Our Innate Selves

 Re-posted from April 2015.  It was time or better said, it’s feeling like a more important post now than it was 2 years ago. 
There is no such thing as time, it only exists on this planet as a controlling mechanism or artificial construct to keep us on schedule as busy little slaves.
The energy of this planet has changed greatly in the last decade. Energy changes slowly. Civilization of humanity still has total and complete free choice. The speed at which things happen will be completely dependent on us. One of the attributes of the Old Souls is that they might go into fear and despondency, it’s going to take a lot longer, but it’s still going to turn around.

Things happen slowly, but they happen. In our reality where we are programmed into a time reality, 50 years may seem to go by slowly but the movement of time is relative to each individual. For some, a day might last forever because they could be in pain, unhappy, bored, depressed etc; for others a day will pass in a flash especially for those that are happy, balanced and fulfilled.

Our consciousness is starting to evolve; it’s also beginning to split meaning the dark ones are becoming darker and the light ones are becoming lighter. Perhaps the term “split” is incorrect, I would prefer to call it dividing into extreme forms of opposites.

The line is being drawn in the sand of consciousness for this civilization at which side you ‘choose’ to be on, and this has stirred up both sides actually.

Those who existed in the dark and forever controlled things out of sight, have many names that we call them, and we know about them. If you are reading this post you know about them. The Illuminati, the elite, the cabal; all of these are now coming to a close because there is light happening on the planet, more than they thought, literally conscious decisions of integrity started to force them out of the place they have had for hundreds of years.

They are fighting for their lives and while fighting for their lives are unleashing their wrath upon humanity, faster and more intense because they are now like wild animal shot down and wounded in the leg and lunging at the shooter, desperate to stay alive and to revenge the shooter.

This is what we see on our news. It has to do with energy so connect the dots as you read further. There may be some things you may not have thought of before.

The question is this: Does consciousness have energy? Do thoughts have energy? They do and there is much evidence and proof on this, that you never even think of. Our best minds know that is a fact, but can’t measure it. The energy of consciousness becomes an illusive idea instead of a measurement in physics.

There will come a day when we will be able to measure this in physics and it will have mathematics involved when we are able to see quantum fields, we will be able to see that which is invisible today.

Consciousness has physics, energy; energy that we can call upon and measure. To us right now it’s illusive on how to do this so lets connect the dots.

We experience it all the time, when we sit down in a movie theater next to somebody and we feel something and the move. Someone will say: “We were just sitting down and everything was fine and you want to move?” And you will say: “Yes, because the stranger next to me is unbalanced or perhaps has a disease, I can’t tell, I just don’t feel right about it.”

This has happened to many people that are sensitive and I ask you what is it? There is an energy that was broadcast to your innate that said move and you did. This is energy. This is not something illusive that we talk about, you moved because you felt something, that is very 3D. You watched the film from another perspective.

There are those reading this who have crashed their computer on occasion because they were having a bad day. Now, I am going to ask you how? Consciousness? Anger? Frustration? Disappointment? Fear? It created an energy that was so great and so dramatic that it actually upset the electronic path of circuitry. To make it worse, you turn it on and it happens again. Some of you are so aware of it you had to leave and come back to it.

There are those that actually believe they can put out light-bulbs because of their thoughts. The lightbulbs didn’t explode, they simply stopped working. There are those who have attributes that can drain batteries. What is that? I want you to connect the dots.

This is consciousness over matter. It is real. You can see it, you don’t have to know what it is. You can’t measure it. There is no way for you to prove it because it only happens occasionally and when you don’t expect it. But, this is a fact. You have seen it over and over. Your consciousness changes some physics, now hold that thought.

I would like to discuss Innate.

adjective: innate
  1. inborn; natural.
    “her innate capacity for organization”
    synonyms: inborn, natural, inbred, congenital, inherent, intrinsic, instinctive, intuitive, spontaneous, unlearned, untaught;More

    hereditary, inherited, in the blood, in the family;
    “people differ in terms of their innate abilities”
    antonyms: acquired
    • Philosophy
      originating in the mind.

    Innate is the smart body of the human being. Every single human being has several layers of body consciousness. As a human being, working roughly around 34% of the DNA efficiency; there is a missing bridge between your human consciousness and the innate inside you. That innate is responsible for that which is held inside you. Spiritual evolution inside you; and you may tap, and you may decode; and you may muscle test in order to find out or alter it and it will be susceptible to all of those but we don’t have the bridge really. It’s missing right now and what this means is that innate is a closed system. It has no idea about the outside. It knows about the inside.

