I dedicate this post to my dear reader John Fowlds. His contributions have really helped me affirm what I already feel as he too has access to divine information. I have already emailed him about this event, but want to share it with my readers only because it’s proof that we can heal ourselves.

Last night I was feeling a lot of pain in my lumbar region. It’s been a thorn in my side for a few months now as I took this pain as part of the adjustment process. I was born with Congenital Scoliosis and 3 years ago fell out of an olive tree and injured the cervical spine with 2 disc ruptures. They were imminent according to my neurosurgeon as I was so deformed and they were already on the verge of popping so to speak.

I refused surgery because my Chinese Doctor told me he/we can correct this. After 6 months of therapy once a week, I realized it was getting really expensive and came across this therapeutic bed called Theramax. I ended up actually recovering my investment because my clients pay to use it. It corrected the spine but the lower region started to really hurt and like I said, I just accepted that as part of the adjustment process.

I went on to the bed last night and while listening to music I started to focus on think about Kryon’s teachings recently and how we can’t heal our body by thinking, we had to speak out loud. The bridge between consciousness and innate doesn’t exist. It was probably removed through genetic manipulation so we can’t communicate directly.

If we want to heal our bodies, we must talk to our cellular structure and make affirmations out loud. I use a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and while tapping, I start by saying ” Even though I have a headache, I completely accept and love myself). This is also an affirmation, accepting the experience of the headache, but removing it from the negative folder into the positive folder. Look it up if you haven’t and try it, it does work. I often use it for Cancer patients and chronic pain clients to verify if indeed their illness is due to an emotional or mental block.

I immediately began to think of what I wanted the most and that was pain relief so I started to speak out loud: “I am eternal, I am immortal, I am an old soul, I chose this experience, I am healed, my spine is correcting itself, my spine is healed”. I tried different versions and just kept talking for about 5 minutes, focusing on saying what has already happened and not what I want and around the 11 minute mark ( I have a digital display showing me time into therapy and how much time is left). I felt a sharp pain in the right side of my lumbar region, it caught me off guard because I was so focused on saying the right affirmations that  I jumped up slighly raising my buttocks off the bed, and once the pain stopped, I relaxed and laid back down.

This is when I started to gently panic and started to vocalize all that just happened: ” I am healed, my spine is corrected, my spine is adjusting”, I was talking so fast in fear that may be I was just imagining while at the same time thinking “No negative words, no questions, no doubts, just keep talking”.

It was an incredible moment, not because I have never healed myself, I have many times but over time and gradually  not like this in a split second.
The Ego found good reason to show it’s ugly head saying: ” Just wait until you get up, you’ll see, it’s all wishful thinking”.

I remained on the bed and really had to focus on the moment, Ego quickly retreated as it knows I don’t tolerate it. It also reminded me of the Cuckoo clocks of old, when the hour strikes, the door opens, a cuckoo comes out and makes noises according to the hour and quickly returns inside.

My ego works the same way. Rarely does it even come out anymore because it knows it has no power over me anymore, but in exceptional circumstances like this one tonight, it tried to thwart my belief system.

I got up from the bed and as I stood up, I almost fell forward because I used more force in getting up, force I didn’t have anymore since this pain started. Normally, I would sit on the side of the bed and slowly get up because I was stiff by that time. I didn’t just crawl up the stairs, I literally walked swiftly, gliding and feeling light as if I had just lost 30 lbs.

Theramax has worked for me and my clients, look it up for your own curiosity I don’t want to advertise it here.

I now want to write about the part before getting up, it didn’t fit into the lumbar pain story, but this is also very important. If you go back into older posts, or you might remember that I often write about our disconnection from higher self. It is getting harder and harder to connect and when I finally realize I had spent so much time trying, I take out my pendulum and it connects that way. Between EMF, Geo engineering and all kinds of assassinations on the human race, our ability to connect is very difficult even for people like me that can do it easily.

After the healing event, a burst of light presented itself in front of me, while I had my eyes closed and all of a sudden, I went through a bright tunnel and connected to source. I then thanked source and spirit for loving me and helping to show me the way on how to heal myself and the messages started to come in very quickly. Wow, I couldn’t keep up with them and I can’t even remember a lot of them, but here is what I do remember from last night.

“ALL is light. There is no dark and  light that comes from Creator or Source. Creator didn’t create dualities, therefore, neither are souls. A soul is light. A dark entity does not contain a soul. The only beings that are not of the light are those not coming from Source. These can be human clones, clones of any life form, Artificial Intelligence created by multidimensional beings with negative agendas and all other forms that are not created or come from Source.

Source creates souls, in it’s need for expansion of all that it is, it sparks the soul which becomes a being of light, which then chooses to take on a shape or form.

Human clones do not have souls, you can’t clone a soul, souls are created at Source. When a clone dies, it literally dies, it’s life force dies because the soul does not exist. Everything that was not created at Source doesn’t have a Soul or isn’t a Soul occupying any life form..

All that was created at Source is Light and only at Source can that light be extinguished through mutual agreement. No Soul can be destroyed unless both Soul and Source agree to it and that’s a rare event.

A soulless human is a dark entity, remember that, everything from source is LIGHT.

I’m plugged in again, the 2 days of chemtrails, may have been part of an agenda to hide or lessen the energies coming to Earth, it’s not a coincidence that I plugged back into the source/divine energy.

I asked Higher Self about Yellow Rose since I had her on my mind that day and had written a post about her and this is what I got: “Stay away from Rose and her energy, her connection to dark consciousness is intended to divert people from the true Creator, she is saying the opposite of what will happen. Her agenda that she is unaware of, she doesn’t know she’s connected to dark consciousness is actually collecting the souls that will go into the Abyss. This dark consciousness does not want everyone to raise their frequencies into a new earth, they need food energy so they are now using Rose as a means of collecting souls for this event. It’s a trap, we would never allow this to happen to Earth, the planetary mother is not in a construct, this projection coming from Rose is dangerous for those that truly believe our destinies are dependent upon some higher levels of god consciousness”.

So, I was in a sense feeling what I am being communicated. I had sensed/felt that her energies were not of the light, but again, since I can’t prove anything, since it’s not up to me to save anyone, people have to find their own way home, that includes myself. I am home, have always been and will always be. I am all that is, always was and always will be.



  1. Ines, without seeming to be be cheeky, you have now had a connection to the light very similar to that I had some 40+ years ago. Because of the journey that the light got me to undertake, I believed it to be a representation of John The Baptist, and still do. That is what led me to study the church and came to understand, gain wisdom, about what religion was created to do, and who was responsible. The purpose of that journey was to find a way to get rid of them without braking the rules of creation. I couldn’t use any thing unknown to the interlopers to get rid of them. Hence the use of their own introduced belief system to take them out. They then can’t deny that it wasn’t known as their own book , the bible, contained sufficent knowledge to be used against them for the great takeaway. The council is about to perfect their invention, as the future has already been written in their book, so it will be. It is a truly just divine process. John.


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