Synchronicity for me verifies the existence of unification, or as some would call it Unity Consciousness. Two such events happened today and as I often write in my posts, it happens on a regular basis, it is no longer a coincidence because I have learned and experienced that our thoughts creates the belief and the belief creates the reality. Because we are all connected, if the line is open, we will share the thought. If we believe that we share thoughts, the neural highway will adjust itself to be the antenna and we can unconsciously connect. I am still unconsciously connecting so I call it synchronicity, but here is an example of it today: My client who is a natural healer and owner of the pharmacy here on the island has a neural pathway problem whereas for some unknown reason she will get a sharp excruciating pain that lasts for a few seconds and leaves just as fast as it comes. There is no warning for it, which has left her afraid to drive. Her medical team basically can’t explain why nor do they even consider surgery because they don’t know it can be repaired through surgery. The only suggestion they had for her was to take anti-epileptic medication. LOL

She had one therapy with me, I told her she will either never have the event or it will be less painful and shorter. She travels back and forth to the mainland so we were not in touch for a week and I wanted to call her and find out how she made out. Someone else answered her cellphone and said she was currently unable to talk to me but that she would return my call as soon as she could.

Half an hour later, Sheila calls me and says “Sorry, but I was at Dr. Wang’s office getting acupuncture”. She didn’t know he was my doctor and she was referred to him by a friend. Dr. Wang is my doctor, my mentor and my colleague. I sent more difficult cases to him because he’s also a Cardiologist and his specialty is in that area whereas mine is in ortho-neural-muscular and spinal problems. So, how coincidental was that? When she told Dr. Wang that she lived on my island, his first response was “Ines Radman lives on the island, she is a patient of mine and colleague”. I don’t want to go into detail as to what he said to her, but he praised my work and even said that I was able to get better results and faster since I am a Psychologist and energy healer, I have higher sense intuition and therefore, can find the core of the issue must faster.

I was so humbled by this because I never compared us and I didn’t feel that I was a better TCM doctor, because he was educated in China and also completed a medical specialization, but he saw the qualities of empathy, understanding, compassion and intuitive healing as my advantage and I was comparing the training and education being an advantage.

This was synchronicity because the truth is, my client Sheila thought she might get a better treatment through him but it only confirmed that I was just as good and that she was in good hands. Her last statement before hanging up was: “I am so proud and honored to live beside such an incredible woman”. For me it was not the compliment, it was that her doubts sent her to him and through conversation with him, she actually received confirmation that I was good at what I did.

As my daily routine, when I have completed reading emails, I go into the WordPress Reader feature where all the blogs I follow list new posts. I saw this video of Bashar and normally I will click on “watch later”, especially if the video is over 20 minutes because I want to get through the new posts and watch the videos in the evening when I can put on my earphones and listen without interruptions. I can’t say I am a “fan” of Bashar, I don’t follow anyone, I like to read and listen to everyone and everything and then take what feels good and discard the rest. Why do I do this?

It’s common sense, there is no ONE way to do anything, there is no ONE event, there is no ONE future and there is no ONE person that knows what is actually going on. Just like in this physical reality, we are all good at something, but we can’t be good at everything and even if we tried, we simply cannot focus on all subjects to be an expert on them. This is where I fit into. I’m not an expert in anything, but I like to pick up the pieces here and there and not claim to be good at anything. I also call this being open minded and not being set on one person or one set of knowledge because there is simply not one person in this current reality that has all the knowledge. It’s not the reason why we are here.

This video below is a great tool to understanding. I don’t teach what I know, I teach what I am learning and Bashar has some really good information that I too can use moving forward. He also confirms a lot of my beliefs and experiences that we create our own reality, that we are wired in a certain way and that is how we see the world or believe it to be, but in essence we are experiencing something we wanted to experience and many of us got here, and through trickery, creating an artificial construct, by placing a quarantine around the planet, we somehow became prisoners here, in other words, the experiment failed and we are stuck into this reality.

Now, we all know this, most of us in the truth community basically agree that we are prisoners of something or someone, but  what we don’t agree on is the solution or how to change our current reality. I have always maintained that we are the ones that we are waiting for, we created this reality and then got so involved in this physical reality we forgot why we are here and how we got here. Our challenge is to remember who we are and how to change the conditions that we created to be able to remove ourselves from this reality that was temporary by origin but turned out permanent because of the obstruction placed upon us.

Bashar explains really nicely how it is that we became what we are and how to change the thought process, or imagination. We will eventually all connect to the same frequency, we are getting help with that, you can’t take a blind man to the edge of the cliff and tell him to feel the edge without his stick, he needs assistance and so we are getting assistance but in a way that it does not interfere with our free will.

