter. I see the same disconnect going on here, even worse to be honest. I work as a biologist at a lab in Sacramento, California and these chemtrails are not only quite visible but they directly affect my work. I do fish testing using river water from the Sacramento river, and the water kills the fish. I researched what might be doing this and saw that aluminum in the water can kill fish in the ways I was seeing, so I asked our lab to look at the samples I was using and test for aluminum and guess what: it is there, it is 100 times normal levels and it is sporadic – only showing after times when I noticed planes in the sky.

    You would think that would be enough to convince my coworkers of the fact this is happening, but even seeing this evidence they don’t believe it; taking them outside to see the planes spraying they say it is ‘normal’; watching the dust cover their cars as it falls they say it is ‘just pollen!!’ They can not face reality. People can’t face their beliefs and admit they are wrong (cognitive dissonance), and they just can’t believe that anyone would ever be so evil as to spray all living things to kill it all off. So you are right: all you can do right now is take care of yourself, and be there to help if someone asks – but that’s all.

    I have a good friend who just moved to Seattle, and I told him of my results and he told me in no uncertain terms to never bother him with any of this again, it isn’t happening, I am delusional – and he has not written me since. Your daughter is close to there, and apparently acting the same way, the same as my coworkers. This makes me wonder if there is also some kind of mind control going on here, something that doesn’t affect me somehow but it imprisons everyone else’s minds. So, be easy on your daughter – it might not be all her doing. I will pray that she and everyone we know wakes up soon – and I believe as you said that they will. The hundredth monkey has been found, it will happen!!

    Take care Ines, this will all end soon, and those of us who remain sane will be badly needed when it is all over…




    • thanks Anthony…and thanks for understanding…I think many of us that see the truth are frustrated because we are not trying to convince, we are trying to help them.


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