LEO the lucky cat.
LEO the lucky cat.

I have been drifting the last several weeks, torn between keeping my obligations to write on this blog and also trying to figure out what to write that someone else hasn’t already written about. Somehow, I got tired of exposing and questioning what others talk or write about our current reality in terms of history, changes and what is to come.

Honestly, any reality is relative to the person living it and anything I write can be debated or debacled; whatever you the reader feels is your current state of mind, thought, feeling or knowledge.

There exists only one truth and that is mine. If you fell, broke your leg and lived to tell me about it, it’s still your truth and my belief if I choose to believe it. Your truth can never be mine, therefore; everything that is happening on this planet or around this planet is  not everyone’s truth, only to the person experiencing it.

All I have been doing is sharing mine and hoping you will become a believer of my truth, so I asked myself: “Why do I need you to believe my truth?”

I’m changing the focus and theme of this blog, but before I go into why, bare with me.

It’s time we re-defined prosperity and abundance, extreme wealth and good fortune. Although all these terms basically mean similar things, they don’t.

What is wealth? does wealth stand for millions or billions in a bank account? Isn’t wealth a relative term, does it not mean something different to each one of us?

A buddhist monk living in a temple and depending on villagers with a good crop season will say he lives in abundance;which may be true for him.

The Ultra Rich don’t brag about their good fortunes anymore, in fact they try to hide every aspect of their lives because they know most of that wealth was not earned morally or ethically. They no longer talk about how they work hard to earn a living because times have changed.

I’m not saying every wealthy person today is immoral or corrupt, but let’s face it, most of the people working today on this planet are working for minimum wage or less, earning far less than they need to exist on; so you can say that most of the wealthy people are behaving immorally and unethically.

It’s not a secret anymore that 1% of the population own 99% of US, the cat is out of the bag; and if you think you are doing good at work, stop lying to yourself. Unless you own your own company or work for yourself, classify yourself as a paid SLAVE but by the time you “pay” for everything you need to survive, there is nothing left. You are given the illusion that you are getting paid for your work but in essence “they” lend you a bit of money that you use to “pay” for your living expenses. In reality you are a slave, unpaid, overworked and once you can’t contribute to their wealth, you are discarded into a pension that can’t pay the rent let alone provide a nice holiday once a year.

This is your stark reality, if you get up each day to go to work for someone or look for work, you’re a SLAVE.

I like to think I’m FREE, although I’m still into the roots of slavery because I have to “pay” sales tax, property tax and car insurance”, I don’t go to work for anyone therefore have regained my dignity.

This morning while sitting on my deck, drinking coffee and admiring the labor of love garden below me; I started to think about how rich I felt. Just by being able to sit on my deck, not even worry about what day it is, absorb the beauty around me without thinking about how I was going to pay my bills or how to cover my mortgage payment.

2015-05-13 11.58.45
Deck view of raised bed garden.

So I started thinking about all the people I know here, all that have a home, have some kind of income, grow their own food and one by one pictured them standing in front of me answering my question: “How are you?”. As each image scrolled by, I could hear each one of them answering with very similar answers:” I could be better, life is tough, I’m sick and tired of this crap, don’t have enough, can’t pay bills, life is getting expensive, I’m sick and have cancer etc”.

All of their answers were selfish ones, albeit I did ask them a selfish question, the answers were negative and not one person I know has ever answered with “I am great, life is great”. I realized that none of them showed an inkling of caring and compassion for others, that didn’t feel an ounce of gratitude for what they had. I realized they were not aware how fortunate they were because these people live well by today’s standards. They don’t have mortgages because their homes are inherited from parents/ancestors. They all have a piece of land to grow food, all have some sort of income/pension, albeit it’s not enough according to them, but hey, they are not hungry or homeless.

That alone in our world today is wealth.

No matter how much material wealth you think you have means nothing if you have to go and work for someone to maintain that lifestyle you want.

It was not/never designed to work that way. This planet, our mother Earth provided us with everything when we were created.

2015-05-13 11.59.20
My spring raised bed garden on the side of the house facing south.

From what I have read and learned over the years, we are the only planetary civilization that has to “pay” to live on this planet. Ok, I’m sure you know all this, you say: “What’s your point?”.

My point is that we need to expand our consciousness to include neighbors, community and rest of the planet in our thoughts starting the moment we wake up and open our eyes. In other words, rather than waking up in the morning and thinking about what you must do, think about all those that don’t have homes, that go to sleep hungry, that are as you awaken from your soft warm bed; sinking in rickety ships escaping war and poverty.