Innate doesn’t know who your friends are, doesn’t know what you do for a living, it doesn’t understand for instance if you’re in love or not, and what has happened to your chemistry. It simply reacts and helps. Innate is benevolent. It stands there ready to help you in whatever way and whatever instruction you give, innate is there.

But it is in the dark in that it doesn’t know what’s on the outside. That is a human being who is not working at a good percentage but that’s who you are at the moment.

Therefore, from the very beginning I have said: “talk to yourselves”. All the power resides in you and it took Kryon’s messages and teachings to help me understand how to do this and whom to address my instructions to.  So, talk to yourselves because innate is listening to what you say. There is energy when you speak out loud. This is a bridge you haven’t thought of. The bridge is this:  When you speak in the open air, your ears can hear it. The vibration  in the air from your vocal cords which is coming from your consciousness and the statements thereof; go into your brain. Now you’re inside because you heard your own words inside the brain. That is where the blood is flowing, innate is there and it listens and it knows. Finally communication. Talk to yourselves.

In this current energy, everything is being amplified. The old soul is ripe for change. I’m sure many of you have heard the term and I write about it often: “You can create your own reality”. It’s interesting what human beings do. There is full and complete belief that your thoughts can do something. And yet, you don’t practice it. In some ways you do, let me explain one of the perceptions that you have. You’ll get together and meditate and often you will meditate for things of the planet. Creating love where there isn’t. Some will actually go into prayer and pray for those less fortunate.

So, let me ask you a question: If you participate in any of these events; what are you doing?

There are some that will say they are beseeching god for intervention: “Dear god we need rain, please do it for us, dear god, people need help, please help them”. This is an energy that is a bit misdirected because inside you is GOD. What you’re really doing when you do that is exercising your own creative power that you don’t know you have; to create synchronicity in places you may never visit; and this is the beauty of WHO you are.

And old soul has so much power. When two or more are gathered with this kind of power, you can actually alter the curve of reality in the areas that you are looking at and asking about if you say it right.

You don’t pray, you don’t hope, you don’t ask, instead you ARE and IT IS, I AM. The affirmations must be positive and they must be worded as though they are already in place.

For years my affirmations were misdirected, although, Innate heard them but I was forwarding my affirmations to the Universe. This is what I taught for years; that we affirm what we want by already visualizing it and thanking Universe for giving it to us. So when I would say “thank you universe for all the abundance in my life”, I was actually giving Innate instructions. How do I know this? Because I enjoy and have enjoyed that abundance for the last 10 years.

You get together, to meditate because you want rain, and you surely heard of “Rain Dances” from the ancient tribes and thought they were praying to their gods to bring them rain. If you take a look at what they were actually doing, their words were actually metaphors where it was already raining. They were (in some cases there are still tribes on this planet that still do this) the rain, they are connected to all of nature and know/knew that by creating the sound of rain using sticks and verbally vocalizing the state of raining, they got rain.

It’s time for you to rediscover some ancient information, it’s called Busting The Average.

We live and die by the bell-shaped curve. In physics you learn that there are ways that create average. When you roll dice you get average. Human beings create average. In the bell-shaped curve, when you look at humanity; some will be very smart, some will not, some will be average.

If you had a curve of those that catch a certain disease, it will be bell-shaped, an average number of people. Some will catch it all the time, some will never catch it. It also is what we have been trained for. It also affects our thinking every single day.

Earlier I wrote that the innate is listening more now than ever before, I also wrote the innate is a closed system. It doesn’t know about where you are and what you are doing. Only that which is inside it knows and it listens for instructions. Now here is the missing piece that you need to know.

Innate is also connected to the higher self in a very specific way, not completely or it would know what was around you, but the creative source, the benevolence in human body is connected to innate. It is also connected to your consciousness in a way that gives you “intuition”. Therefore, what you say to innate will also control intuitive thought. Now listen, this will start to make sense to you. Whatever you do in the world, wherever you go, you are structured by what you expect and humanity expects average.

How many of you have said: “I know that would happen”. What have you just told innate?  You don’t stand a chance,  you’re average, you knew it in advance didn’t  you? That is a statement that goes right into the body and trillions of times in your DNA, you can hear it over and over: “You knew that would happen, she knew that would happen”.

What can we do so that it will never happen? Innate is not connected to what is happening on the outside, it wants to help you by WHAT you state. You can apply an energy of consciousness to the average curve and take it out of average and others will call it being lucky. When you start affirming positive statements as if they have already happened, innate sees it and starts working with intuition and the intuition then creates synchronicity for you to be at the right place and the right time in order for things to happen. Outside of the bell-shaped curve, outside of the average you are really lucky. This is the instruction manual in creating your own reality and it has to do with what you speak out loud.

