Although I do have a lot of respect for Mark Passio and have been listening to him for a few years, this interview seems very controversial to me because his description of a satanist is virtually almost everyone on this planet.  Here are a few quotes from this video that will give you a chance to decide on whether you want to listen or not. The introduction is very long therefore, it takes about 10 minutes into the video to get to the meat of the subject.

“A satanist is a person who from the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to sleep at night, the only thing they are thinking about is themselves and how they can get more at the expense of anyone”.

“They only care about themselves and they could care less about the suffering of others”.

“The world situation as it stands: They do not care about anything outside their own self-preservation based needs.”

“By that definition, the overwhelming majority of the American populace are satanists”.

“It’s a me me ideology, it’s basically “I’m the most important person in the world, all of my efforts should be used to do nothing for others except do more for me”.

I’m talking about a certain type of people that are completely absorbed with self and Ego and they never pull back their world view to looking into a wider sense”.

“Our culture is satanic and that’s what Satanists do in order to create the control that we are under”.

“They don’t want that positive polarity of higher consciousness to take root, they want to keep it in this low energy of selfishness, of not caring about what goes on in any kind of wider sense, and the everyday events that take place in your limited scope, limited life and they want people only focused on themselves and their own self-preservation”.

Mark claims to be a former Satanist, so I guess he should know what the definition is, though if you go back to his first interviews, he’s much softer on occult/Satanism, so he’s changed his views drastically since I first started listening to his work.

You decide for yourself.


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