Below is another interview with Alfred Webre being the guest and being questioned. I’m not attacking Mr. Webre, I have not read a lot of his material therefore, I’m not quantifying his knowledge, I’m questioning his integrity, the very subject he accuses former colleagues and guests of lacking. I have a lot of questions, so I will present my thoughts and you be the judge as to whether this will invoke questions in your mind or change your mind about Webre, depending on your relationship with him.

36:37 Min. Webre is talking about his relationship with Andy Basiago, stating the Basiago said some negative things about Webre, and his host is asking him “what about Unity Consciousness that you preach about”.

Michael Ellegion is a contactee and convicted telephone fraudster and served time in prison for this according to Webre. He’s talking about Michael Tellinger and the news already came out months ago that his integrity is in question and Credo Mutwa claims Tellinger owes him money.

So here we have the bashing and gnashing of the teeth, talking about others, while preaching Unity Consciousness. Do you honestly trust this guy?

I don’t trust him and have reason not to, he lied to me once. After emailing him and asking him if he would support a project “Starving  The War Machine”, he emailed back very promptly telling me I was wasting my time. The next day I received another email and he claimed that his advisor told him he was wrong and that he should support the project. I visited his FB page and I noticed that what he did was actually post my personal email to him on his FB page and he received an overwhelming positive response, so with that response he writes back and LIES that his advisor told him. How do you trust a man who talks about INTEGRITY?
I don’t trust him because Webre, as well as myself and many others in the truth community speak about “Unity Consciousness”, to me that means that we must UNIFY our awareness/thoughts together while respecting each others roles in this reality. It’s one thing to go after someone, expose their fraud or prove they do not have integrity, we have to do this, it’s the reason why we are here, to play out parts out but WE, those of us that work in this area exposing unethical behaviour, fraud, disinformation and misrepresenting oneself, we also have to draw the line.

That line that I call honor and respect is when we have exposed the lies, and let it go, let the reader discern, believe or not. What I don’t feel is correct behavior or is helping us to become Unity Consciousness is that we cross the line and keep pouring acid over their wounds to make us or ourselves look better/superior or avenge their misdeeds. We should expose them, but we can’t and don’t have the right to determine their fate because they too had a role to play. We didn’t all incarnate here into this reality and timeline to teach perfection, hell no. Each one of us are working towards the same goal and that is to awaken others to their true potential, their true power, to awaken from the programming, expose the lies, create a New World through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

So, Mr. Webre, being a hypocrite that he is, promotes his version of Unity Consciousness yet he positions himself as the Messaih at times, and at other times as a “judge” who wants to punish the perpetrators.

It’s not our job to judge or punish, our job is to expose the lies and motivate people to start thinking for themselves. Mr. Webre never fails to remind his host to read 2 pages of introductory qualifictions and accomplishments as if being a Lawyer, a Judge, a Pscyhoanalyst makes him a credible person with integrity. Such Ego is not of an enlightened human being but one that is driven and controlled by Ego constantly reminding the audience how great he is.

He may be great, I have always stated and wrote that he is a very evolved and intelligent human being but the way he positions himself disturbs me. Kevin Annett was exposed, whether Kevin is guilty or not I won’t and don’t claim to know if that is true because it’s not my area of interest, but I have posted information from authors that had credible evidence and information without judgement, but in a way that the reader can choose to believe or not.

Mr. Webre talks about Unity Consciousness yet he has not only dug Kevin’s grave, he buried him and he’s still hitting him on the head to ensure he’s not alive, poor guy. Mr. Webre, did you not think that perhaps Kevin came here to play out his role and that someone has to play the bad guy? How are we to know anything is wrong if we don’t play out the negative side, how do we motivate ourselves to change if everything is just alright? I don’t hit them with a shovel to ensure their skull is broken in millions of pieces, rather I put out the information, arguments, pose questions thus allow the reader to choose truth or not.

I have often said to a few people that were with Veronica Keen or worked with her/for her when they ask me to publish more information about her fraud that enough is enough. Our goal is to expose, provide people with enough credible evidence and proof of the fraud or lack of integrity and leave it up to the readers to discern, we don’t need to overkill her role that she came to act out.