Some of you have a habit of self-demarcation. Somebody gives you a gift: “Oh, I didn’t deserve that, thank you but you really didn’t have to”.  You know the hypochondriac that catches everything they worry about? This is the innate working the best they can to interpret what a human being concentrates on. If you concentrate on disease whether it’s in fear or whatever, innate sees it as your desire, remember that it doesn’t know what is going on the outside, it just does what the instructions tell it to do. It tries to give you what you are concentrating on.

I see this happening this winter here in Croatia. The news have thoroughly saturated the airwaves with the vaccine scenarios, the ebola epidemic, 2 people died in Croatia from some kind of unknown virus (that is what they told us), so all winter I have literally been running into people sick with the flu, flu symptoms and people actually bragging how lucky they were that they had the flu but with no fever. The moment you hear about the flu, if you are not aware of your power and even say “Oh no, it’s flu time”, that is enough to instruct the innate to give you what you want, the FLU. It’s amazing how it spreads from person to person, it’s common language and normal now that if one person gets the flu in the house, everyone talks about it spreading to everyone. What happens? It spreads to everyone. Can I prove it?

No I can’t but I can compare a scenario. My partner was very ill for 3 weeks in bed with flu symptoms and a bad cough. This was very dangerous for him as he suffers from a lung disease. Even the doctor that came to visit him told me to be careful because this flu was very contagious. I said NO. I do not accept that flu, it has no room in my body. On the 5th day of my partner’s illness, I succumbed to a fever, I slept the night very uncomfortable, soreness and could not get warm enough. But during this time I kept saying to myself: I am well, I am healthy, I also believe that my immune system is healthy. I was up and about within 24 hours. So, the virus did make it in my body, of course it did, it’s impossible to avoid it with a sick person breathing and coughing in your face, but my body was well equipped physically and mentally/innately to not allow it to spread, it was cut off very quickly.

You watch the news, what are you concentrating on? Fear, worry and anxiety because of what’s happening on the planet. If that’s what happens or if you have anything to say: “I’m worried about this and that”, you would be far better to turn it off unless you know how to detach from this physical reality as I have. In other words, you see what is going on, but you don’t react to it, there is no emotion attached to what you are seeing and hearing.

Then you may think that you will be misinformed? Not really, you carry light for this planet and the very light that you carry for this planet is going to affect the news some day. You don’t have to tune in and worry about it, experience fear and shorten your life and tell innate that this is what you are worried about.

Innate will help you create synchronicity. You are plugging in to the system that is NOT linear, not logical and based only on intution on which way  to turn left or right. When you start affirmations, when you start describing who you are in the terminology of the  I AM, I AM healthy, I AM the light, I AM god, people will hear you say that and say “wait a minute, you’re not that”.

What you are doing is affirming the future. Innate hears it and starts to work. If you suffer from chronic conditions, don’t expect miracles just because you are affirming you are healthy, but expect changes and improvements because innate commands the cellular structure to start working, this means daily affirmations that you ARE healthy, vibrant, reversing the aging process, whatever it is that you want.

The process of tapping, the process of decoding, the process of kinesiology and body talk are all ways of discussing WHAT you are with innate. I have been using EFT for 2 years now, most often I forget that I Have this powerful tool, but I also use it on my clients before treatments to test if their pain is emotional or actually physiologic because the difference will determine the mode of treatment.

These things then start to take hold, the chemistry of your body starts to shift, your intuition then starts to shift to give you what you aks for. It’s unlimited in what you can do.

You are not a slave to the bell-shaped curve. In gambling you have the dice and  you roll it and you look for chance, you look for the few times it could land correctly. If you apply that to this system, understand that the dice are you, you are in control of the dice. It’s not for others, it’s for you. You are enabled to change your dice, so load the dice so that it will always come up right. This is what I am talking about. How do you do it? Through conscious thought, through affirmations to literally talking to yourself, watching what you say.

When you approach a situation, you may be looking for a place to live and you see against all odds you can’t afford this or whatever. What goes through your mind? What you have been taught: “I’ll never make it, I can’t go there, I can’t afford this”. All of those things innate hears. The synchronicity? You don’t have any because you gave up before you started.

“You’re going to be average, it won’t happen”.

I want to tell you that old souls have an advantage, you’ve been there and done that and balanced enough to connect all the dots.

It works, now it’s your turn to prove me wrong.

There is no difference between Politics and Religion. They both work towards stripping humanity of their dignity. Neither one allow humanity to think

One thought on “Our Innate Selves

  1. Oh So True !!!, I am so over IT . I feel sad in my Heart and Sick in my Stomach and I am the one that is’nt real. Its quite lonely thinking most things are a joke


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