Standing Still, Taking Stock, and the Queen of Disks

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Sophia's Children

Magdalene with the Smoking Mirror, Georges De La Tour, 1640I’ve heard from quite a few people sharing that they’re in eco-tone phases – with words like ‘standstill‘, ‘stuck‘, and ‘in-between‘ and the like.

So it seems a fine time to share thisupdated Standstill post from the Sophia’s Children archives.

As you’ll see, sometimes ‘standstillis both the right action and the right place. Enjoy.

“My Life Came to a Standstill…”

That’s what Leo Tolstoy wrote in his Confessions about the period in his life when his old priorities and accomplishments no longer held meaning for him, but a new sense of meaning and authenticity hadn’t yet become clear.

At the time, Tolstoy was between stories, as many of us have been or are now. In fact, the entire Western culture is at the cusp of the old dominant story and an emerging, not-yet-clear new story that’s being born.


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