Mr. Webre’s energy is changing, after he lied to me and got caught at it, I have never trusted him since. That’s not to say I don’t listen to his interviews or read his material, but I now question his motives and who he is actually working for.

At 38:00 min., Webre claims his relationship with Basiago is “estranged”. Well, if you are promoting Unity Consciousness, would it not be reasonable to find a way to re-unite if the goals of both parties are the same?

So when Webre disagrees or dislikes someone, he goes public, why doesn’t he set up an interview together with that person he is estranged from and publicly try to resolve the differences? He has no problem publicly accusing someone or claiming he no longer works with them, but he’s got a problem with dis-unity torn relationships. Why? So this is what prompts me to question those people and their integrity.

I have made mistakes, accidentally, as explained in the above menu. I admitted to my mistakes, apologized to my readers and even apologized to the person whom went out of her way to try and discredit me. Wait a minute, do you mean to tell me that I am no longer a person with integrity because I made a mistake and accepted responsibility for it? Yes, I feel that I am a person of integrity because I don’t operate in Ego and therefore, humbly accept my imperfections, but that doesn’t mark me for life.

What exactly is an Exopolitical journalist and researcher?

Isn’t it odd that both Basiago and Annett were long standing colleagues and friends that Webre supported and now he is estranged? What about Tellinger, Ellegion, Karen Hudes? All of these people that Webre interviews and supports eventually are exposed or dismissed for one reason or another. So, one must question this.

If Webre is a researcher then would he not do his homework before interviewing or is he like many bloggers that reblog  everything they come across claiming that the buffet offered is for people to choose what resonates with them. These bloggers also ask for donations based on work that is not theirs.

If Webre is offering a buffet, then why attack those you don’t agree with or you discovered are not really people of integrity? If none of the above pertains to Webre, then we have to assume he has very poor judgement about people OR he is a disinformation agent whose job is to confuse you to such a degree that you don’t know who the fuck to believe. Pardon my French!

42:00 min. “When you talk to the PRESS (me Webre), that’s it, you talk to the press”. So what he is saying is that he doesn’t give a fuck if you  have asked not to publish something, he disrespects you and will use the information despite your objections. This is what he says, listen to it.

Does this sound like a man writing books about “Positive timelines” and “Unity Consciousness” ? His relationship is “estranged” with Basiago because he (Webre) would not honor the man’s request to not write/publish about his teleporting experiences.

I have a lot of questions for Mr. Webre, his double standards, contradictions and his not doing what he preaches leads me to believe that he is not working for humanity and the greater good of all. I believe he is using hopium of a positive timeline that is like saying; “Things will get better”. Of course they will get better, DOH! Mr. Webre it’s just a question of when and of course your preaching of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. We have to unite and do this together, there is no positive timeline, we are multidimensional beings as you claim as well, so we don’t need positive timelines, we are everywhere at all times.



  1. Mr Webre does not allow me to post on his youtube page so I will here. It is true Mr Webre is full of crap. firstly we are not on a positive time line. As you say there are no positive nor negative time lines.
    Secondly the Draco have no intention of taking over Earth as claimed by Mr Webre. The Draco have watched and guided Earth for a long time so why would they want to undo the work they have done. The goal of the Draco is to make us strong so we can stand on our own feet. It is the Anunnaki that have plans for a Earth take over. The Anunnaki cause trouble by divide and concur. The Annunaki are connected to serpent Angels whom are about developing our ego. They ave a place in creation but not currently on Earth which is going towards a unity conscious and back to oneness. The Draco are connected to Dragon Angels and are about unity. The Draco have a place on Earth today in bringing in unity conscious. Alfred Webre is about bringing in confusion as such I avoid him now. Peace.


    • Just the fact he doesn’t allow your freedom of expression is proof he has his own agenda and doesn’t want anyone in his way. As for Draco and Annunaki, it’s not my area of great knowledge, but if we eliminate the timeline theory, anything is possible. Even an amateur nobody if thinking logically can come to the conclusion that time is not measurable and that it is only imposed on this planet as a construct. Thanks for your comments and thoughts!


