Servitude and Death

So, the boom of Ascension is gone, in fact Yellow Rose From Texas is the only person on this planet still telling people that GOD is going to save them. So, the bullshit was thick and now we are saying things must be this way, the cabal has won and we chose this reality.

What else is there?

I believe that a polar shift is imminent, that we will not feel it as time will be frozen, we will return into this reality when it’s all over and simultaneously shift into a new paradigm/reality. It is in this new reality we will learn to “think” our way around, those that are gone have left to their homes or changed planets.

Its been 2 years now since I got into the online truth community. My first experience with Ascension was Kathryn E. May, Ann DeHart at Hollow Earth Network. I really liked the “characters” that Kathryn channelled, I liked the idea of an Ascension, after working on ME for over 25 years, I felt that I was a good “candidate” for Ascension and that it would require minimum work to achieve that.

After  a few months of listening to Kathryn and reading information, I felt like was in a Catholic church listening to the priest telling his audience that only people who deemed themselves worthy could come forward and take “communion”. This happened several years ago while my partner was still actively participating in Catholic rituals and I would go with him on special holidays in show of support even though I have nothing to do with the church.

That day when I heard the priest qualify us for communion, I vowed to never enter a church again, not even in support of my partner even though he too never went to church again.

The character Zorra that Kathryn was channeling at the time was starting to sound like this priest.

This is when the red flag went up and realized that something was not right. If God loves us all equally, why do we have to attain or achieve something in order to qualify for something?

It was mind boggling to listen to these characters telling the faithful followers not to eat meat, to take supplements and they just happened to sell some really good ones, to avoid negative people and places. The whole focus of this preparation/qualification was to raise the frequency so that people would ascend.

I quickly figured it out and started to write about Kathryn E. May and exposing her mind control group, her “characters” or what I called “dark entities”; promoting TNT Tony; a well known convicted criminal with all his court dockets and court dates online for anyone to find if they wanted to promoting the Dinar RV and Kathryn said he was working for the good guys.

Those were the years of mass “Ascension”propaganda, many of the truth seekers/researchers such as Andrew Bartzis, George Kavassilas, Linda Dillon and ohhh so many more including Alexandra Meadors, Cobra and at one time even Alfred Webre was discussing it and no longer is.

Most of these folks don’t use “ascension” in their talks anymore unless you ask them and they will explain now that the term Ascension was misunderstood and that it actually means a transformation, ascending to higher frequencies but not going anywhere.

The only one still propagating the Savior Dogma is Yellow Rose From Texas. Perhaps there are more, I haven’t taken the time to research. I have limited myself to WordPress blogs as the space out there is just too huge and time consuming for me. As I predicted months ago, when this Pulling through the Eye event would take place by One, according to Rose was very soon and never did happen; at least not yet. I predicted that following that failed event when people started asking WHEN, the excuses and reasons would be unforseen problems, the EF making unpredictable moves, the AF fighting hard and keeping their ground and still ahead of everyone and blah blah.
This is typical behaviour or pattern when any guru makes some kind of predictions or events to happen. After the non-event, there is always a good reason but most of them sum up to the same: “Time in their reality is not the same as ours, therefore, we were out of sinc with the dates and now it’s this date etc. Once the non-event happens, they start handing out history lessons, passing information that serves nothing at all as though it’s going to change the current reality or the past for that matter.

My assessment of this situation may be way off as I have not been online for weeks in terms of reading and catching up on current events. I always write what I FEEL to be my truth and reality though it may not be yours.

I went to a funeral today. There was not one person that didn’t shed a tear today. My girlfriend lost her only son 2 days ago, he was 36 years old, one year older than my son. At 2:30 a.m. he left “work” and on his motorbike encountered a parked car on the road. He died working for a wealthy German businessman who owns 14 hotels around the world. This man is the inventor of the “roaming” technology; he buys castles so he can write them off because he has so much money. The hotel restaurant where this young man and father was slaving as a Manager; served the Elite, the rich and famous while he worked 10 to 14 hours per day, 7 days a week even though it’s against the law and for minimum wage.

