Awakened But Isolated: Are You Alone In Your Truth?

Synchronicity again today. I was thinking about how alone I feel in this ocean of truth and seeing things for what they are, in a sense it’s comforting to know that we the truth seekers do tend to feel this way at times. Yes, we are social beings and inherently should be living in communities where we work and play together. Sadly, that is not the case today, the matrix has created a paradigm of fragmentation and separation between various factors such as skin color, religion, politics, cultural beliefs and traditions, etc.

Deus Nexus


ByDavid Nova|Deus Nexus

I received an email from a reader who felt very isolated in her awakening, asking how to live in the Light, surrounded by people who see little value in her spirituality or her truth.

Now, I’m not going to claim I can give advice in every situation, but as I was typing I felt inspired myself by what I was writing.

After replying, I realized my response might be of service to other readers.  Many spiritually awakened people struggle with this very question, myself included.  So I asked her permission to share her question and my answer, which I have rewritten into this post. While there are no easy answers, these words may help comfort and inspire.

Many spiritual people tend to be rather introverted and thus already isolated by default. Many of us are “in the closet” spiritually speaking. We may be reluctant…

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