    • He came out publicly to admit that he’s controlled by AI. Meaning, it’s been going on for years but he only comes out recently. After that announcement, everyone went on the bandwagon on AI ..as if it was something new. Another reason not to trust this guy. I would have a lot more respect and faith in him if he was outright open about it. It means that whatever he has done or said over those years may or may not be his thoughts or reality. that is scary shit.


      • Well since I unsubscripted from Alfred on youtube I find my computer less infected by AI. This I observed by being able to listen to last womens conference series by Tolec. In all the other ones by Tolec I was only able to hear Tolec’s voice and not the females voice. Some of Tolec’s stuff is too off planet to make any judgment about. And Tolec is one of Alfred’s friends or ex friends as the case may be. I know Alfred has had a falling out with Andrew D. Basiago. Though I say Basiago is brain washed like Alfred. lol


        • I have a philosophy about people that disguise themselves or don’t want to be seen or even not give their true name. They are not to be trusted. Why? Many people are fighting the fight and have no problem revealing themselves aware of the risk if there is one. Usually, these people that disguise themselves are not afraid of anything but merely using mind manipulation to make you believe they have a legit reason to hide. Anyone that truly has true information about our current state will be dead. If they are alive it’s because they are mixing truth with lies so keep the sheeple confused.
          I have watched these folks for over 10 years now, Tolec, Webre, Andrew Bartzis, George Kavassilas, Drake Bailey, and David Wilcock.
          NONE of their predictions have ever come true or realized, especially from Wilcock who claims in every sentence he’s got “higher and close contacts”.. These folks all sell something along with their books and CD’s, and that’s hopium laced with bullshit.


          • I also have watched George Kavassalis I know him as Apostle Paul. And like Paul he gives a watered down version of the truth. George is not the real deal, in fact some call him the Devil. As for Andrew Bartiz he only has has a rear view vision that is distorted. The price he charges to join his cult clearly makes him one to avoid. Wilcock has a revolting ego energy like Webre. Drake Bailey I never listened to. One whom energy I do like is Drunvalo Melchizedek, not that I would waste my time or money on his flower of life classes.


            • We all start our journey somewhere…and that is what is our mission to figure things out and remember who we are. Each one of the ppl mentioned also had a role to play. Without lies we would not know truth and vice verse. People ask me how do we know who is real or not. I don’t buy into “discernment”, simply because most people don’t have that skill yet so I tell people to listen carefully and if it makes sense or logic then it’s possibly true but if you question just one word of theirs, then something is not right. I am proud to say that all of the folks I mentioned above i defrocked 2 years ago plus a few more. Now looking back 2 years, all of these people have changed their stories, their identities, their purposes and excuses as to why things didn’t turn out as they said they would. It’s so easy to say “well, don’t know cause humanity chooses their destiny”. If you are a Andrew Bartzis guy, and you can read multitude of akashic records, then buddy you better have osmething better to say than just “it was” How about what will it be? You see, there is no such thing as time, so we are everywhere and the future, therefore, Bartzis shoule be able to see us in that future already because it’s already in the akashic. get my drift? This is how I logically break down these guys that claim to know certain things. Hey Allan, thanks for your input, I like what you have to say!


              • There is a guy called Chris Tomas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_jZRN4Yf9s who reads the akashic records. His reading and Bartizis are so very different. The difference between Chris Tomas and Bartizis is that Chris is a nice guy while Bartizis is yucky. I do not read them myself and was advised to avoid them. They are not accurate as anyone can delete their own record. I saw Bartizis reading someone and saying, he saw a bad soul aspect so he would remove it. Bartizis playing God is something I would not want in my soul. Talking about God check out Brain Golightly Yahweh. https://www.facebook.com/BrianYahwehJesus This God makes me sick. lol


  2. I have tried a few times to listen to his interviews and can’t get through one. I have always had a bad vibe or something with him. He turned on Annett so hard and fast after being his biggest fan and then it was over womanizing? After his announcement of being mind controlled, why would anyone listen to his interviews? I guess I do not get it. I think he is just another dis-info guy working for the system. I also think I read that the name he uses is not real also..


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