My wealth (spiritual) and a abundance isn’t something I brag about, but it serves a reason in this story because despite living in it, it doesn’t fulfill me completely because those around me are not experiencing the same as I am.

There is no balance, no fairness, not one aspect of our lives or this planet is balanced. Sure, it’s nice to live in my abundance. I’m not talking about being money abundant. My partner and I have incomes we derive from self employment, off the grid without registering what we do, (it’s still possible in Croatia), but we can choose when we want to work. Without any debts we can sleep well knowing we’re not going to get evicted from our home and when we feel we need more money, we choose to work. Such as now, we are finally completing construction projects that should have been done when we built our home, but we used up all the money to build the house and chose to complete it in phases.

Home Sweet Home

Abundance is having all that you need and being able to pay for what you need.

Whenever I feel I need more money, I think and say it and always in gratitude; and it comes. This is my wealth, this for me is being rich, is being situated well; it’s called a worry free life.
Problem is, when I leave my house and socialize in the village, I return home drained from people parasites indoctrinated in a material world where it’s never enough, never good, where the kids have to have something because the neighbor’s kids have it. They are never healthy, never positive, never grateful, never considerate or passionate about WHY they exist.

All it takes is “thinking” about all those on our planet, the mothers watching their child cry from hunger, those huddling in shelters because war destroyed their communities, because nobody is thinking about them, co-habitating with them in consciousness.

We have become/and are selfish humans, focused on creating our own miseries and then blaming it on TPTB or our governments for our states of existence.

Open your eyes, if you have a roof over your head and have bread at home to make toast, you’re rich. If you can afford a magazine or a fast food dinner; you rock because many people on the other side of the planet can’t even afford a dirty bucket to get drinkable water, consider yourself wealthy today in this world of wars/arms/destruction and if you’re not doing anything to change this, then you deserve everything you get.

Instead of waiting for something to happen on this planet, start doing something to change it. This is not YOUR life alone, it’s not YOUR future alone, it belongs to ALL of us and we need to start changing it for everyone, not just for ourselves because we’re part of it. We created the mess we are in, simply by not doing anything.
The wars are spreading like a fast spreading virus, it’s spreading now in my region as well. It was to be expected that they would re-ignite the balkans to start war against Russia. It WILL come to you because of the Law of Nature works that way, Karma works that way, you are not just a human, you are a part or piece of humanity, you can’t separate yourself or isolate yourself. What goes around comes around.

As of today, this blog will change it’s focus. It will be about presenting humanity in it’s rawest and truest form. This blog will be about our brothers and sisters, giving them a voice because they don’t have electricity let alone internet to let the world know how horrific their lives are. It might scare the shit out of you to be told you are just as responsible for the misery in the world, that’s fine, you can go away and live your slavery life and paying taxes to feed the war machine. It’s your choice, but I am sick and tired of debating gurus and predictions, gods and saviors, light workers and angels. They are not COMING, they are already here disguised as humanity and waiting for us to wake up.

I have always stated that we are the ones we are waiting for. There is no external force, no external god, no external savior that is going to change our plight. It is up to us, it is when we say we have had enough and start doing something about it. Sure, we are doing something but not enough of us are. Too many of you are still going to work everyday afraid of not being able to pay your mortgage or buy food in the house, but if you don’t go to work collectively, the 1% have no production and lose money every minute you are not working. It takes a mass awakening process, but I am going to do one thing for sure and that is to bring out your anger and rage at allowing the death and destruction by not doing enough.

It’s time to see the world without the rose colored glasses, it’s time to face our worse enemies inside of us and realize that we are all in this together.

We all have the same rights to Peace and Prosperity. Each one of us by divine right doesn’t need to earn that right, we simply were given this right upon our creation. We were all created equally, we must all stand together as one and help those that can’t help themselves.

Peace and Love


11 thoughts on “THIS COULD BE YOU

  1. A very old saying….’We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are’
    So for everyone it’s something different.

    Appreciation for all we have is a blessing. Loving the most difficult to love is a blessing.
    Growing in maturity from the trials and tribulations in our life….is a blessing.

