Freedom, Death and the Past

I know that Ina is going to resent me for posting this and writing my feelings on this but I can’t help myself. This post is not about the politics, I abhor them, they are phony, they are staged events, they are pre-planned in the back and then presented to us in a way that we will believe what these phony so called puppet politicians have to say. They play the roles, they lay the wreaths, they take their 1 minute of silence and give us the impression that they truly feel in their hearts.

This is done to us by keeping us living in the painful past. I am not dishonoring all those that have died or have given their lives for something they believed in, but I am dishonoring those that insist that we should live in the past especially if we are not learning from it. The past is a lie, we have been fed lies upon lies about our past, therefore, how can we learn lessons from a past that is not true? By keeping us in the past we are constantly feeling sadness and pain, it’s a food for those that need our energy. Each soul has served it’s purpose, who would be crazy to come here and not know what they are up against? We all know this, of course unless you are a Catholic and believe in a an old bearded god who supports men and downgrades women. No, our past is not to be thrown in our faces, it’s gone, it’s done, it’s finished. We need to look ahead, create a new future and leave this pain  behind. Again, I do not mean to dishonor all those that have died or who have died fighting for their truth and ideals, I’m simply saying, let it go and move on. Our past is wrong, it’s been rigged, we have been lied to, the wars didn’t start the way you have been told, therefore, you can’t even learn from this past because it’s false reality. Each soul came here to do something, it did it’s job and it left. Let’s move on.

Until we all wake up and realize this is a staged event created for us to believe the past matters, nothing will change. I am sick and tired of waking up to some Day of the Dead, Day of the War, Day of the Winning the War, Day of Liberation, Day of Joining EU and losing ALL of our freedoms.  How many more ridiculous days do we need to fill the human mind with so much trauma and sadness?

This woman, she’s not a Patriot, she’s not even a President. She is a NATO paid puppet and I said this long before she was voted in. She is not here for our greater good, she is here to lead OUR NATO troops into soon to be Balkan Wars, so that we can create more DEAD DAY Commemorations for all those that served and gave their lives for a phony democracy. No sooner did we become a sovereign state, our politicians thought it was a great idea to become a puppet to someone again and here we are, in the EU going nowhere state of endless poverty.


5 thoughts on “Freedom, Death and the Past

  1. On no, Ines, I won’t resent you or anybody – resentment is an emotion that tears away at peace of mind, calmness of te heart and no one deserves to take that away from me so I do not feel resentment when it comes to politics especially. I see politics as a conglomerate of different ideas and tricks and the ones that get most votes get in. But I do not want a life without graves, without cemeteries, without remembering. Bleiburg, Jasenovac, Hiroshima, Auschwitz… all deserve our remembering and our respect for those that perished. I do not confuse the crime with politics. Whether a lady is a real president or not really does not matter at the end of the day, what matters is whether her mandate brings a positive difference in people’s daily lives

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    • I agree with your last sentence and to add to that, people can change despite going in the wrong direction. Thanks for being open and honest.

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  2. I have to say Ines I agree with Ina.. there is a lot wrong with the world and we adults here know that lots of what is happening is stage managed.. But we should never forget or honour those who have given their ultimate sacrifice, their lives some in horrendous circumstances… While I do not condone War I do not want people to forget the values those men and woman gave their lives for.. To live a life in what they perceived as freedom..
    What I disagree with within the world of remembrance is that Yes we set great store in those anniversaries and yet STILL we have not learnt from them.. As we still send troop out to war zones.. We still see War as Profiting certain nations.
    We all of us have a duty never to forget least we allow it to sweep over us all again.

    Love and Blessings Ines… And I can see what you are saying… WE need to change our direction into PEACE Prevails Not linger in the aftermath… But those whose families were affected would wish their memory and sacrifice to be honoured I am sure..

    Love and Blessings Sue ❤


    • This is why I said, I do not mean to discredit or dishonor those that gave their lives for what they believed in. We should honor that, of course, but it’s become a marketing strategy and no, we are not learning from those lessons. I’m a buddhist and so for me death is the choice we make for the reasons we choose, that doesn’t mean our lives didn’t have purpose or meaning, the suffering it creates is what I don’t agree with.

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