The Video below showed up in my WordPress Reader a few days ago, I didn’t bother to look at the date it was done and when I sent it to one of my respected readers and contributors, he noticed it was done in 2013.

Now, the reason why I sent this to him, I have had some bad vibes with Alfred Webre, furthermore, listening to this interview, I noticed a few things that stood out for me and it all depends on what you are listening to. I don’t listen to the information as to whether it might be true or not, I’m not into verifying the future or verifying information on subjects particularly Exopolitics because I feel that the name doesn’t even represent the field talked about. I mean a positive timeline, ET’s and future predictions just don’t fit into the subject of Exopolitics, but let’s just assume the information in this video is correct.
I noticed a few things between these two people that is simply this: Webre is asking her what she “sees”,  is going to happen and she answers with “I think or it’s my opinion”. Enough said. She sees nothing, she’s just another con artist guessing and our guesswork is about 50/50 right now, so sorry, don’t buy this crap and the more I see these kind of videos, the more I question who Alfred Webre really is and who he really works for.

Anyone that claims to predict the future should be locked up, it’s non-existent, what we call our future has already happened in another timeline, that’s why we get visions  or have lucid dreams, we are already in that timeline in another reality, as we are multidimensional beings, therefore, I am here, I’m in Asia right now, part of me is 1946 and parts of me are in 2045, get it?

After watching the video, you will read/can read my contributor John Fowlds thoughts on this video as well.
Happy Listening!

John Fowlds: “I have listened to the interview and feel that the two parties are very sucky sucky up to each other as they both seem to want support for their own views. The video was made in June 2013, so what has changed in the world since then. Nothing that I have seen so far, we’re still on the downward path of extinction whatever direction it is coming to us from.

Either by our own hand, mostly generated by endemic DNA control factors, or perhaps with a little help from Gaia who wants rid of the fleas on her back. As for Gaia, I received in our latest meditation, that we should consider linking to Sophia rather than Gaia, as Sophia is the one who came from Source, descended? via the Pleuroma and joined with Gaia to promote the Ascension of source. Which is of course the path we should be on now.

We should be moving forward not backward into lower frequencies as many assume that is what we are already in.That is because the idea that Sophia, wisdom, descended into physicality which is presumed to be at a low vibration because it is a solid substance. The physical universe was created by source, so source itself could grow and expand through it’s own creation, hence the introduction of Wisdom into Gaia to allow us gain the necessary knowledge that we require to expand our conscious awareness and grow, move forward not backward, ie: ascend not descend.

To ascend is to grow into the light, from the darkness which is only a lack of true knowledge which comes with wisdom to know the difference. As all spiritual gurus appear to be ‘blinded’ by the light; as are these two interview’es, they remain in the dark, and so fall in the ditch, holding each others hands while congratulating each other on their wonderful achievements. Sophia, ‘wisdom’ never descended, but was an integral part of of our Ascension process as laid out for us from the beginning of our time frame. Time is only relevant to the eye of the beholder.

We perceive it as our planet moves around our sun. Any where else on a different planet, time would not be the same as here. As for a Positive time line, there is no such thing. Time does not exist beyond the Pleuroma. Only in our imagination devoid of wisdom. Wisdom has to be a cognitive understanding, which in turn gives us the truth. The Pleuroma is not our Source. Sophia came from Source, from within the timeless zone, and so Ascended into time. Time can only exist it the Physical. PS: your questions prompt my answers, they allow me to join the dots from hidden memories. May the wisdom of Sophia enter your Gaic consciousness.


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