    Having lived in third world countries, seeing first hand the physical hardships and deprivation, my western mind was at first overwhelmed. My own values were questioned. My natural instincts rejected the standards, my sense of reality rejected the lack of balance, the unfairness of societies.
    Slowly I adapted, a different viewpoint came, through a difficult adjustment on my part.

    I came to see the closeness of communities not tethered by material wealth. I came to see joy, real untainted joy in their togetherness, natural laughter, an aliveness I’d not known in Western culture.

    We all learn from the environment we’re born in to. We all accept the ways we were taught as ‘the right way to do things’

    This is indeed a ‘Crazy World’ it worsens daily. Many are awake now, to the atrocities,
    To stand and continue to love them, against everything that repels us……is the ultimate test.
    We are all in it together.


      • I’ve been so impressed with this blog that its stayed in my mind.

        Ines, when I read that you were from Croatia I wondered ‘how is your English grammar so perfect?’
        It further proves to me, that regardless of where we are born, it’s the heart that counts. (soul?)
        Your compassionate heart shines out like a beacon. The frustration you feel towards the sleeping masses is natural.

        Things change so slowly here, sadly the poison from past aeons is spreading at an alarming rate, with new dimensions being added all the time.

        We are witnesses to these things. We’re learning first hand the conditions of this beautiful planet and of humanity. We are experiencing what it is to be human, the physical, emotional & mental pain that goes with exchanging natural experience for excessive material comfort. GREED is a sickness.

        I’m hopeful that as our love for them grows, even when at times it seems to be rejected, that the consistency of that love will filter through, It’s not an easy task, but even if only a few more are awakened from this nightmare they’ve created….it will be worthwhile.

        I love your ‘LABOUR OF LOVE GARDEN.’

        Keep on being ‘YOU’ we get to go home when our assignment is finished. Never forget that.


        • thank you for such kind words. You have read me very well. I often ask my partner how is it that he can wake up everyday and not care about what goes on in the world. He says “I can’t do anything about it”. In frustration I tell him that we can’t do anything about it, but knowing what is going on gives us reason to live and fight the madness. I don’t understand how anyone can get up in the morning and think that coffee, going to work, raising a family and retiring is what life is about. I never lived this way, from the time I can remember, I questioned everything, I wanted to know how things worked, who we are. and to this day I still find myself discovering new things. I’m like a child in a toy store, always amazed at how much I don’t know and how much I still have to learn. Thank you again for the great response.


        • In answer to your wondering about my English. I left Croatia at 6 months of age. My father escaped communism and was imprisoned in an Italian refugee camp where me and my mom arrived and stayed there until I was 2 years old. My father had a heart murmur and no country would take him except Canada. That was in 1960 when we arrived to Prince Rupert British Columbia. In 1967 my father decided that he wanted us to return to the then Jugoslavija. In 1971 he escaped again back to Canada and we followed him. Upon graduation in 1976, I again decided to return to Croatia, I missed it, the best years of my life were here and I always cried for leaving. I managed 1 year but my family here couldn’t handle a 17 year old.
          I moved millions of times until 2004 when I healed from cancer and decided to return to Croatia and have been here since. I arrived with a few thousand dollars and 2 suitcases, no clue as to what I was going to do or how I was going to survive, I just knew I had to be here.
          It was the right decision and met my love a year later, he built this house for me and since then I have been priveleged to live a wonderful life; meaning I get to decide what I want to do each day. No, I don’t sit around, I work in my clinic, in the garden, ride my bike, smell the flowers, and try and wake people up. Long answer but that about sums it up why I write English so well. In fact, my first language was Croatian until first grade is when I learned English. My father did not allow us to speak English in the house and I am grateful for that because I retained my ethnicity and it was needed to be able to return here nad live a normal life.


          • Ines, that was the most wonderful answer, Only someone who has gone through such traumatic early experiences could have a heart as open and caring as yours.

            Had you been wrapped in cotton wool ( an English expression – meaning coddled) you wouldn’t be so awake and aware now. You were born this way, as was I.

            I consider myself very privileged that you shared so much of yourself here. Thank-you.

            I have to confess here that I’m a romantic at heart, as I read your story I imagined it in a movie.
            Does that sound really silly?

            You are blessing more people with your presence than you probably realize. I certainly feel blessed by your warm and open sharing.

            Maybe with your gift for writing, you might consider writing about your search for the meaning of life in an autobiographical style.

