If we have the solutions, why then are we so caught-up in all this trauma?

As important that the message is, read the comments in this blog, it’s very important, in fact, it should be a stepping stone for those like me who have suffered from abuse and grew up thinking her mother didn’t love her.

the biology of belief

It’s simply a consequence of human biology.

Crises perpetuate fear, which behaviorally, is like putting out a fire with gasoline.  As discussed in The Biology of Belief, there are three consequences of a protection response. In the face of fear, we shut down the systems that maintain the body and simultaneously inhibit the immune system. Simply, chronic fear leads to disease and death. Fact, up to 90% of doctor visits are directly caused by stress.

As importantly, the chemistry of fear shuts down creative conscious thinking as the nervous system defaults to the faster, reactive programs of the subconscious mind. When faced with fear, rather than seeking creative solutions, we automatically take a “duck and cover” posture while we wait for the “all clear” signal. A sign that everything has returned to normal.

However, what would happen if things did not “return to normal?” There are two fundamental scenarios:…

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