I think many people will be offended by Mark’s definition of Satanism. According to him, a person that thinks solely about himself, that is only interested in his own well being, and will do whatever it takes regardless of who gets hurt or in the way is a Satanist. Well, good thing I’m not one but I will leave you reader to decide and discern if this sits with you vibrationally.

After listening to this video, I have seriously started to consider stop eating meat. I am not a big meat eater, in fact if I was alone I would not be eating it all but my partner loves meat and I am too lazy to prepare 2 different meals. There is no reason for me to eat meat, I have a garden full of organic vegetables and therefore, have decided to wean myself off completely.

Mark has many good points about eating meat, it is not defined in the bible, we do not have dominion over them, we are not encouraged to eat meat and we should not be killing animals. We also need to define that much better. How do I avoid killing harmful insects and rats that serve no purpose in nature and some of them actually cause harm to humans. Mosquitoes for instance serve nothing at all, they don’t pollinate, don’t recycle products of nature and feed off blood, lately they even pass on diseases to us.
There are insects such as worms and different insects that break down materials in nature to humus and compost. Bees pollinate and produce honey, wax and other products so we do have species of insects and mammals that do not give us any benefits at all.
The current state of animals such as being separate from humans, being treated differently has not always been that way. I believe that they too are no longer in the original design and purpose. They were together with us, we had no reason to fear attacks. We all cohabited together, each species knowing it’s place within the divine design of things.
Today, we carry weapons when going into wilderness to protect ourselves from wolves,  bears, tigers and other carnivore species. There are many venomous snakes and spiders, venomous fish species etc. How and when things changed I don’t know but I am sure it was not originally set up for us to fear animals. I read somewhere that Anu and Enki played around in the laboratories creating different forms of life and purposely designed living organisms that would create fear and trauma in us.

Our original design was about higher dimensional living and communicating telepathically with the animal kingdom. Language was invented much later because we lost our telepathic abilities to communicate with each other including the animals.
It makes sense why writing started only centuries ago and before that it started with symbols and pictures.

As we devolved into lower dimensional beings, language had to be developed so that we could talk to each other, it would then be logical that when we could no longer communicate telepathically with animals; both sides lost trust in each other and eventually a physical separation occurred, a line was drawn between us and them. Or, it’s possible that our creators/genetic manipulators imposed some kind of separation so that we would fear the animals.
Mark Passio has come a long way in a short time. In other words; he’s only recently in the last few years received attention for his work. Although I do support most of his arguments, theories and ideology; a word he uses quite often, I do find him rough around the edges in his approach. Maybe it’s what we need for those of us that are awake, it’s great to see someone use that approach, but for those that are just waking up; it can scare the crap out of them.
Satanism as defined by Mark is fine by me but I don’t think it’s meaning today and actual practice of it are different.
According to this site:; Satanism means something I always believed it to be. If you look it up in Wikipedia it has a similar definition. Mark gives a lot to think about and I particularly stopped to consider this statement he says in this video: “We like things just the way they are otherwise we would change it”. He relates this to many people that cannot accept their responsibility in creating this mess so it must mean that we like things the way they are. If we don’t like things according to Mark, then then we would change it, but I don’t agree with him that we’re not making an effort to change what we don’t like, therefore we must like them that way.

If we had this information about our real past and origin 50 years ago assuming we were ready like we are today, we would not be here writing and reading about it, but it’s only the last 20 years the truth movement has come together and made an impact on our society. It’s not that simple to change something if we don’t like it, it takes a unified effort.

Here is an example: I don’t like the fact that Croatia now has a law that requires mandatory vaccinations. This is not just for children but if the Health Ministry declares a certain vaccine mandatory, everyone is required to receive it. I don’t like this, it’s fascist, actually worse than fascist, it’s legalized genocide through vaccines but I can’t change that alone.

For Mark to say that we must like it that way because we’re not doing anything to change that, is a bit extreme. This is how I understood him, he’s not talking about things in our lives, he’s talking about our current global condition. I will refuse the vaccine if it’s mandated and do my utmost to avoid it, but I alone can’t change the law.