            Very rarely do I feel drawn to people, it happens once in a blue moon.I recognize kindred spirit.
            Nothing happens by chance. Why I was recently drawn to this site, at a time when you were ready to change your method of writing your blog, is not without a reason.

            Everything you say in your blog is true. Most people know its true but don’t care enough to wrench their hearts, go out on a limb and expose this stuff.

            Most people I encounter are a part of the problem, you dear lady are a part of the solution.

            We would call you a spiritual warrior. Sounds heavy, but your very real life experience has the power to reach people on a truly human level.

            Again, thank-you for your passion, and for sharing your heart so openly.


            • Now, after writing that and me reading this, look at the post I just put up! Is this synchronicity or what? You have just given me an idea to write about and thanks again for such kindness.


            • I regret the documentary made is in Croatian and you could not understand it then I would not have to type it all out. What I wrote above is but 1/20th of my childhood. I was sexually molested when I was around 5 and then again at 12. I ran away from home at 16. Each time I heard my dad,s car I would get nauseous from fear. I chose gruesome experiences in this lifetime because I now understand why. Compassion isn’t something you learn, it is something you identify with and give understanding to and if that lerson allows you, you then have opportunity to help them. If my childhood was not bad enough, I fell in love with a man that raped my daughter in the most sickest way by telling her he loved her and that was a secret because mom might get jealous that he loves her. She was 9 when he started and 12 when she finally told me. There is no greater pain in this world and I don’t want to go into

              details but when you go through something like this, all the cards are on the table.
              There is NOTHING that can bring me down and there is EVERYTHING to fight for.


              • I knew very soon after reading your blog that you had learned from experiencing the worst of human emotional pain. These experiences are spiritual. I identify with the childhood abuse ect..

                I hope you understood when I said ‘we are here to experience what human suffering is like for them.’

                Not many would volunteer to cover the whole gambit of physical, emotional and mental pain.
                And we do agree to it, rather like a reporter who goes into a war-zone, knowing the dangers, but exposure and help for the people can only come from those who go.

                There is NOTHING that can bring me down and EVERYTHING to fight for! What a beautiful and courageous statement. I LOVE IT.

                We have never met, and in this world probably never will meet, yet I feel so connected to you and I know that we are coming from the same place.

                I read a few of the others on this site. I don’t identify with any of them except you.
                They are trying to explain ‘the ‘source’ in an intellectual way, it can’t be done.
                With these puny human brains the task is impossible.
                For me it’s God, not the ritual representation of God as identified in religious ceremonies, but our personal connection to the living God. Others have different names for ‘the Source’
                By staying connected and trusting in my creator, synchronicity occurs automatically.
                After writing last night, I went to log off and found your new message…………..on Spiritual Warriors!
                I smiled.

                I never know where the path will lead me, but I remain ever open for the guidance.

                Love really is the KEY to all of these problems.
                Staying the course is our very difficult task, being awake is painful. discovering other Spiritual Warriors on the path is wonderful, albeit rare. Not that they’re not here, it’s because we all have our own missions to complete and each is different. We can encourage one another but we can never guide one another, only our personal connection to the source GOD – can guide us.

                I really feel so happy to have made this connection with you Ines, always be loved..


  2. Ines, you are absolutely correct in your take on spiritual saviours etc being here in physical form..The only thing coming in to our planet externally is the large change in the energies which come from source. They are regenerating Gaia and are available to any who are able to connect spiritually to the force that is known as Sophia. Those of us already here on the planet who have come from source, are here to make that connection come to life. That will happen when the timing of earthly events reaches a certain point which we are waiting for. To know the future all you have to do is to read the true history of our past. Our world has repeated our past many times over previously, including world wide nuclear destruction. As the events leading to this conflagration are already written in the records, It is known what we are looking for in our present journey which is precipitated by the re-run of our hidden history, which the, so called, cabal keep hidden from us. They know no other way of gaining access to our planet, as they will never have any connection to Sophia. So our history keeps on repeating itself, with their help. That is why you can only see war upon war. Our money system is based on war, not peace. They need a war to expand their investments, that’s how Rothschild became a multi Zillionaire, after the end of the battle of Waterloo, and so are trying very hard to get Russia to start it for them, via the Ukraine situation, notwithstanding the Middle East crisis which was implemented by the United Nations after the Second World War, when pallistine was divided up and a brand new state named Israel was created. Prior to that, Jews, Muslims and Christians got along with each other without too much trouble. Catchulaterum, your friend, John.


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