Bashar states that the quarantine was lifted on December 21, 2012, that is the feeling that many of us experienced, I know that I felt something different, yet Cobra will tell you it was recently lifted, but if it has lifted only recently, why are we still creating negative events? Again, don’t want to go into the veracity of the information, this is the downfall of the truth movement and the new cage movement, the downfall is that we are so focused on trying to figure out who done it and why, that we are not focused on using our own abilities to change our reality.

What I can confidently say is that the new cage movement, the truth movement, the love and light movement and all these different movements that claim to work on a better world actually are diversions, are not part of our reality, are not real, are not designed to move us ahead, they are all diversions that Archons and their co players created in order to keep us from accessing our own higher power and learning how to use our creator given abilities.

I often tell my negative clients that the world is not what you believe it to be, everything they thought was their reality is a big lie, a huge illusion and for someone not awakened that statement has no meaning because they have no concept of their true self and or who is actually controlling this reality.

I like Bashar, whether he is real or not, good or bad guy, real or dark entity, it matters not to me. What matters is that if he has something to offer me that I can learn from, that I can use to change my neural structure, change the way I view the world and this reality then he’s made an impact on me, a positive one.

I listened to it twice because the first time I was doing something else and just listening and not concentrating, but going through it again and doing the exercise he teaches really changed some of my perceptions. His information has encouraged me even more by learning that change is really easy, the exercise is easy and doesn’t take much time, but it’s also confirming that this reality I am in, is the one I created.

Going back 20 years and more, I can now understand why I always got what I wanted. You see, I was a dreamer then, a dreamer such as before going to sleep, visualizing what I wanted. Often when falling in love  with someone that didn’t even know I existed, I could visualize us together and I would repeat whenever I had spare moments to think, and it would happen.

When I had cancer in 2000, I would meditate and see my crown portal open up and visualize screams and anger spouting out of the top, this was my way of removing the rage I had accumulated inside that actually caused my body to go cancerous. I didn’t know this at the time,meaning I didn’t know I could change my reality, but being a dreamer, I would dream about things people would say were impossible and they would eventually materialize.

Someone said to me once: “The Universe will give it to you when you are ready for it”. I believed that for a few years but then one day I had an epiphany. Wait a minute, what is Universe and why should IT decide when I need something. Basically, Universe was giving me what my thought process was so if I was thinking abundance, I would get more abundance. If I woke up with pain and thought about it all day long, Universe would just give me more pain. Bashar confirms something that I didn’t hear before and that is this: “If you wake up in the morning feeling like crap, then feel it, there is reason you chose this experience so feel the experience knowing it is meant to learn something and once you’ve used up the experience, it will go away. If we resist or think of that crap we are feeling and focus on it as a negative event then it will stay with us until we have accepted it as a part of our reality and once used up, it goes away.

This is true because I have used a different method by accident. One day I woke up in pain, and walked around the house in pain, and thought about the pain and how I was going to function today because I was in pain. While sitting on the toilet urinating I remember what Kryon said about talking to our cellular structure and started saying out loud: “Ok cellular structure, can you please remove this pain or do whatever it is you need to do that will remove it please and thank you”, I repeated this a few times and the pain had already minimized, then I started to think  “I am healthy, I am in good health, I have no pain, etc”. It’s not the thought that changes the condition, it’s the belief that it will, so while I was thinking this, I was anticipating and waiting for the pain to go away and it DID.

This is what Bashar talks about towards the end that many people talk about how our thoughts create our reality. There is one more step to this, we first imagine what it is that we want, think of what we want and then just “know” or believe that it will materialize.

My mother would often yell at me for being very spontaneous and not thinking before I did something, yet, whatever it is that I jumped into turned out well because I just knew it was going to happen. I didn’t always get the results that I wanted, but the desire or wish I had materialized.

I moved to Croatia without having any idea how I was going to survive here, but I just knew that everything would work out, I had no fear, no worries, I knew I would meet my current partner and would fall in love, it all happened according to my vision and belief system. I cannot stipulate this enough: Our thoughts are part of our reality, we must actually see, believe, envision what it is that we want, we must create it in our thoughts., Saying “I want a lot of money”is not going to bring money. Saying “I have a lot of money and it feels good to have it”, is a good start, but then we have to actually believe this and live as if we already have it. That is the difference, therefore, our thoughts don’t create our reality, our thoughts are the plan as we would draw for a house, but we must also visualize the whole house, inside and out and see ourselves living in that house in order to create that reality.

Enjoy the video!


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