If you are not happy about something that you CAN change, then change it, but to say that you must like something because you’re not changing it makes this sound like we have control over everything and we don’t. There are many situations or conditions in our lives where we simply can’t fix, change, replace or overthrow.

I don’t like the fact that my partner takes a lot of prescription drugs that are not curing his illness. In fact, he is getting worse each day. How do I change that? 1. Throw all the pills in the trash? 2. Yell and scream for him to stop? 3. Threaten to leave him if he doesn’t stop? 4. Leave him?

The above are all options/choices but not ones that I want to exercise because I’m not the one that is the problem, he is not my problem, he is doing this to himself. I don’t like it, I don’t like the fact millions of people choose to do the same, but I can’t change that. This issue is a personal choice, these people for whatever reason chose this. Actually, it’s not my job to change this problem.

So, Mark needs to break down “I like this because I’m not doing anything to change this”- statement. It’s vague, general and impossible to implement in many cases.

Our current planetary condition requires us all to work together and as I wrote many months ago about separation, it’s not possible. Hell most people are not even aware of the fact that humanity has been purposely separated, divided and fractured through religion, education, race, false history etc. To get to that point of changing our paradigm, we first have to know everything was designed to get us here.

Most people still believe protests will change something.

Protesting against police brutality is a valid exercise but it’s not productive because the Controllers knew it would happen so they militarized law enforcement. We cannot protest peacefully, it doesn’t work anymore. What crowds need to do is United march to the police stations and show force in numbers.

The only thing that will stop anything we do not like or no longer want to tolerate is to come together in numbers and let them know that we know that we are the majority.
Sadly, Mark’s ideology sounds great but I would love to hear him present us with solutions on how to unify together and then in the millions DEMAND change, DEMAND resignations, demand our rights be returned to us. They know we are powerless in the thousands, a protest in NYC can easily amass a few million people and together in numbers demand what they want, give the controllers time to do it and threaten with sanctions if not done.

How do we do this? Does anyone have solutions? I agree with Marks’ ideology about not eating meat, not killing animals. As written earlier, I am going to make that commitment to stop completely but I cannot NOT kill living beings if they are harming me or causing damage. I’m not accepting a ONE law for all animals. I can’t let insects or birds or rats to eat my vegetables so I have to get rid of them. If I let all living organisms live, I will not have food to harvest.

This goes back to my discussion about living organisms being placed on this planet that is not for our benefit or have any value on this planet. I don’t know how we can draw the line to where we can say “do not kill any living organisms unless it’s in our self defense”.

Surely Mark is not going to allow a bear to attack him while taking a hike into the wilderness? I seriously doubt that he would just stand there and not defend himself unless he can communicate with animals.

Marks’ ideals, concepts and ideology is immersed in logic but how do we implement the changes is something that nobody has come forward with. I’m questioning Mark’s motives. Anyone can come up with a great idea or concept, but it has no value if we can’t realize it or put it into action. We all have creative ideas, but the reality is that we are fractured and divided globally. If just 10% of us can come together, we have outnumbered our controllers and the only way to stop us at that point is to bomb the hell out of us, EMP us or some other mass weapons of destruction, but if they did that, then I can assure you 90% of the rest would stand up to them.

Who wants to throw the first stone? Is that our only solution and do you think that we will ever get to that 10%?

These questions are put out in response to this video, but I don’t see the change happening that way because I think it’s too late, no matter how many of us and how fast we unify, they have the weapons and what better excuse to use them when they already planned to rid 2/3 of the population?

I believe that humanity cannot change it’s current condition through peaceful protests or any other method and that we must trust our planetary mother and divine intervention; ask them for help. If anyone has an idea how we can manage to gather 10% of the world’s population into awareness of what is going on and creating an action plan, put it out there because I have not come across or read any solutions pointing into that direction.

I respect Mark’s work, I love his passion and his ideology, a phrase he uses very often in his work, but what he’s got is just great ideas, great concepts and great logic. I don’t see any great solutions and that begs the question to Mark: “Great work, but how do we make change happen?”.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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