Yellow Rose and Science Fiction

I am not sure how I got to Yellow Rose For Texas today, but here it is. One thought to another and she came up, there is no coincidence and obviously time to write about it, time to speak out again, time to question.

Rose  is spewing out more garbage that is coming from reptilian consciousness and though her following may be a few hundred at best; like any cult, they are vicious defenders of their cult leader and when defending the cult, they don’t defend the teachings/information because they don’t know  if it’s legitimate or not, they defend the Cult Leader. This has been my experience as I have made comments on different blogs and the response after questioning the information is always a defense strategy. From now I am going to copy and paste my questions and their comments to show you, at the time I just don’t think that way.

If you collect all the data that Rose has put out along with her loyal cult member contributions, you will find the information given to her Eek followers cannot be corroborated or verified as true. There is no way to prove she is right or wrong, but the followers must blindly believe their information. You either have to take her word for it or find another cult leader to follow because the information that Yellow Rose puts out ‘does have some historical accuracy’ but that is much less than her “I heard” information.

Who does Rose “hear” this from? The whole story she puts together is so convulated, so confusing that anyone entering into this cult now would either have to “feel” their way through or spend months of going through all the information that you can’t verify anyways. In the end you still have to take Rose’s word for it because she can’t prove how she heard and certainly can’t prove: “They were down to that last vah, and fighting over a seat on it. But the vah has no id. And the WUSS were mocking them over it all. The Eels lost the fight. Rome’s elite killers, the Arrow, are without a ride now and shaking in fear.

Did you get that? I sure as hell didn’t and I would be afraid to want to know.

Rather than look at the information or it’s veracity, I look at the apparatus of it’s cult leader and how she starts out with showing images of the Sun (Ed) and enlarging objects around the sun that actually pix elate, take on forms of their own and she will then create an image she wants you to see.

It’s what I call “subjective imaging”. In the beginning she showed different planets with white lines going through them that she called “poles” in the construct. Maybe they are poles, but is anyone backing up this claim? When you enlarge an image so close, anomalies in the image happen just like pixels showing prominently because the image is made up of pixels.

So a group of pixels look like a spaceship and she has presented a “subjective image”. It’s kind of like gathering a group of people to look up into the sky and point out shapes of clouds. While one sees a clown, another will see a chariot.

Now she is feeding her followers with massive amounts of information, most of it something she “heard” or dreamed . Much of this is history that is already available online from hundreds of different websites or sources so if you do your research you will find everything they are talking about in terms of past events, our earth history, humanity history etc.

Her mythological characters or even real characters in her reality come to life and she’s done a fantastic job of creating the best science fiction novel of the century and at the same time she has created another “Savior” paradigm.

The pixelated image she created into a “subjective image” that she has identified it as Flat Earthshaped Dome” is now called Earth and the pole that is also pixelated or could be an image anomaly due to the zooming is called “The Eye” and now you have a cult following “believing” some ONE or EVE character is going to put them through this eye.

When that didn’t happen as she softly and subjectively predicted, she then created another science fiction story about fighting: “Rather interesting…they see a bit further ahead than our “present”. Last night, they were talking about seeing us risen as men Rather deflated them. They sagged (they who, the ef?) Rose: Everyone…but yes, it was the ef talking”

The world of Yellow Rose is now a war zone, yet she told her followers she “heard” months ago and made an announcement that “The Quarantine was Lifted” from Earth. She also heard or got a message that the grid lines were taken down.

Let me ask you this Rose: If the quarantine has been lifted, the grids were taken down, what the fuck do we need another stellar fight with some Enemy Forces (EF)? What is the point of a pole attached to a planet in a construct if all barriers have been removed from Earth. Fact is Rose, the quarantine is not lifted yet because we would automatically connected to other planets and Universes, we would have a shift in our frequencies because the quarantine is not just from keeping visitors arriving or us leaving, it serves as a frequency shield so that we can’t raise our frequencies, it’s being controlled by this quarantine. I can’t prove this of course, but there are many researchers out there that discuss this possibility.

My final comments and thoughts on this subject/person is this. I wrote to Hatter months ago about my dream time travels and as soon as Rose came on to the Scene, I had visions of yellow reptilians/dragons behind the veil disguised in yellow communicating with Yellow Rose.On the other side of the veil they were reptilians/shape shifters. They projected themselves as yellow entities and tapped into her consciousness.  This is why she is called Yellow Rose, she thinks this reptilian consciousness is the good guys, but I will refer back to Creation/Source that we can’t be interfered with. She will claim that EVE and ONE are the parents therefore they can do anything they want, but I beg to differ.

I don’t remember being asked if I want to be saved, and I don’t remember that our creator would do whatever she/he wanted on our behalf, this puts everything we have worked so hard for hundreds of years in discovering our true nature and history into the trash bin, what was the point of awakening or doing research if our creation parents just decide to save us?

Here is an excerpt from her latest post the link is in this post so you can read it in full: “The Eels lost the fight. Rome’s elite killers, the Arrow, are without a ride now and shaking in fear. They can all see the Nova coming. They needed the editor maps, and these got erased. I’ve not talked about the maps much before, but we all have a ‘map’ and a id. Ed is the “Map & Numbers Editor”. Their id’s are blocked now, and many names are erased. Liliths ops in Rome are locked, and their navy was blown.”

Did you get any of this? Probably not unless you have been a long time cult follower of hers. I can’t prove to you that I saw yellow reptilians, I can prove that I sent that email to Hatter a few months ago telling him what I had seen and experienced. But, how do I know it’s part of my current reality? How does Rose know what she is seeing/hearing/communicating is part of OUR reality?

The soul can fragment into pieces so that it can express itself in different bodies and realities. After years of putting the pieces together, it does make sense. Not sure where I first read about this, but for years I have been dreaming in different realities and different scenarios. Then one night while in a dream, someone said to me “Hey, go to the bathroom and come back”. I woke up, could feel the urge to pee and went to the bathroom. While sitting on the toilet half asleep I remember thinking “Wow, that was cool, hurry up so you can get back”. More time went by as I gave it more and more thought, I started to write down my dream time travels from what I could remember, and I came to the conclusion that the soul fragments and chooses different bodies, experiences, timelines and realities. It is my understanding that not all Souls can do this, but the old souls because their divine frequency or frequency signature is high enough to be able to fragment into different parts. It is entirely possible that you are experiencing a fragment of your soul and that means and make sense that in our dreamtime we connect with the other aspects/fragments of our soul. Kind of like a family gathering or family reunion. This is my reality and it may not be yours, but it goes back to the way I think due to these experiences.

Rose may be honestly connecting with light, but it could be another reality because her reality is not coming to fruition here, she made this sound like it was inevitable months ago and now she and other eeks or cult followers are all  into this war happening between EF and AF … fiction.

I hope I am wrong, really, her fiction is overwhelmingly something I would like to experience, you know, getting pulled out of here and placed in a new reality, but some things just don’t add up to me and never have.

My pendulum states she is all bullshit and dark entity energy, but I can’t speak for my pendulum and it’s accuracy so I am going with my intuition and higher self. She is not giving out information to help us move forward, in fact, she is doing the opposite and when you are being told to not worry and that you will soon be saved, you have to question why passivity is being promoted. One of my friends from NYC told me how a friend came to stay with her before moving to Germany to be with her fiance. This friend had nothing, no assets, no job, no money and her train of thought was that she didn’t need it because she was getting pulled out of here soon, so why bother?

I leave it up to you to decide what you want to believe and what you KNOW to be true.


Your thoughts are welcome!

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