Yes, he chose to work there. Yes he chose to get on that motorbike. Yes he chose that day to leave his body, but in this Physical world, he slaved for the ultra-rich while barely making ends meet for his family.

Yes, everything we do has purpose, but NO, his family didn’t know that, don’t believe that. The whole time during the funeral his wife and mother kept asking their God why he took their loved one from them.

Even though part of me understood that he came here to shine his light and I mean literally. He was a very shining, happy, social, kind and funloving guy, he taught laughter even when the worse situations; but the other part of me was angry because he died serving the Elite who paid him pennies for his servitude and expected to get every ounce of his energy and life to them. I was angry at all those that have enslaved the human race because we chose to believe.

We didn’t stand a chance, their plans spanning thousands of years was implemented so brilliantly that there was no way we could put the dots together. If we lived longer life spans, perhaps we might have caught on earlier, but each one of our earthly lives is but a speck of dust, a grain of sand in the expanse of time they have had to get us into this state.

My girlfriend is a “devout” Catholic; and despite God taking her only son, she will continue to go to Church asking her god why he took her only son; she will continue to pray, to believe that god had his reasons for taking him not thinking that god doesn’t need to take what he has created and that a loving god would not cause anyone such pain and suffering.

The priest will tell her that god needed more angels and she will not think about the evil people that have died and whether they too were taken to be angels beside their god.

How can I tell her that everything she believes in is a lie?
How do I comfort her by telling her that her son never really belonged to her, he came here temporarily like all of us to complete a mission and we all have been doing this for eternity?

I felt her pain because even knowing this, it doesn’t mean I would cope with losing a child any easier. There was a heavy energy today, a heavy day with hundreds of people shedding tears of mourning as his little 6 year old son kept asking his mother to open the coffin so that he could see his dad.
We all watched this and to my surprise, nobody gave him what he wanted, instead they tried to distract him as if he was a little idiot and didn’t know what was going on. We treat our children as imbeciles, thinking we know best. That little boy knew his dad was gone, he just wanted to see him one last time.

Who the fuck do we think we are? So arrogant and smug. We bring children into this world and create invalids by the time they graduate from high school. We insist on knowing better and can’t let go of our egos to allow our children to BE what they came here to be for.

That little boy in anger at his mother for not letting him see his dad threw down his stuffed animal in anger, not understanding why it was too much trouble for the adults to let him see his dad. They were thinking about themselves and how they would react and not about the boy wanting to see his father even if it was dead, he needed that last picture in his little mind.

WE better get our shit together fast, time is just about running out and if you think it will all fix itself, you are one arrogant and self serving idiot. Move!



3 thoughts on “Servitude and Death

  1. Hey Ines, I like your blog. Long time lurker again. YellowRose’s updates are not even updates…. they are just blabbering. Then, the OM thing really looked bad. She just makes herself available to her in crowd and when they become skeptic, she weeds them out.

    I do have to say… I am glad that the kid did not see the father in the coffin. A motorcycle accident – that sounds pretty bad. Usually when it is a closed casket the funeral home doesn’t do too good of a job with the body. The trauma and disfiguration is just too great. It is better he remembered him as he was in the good times. Just my opinion.


  2. Whoa! there’s a lot of anger in this post. We are all here for different reasons, when we experience the painful tests of life, it’s natural to feel angry/despondent, As we mature (how ever slowly) we begin to recognize that those very same tests/sufferings are what helped us to mature.
    We ARE spirit -soul here in human experience, for a short time, to learn, to understand the meaning of LOVE – then we return home. By loving and supporting your friend in her painful experience, you were fulfilling your loving role. You know that when we leave this place, we will remember in full why we suffered so much. We were never really at home here. Hence our confusion at times.
    I was moved by a strong surge of love when I read this post, I recognized a fellow seeker, and at times my own human anger at the seemingly senseless suffering I see everywhere. Faith, is my strength, knowing that God is for us, and that what we learn here from the suffering will equip us to be of better service when we return home.


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