What is the Ego and Why does it Make us Suffer?

I have written a lot about EGO, but here is a good article to read. There is never ONE answer or explanation. It’s about perspectives and this one is good. Enjoy!

Deus Nexus


Reposted from: The Mind Unleashed | by Phillip J Watt

The ego is the source of a lot of suffering in our society. It’s not just some egos either; all of us have problems that accompany not having our ego completely in check.

So what is our ego?

“Ego is the immediate dictate of human consciousness.” – Max Planck

For the purpose of this article, when I say ‘ego’, I mean the part of us that thinks and feels “I am Me”. It’s the beliefs that we have about ourselves. It’s all our thoughts, feelings and memories. It’s our activity which explains us as separate from everything else. Therefore, in this definition it is the combination of the rational, moral, intuitive and instinctual capacities.

This is contrary to what is usually understood about the ego. It is sometimes exclusively portrayed as the negative, self-absorbed aspect of the personality. But the…

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