Our reality and existence can be compared to a nameless cake recipe.

Let’s play along and you will see just how it sounds so logical. Before I go into the recipe, duality exists for various reasons, but one significant factor is that we incarnated onto this planet with no memories of who we are, where we came from or any of our previous lives as Souls. Whether we chose that or not is irrelevant, fact remains we were born into this world and the first breath we took was an automatic survival function; most everything after that had to be learned.

In order to recognize light we had to know what darkness was, in order to understand or recognize anger we had to know the opposite. We were given some clues about us but basically we are here trying to figure out who we are, where we came from, why we are here etc.

It’s like this: I have a recipe for Strawberry cobbler, I being Source. I present you with the ingredients: sugar, flour, baking power, butter, strawberries, salt and vanilla extract and tell you this recipe makes one type of dessert and you have to figure it out.

Flour can be white, brown, sifted or not, it can be stale or whatever, but all you get is flour. You need to figure out the same for the rest of the ingredients.

100 years ago we knew or believed that God existed as an aging old man with a bear sitting on clouds, 50 years later we figured out in order to get close to god, we had to find the missing link, knowing god existed wasn’t enough, we wanted to know who this god was so we started exploring and today we have pretty well found the ingredients: We are souls, certain aliens came here and messed with our DNA, we are not the original body suit, our history and existence goes back millions of years and not 5000 years. We now see ourselves as Souls occupying a body rather than a body with a Soul.
We collected all the ingredients for the recipe but we can’t get the right recipe. Some are baking strawberry cupcakes, strawberry muffins, strawberry loaf and so on, but has anyone figured out yet it’s a Cobbler?

Is Yellow Rose For Texas making the recipe, or Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, is Michael Tsarion or Gerald Clark correct about their recipe? Does anyone have the right answer and how do we know?

You see, my flour may not be sifted, your salt may be Himalayan instead of table salt and since we can’t even identify with our higher selves because we have no recollection of it, we could be creating a false reality based on what we believe to be true, what others tell us is fact or based on our experiences.

How do I know I am connected to my higher self? If I don’t remember what it’s like, how can I be sure I am connected to me? How can I be sure that I’m not connecting with an entity pretending to be my higher self? I know it’s benevolent, it’s loving, patient and has all the knowledge but how do I feel it if I don’t remember anything about it?

Long ago, before they started to play with our DNA, we had 12 active DNA strands, we were all one meaning mind, body, soul and higher self. As our DNA was tampered with over time, we lost our gifts and the body could no longer contain our high frequency higher self and a separation occurred.

Over time, the connection between soul and higher self disconnected for longer periods, and today with all the abuse done to us such as EMF, EMP, chemtrails, fluoride, DU weapons, radiation, implants and mind control, most of us can’t recognize higher self.

So, in front of us on the table are the ingredients for the Strawberry Cobbler with differences and those are ingredient varieties. Source didn’t specify what type of flour, whether it was white or brown sugar needed. The recipe asks for flour but we might use unsifted or old flour or wholewheat flour or rice flour. All of these ingredients determine YOUR Cobbler, your reality and I believe the trick is getting out of here is that we all bake the Cobbler, once we figure out the recipe, we will finally be able to open the door or graduate.

We are awakened in the millions, we all have the ingredients in front of us, we still need to figure out what the recipe is for. I have a pie dish, muffin pan, casserole and cookie sheet and now must figure out which one to use.

Source gave us a Simple Strawberry Cobbler recipe, it sounds simple doesn’t it, but Source said: “Flour”, it didn’t tell us what kind of flour, as a matter of fact, it didn’t tell us about any ingredient because we would have rushed to make the recipe and not take the time to use different flour varieties or sugar varieties. We simply would have created the Cobbler and not focus on the experience of getting there or trying different variations of the recipe.

The ingredients given can make many dishes/desserts, but Source wanted us to create a perfect Strawberry Cobbler and that meant experimenting with different brands and textures, flavors and aromas, that would give us a few million years to play and figure out.

It wasn’t the final product that we came to create, it was the experience of getting there and knowing how to create it. You see, I made my first strawberry cobbler last night because we got tired of eating fresh strawberries with whipped cream every night. As I was indulging in the caramelized crispy topping melting in my mouth, my partner says: “It’s too sweet for me”.

I used the ingredients called for in the recipe. How do I know he is right? I don’t. I never made this before, our taste buds are different, our realities are different, so I came to the conclusion that we will never make that perfect Cobbler, it doesn’t exist and Source never expected us to figure it out. Source needed to express itself. It had the recipe, it had the ingredients, but being in energy form it could not create something from matter, so it gave us the adventure of finding the ingredients and figuring out what the ingredients were intended for.

My Cobbler will never taste the same no matter how many times I use the recipe because 1 grain of salt more or less, 1 strawberry over ripened and 1 degree hotter oven makes the difference.

Source knows this too, and after we have made our first Cobbler, we learned that it will never be duplicated again, that each Cobbler will look and taste different and once we figure that out, we are ready for our next adventure.

Personally, the recipe was too easy and I’m ready for a more challenging recipe, it’s almost time to put on your graduation gowns, there are 1.7 million results for the best Strawberry Cobbler on google. Go figure.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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