For some reason I am having problems reblogging some blogs 🙂 This is an excellent video and it’s obvious that we are not being shown the real thing, so the question we need to be asking is why? What is out there that they don’t want us to see or is it possible that what we see or what they present to us is really just an illusion or holographic deception? Tell me what  you think about why we are not getting the actual truth about our Solar system.


15 thoughts on “FAKE FAKE FAKE F…K YOU NASA!

  1. I can’t see it here in New Zealand, I am told that it has been blocked from viewing here in our country as it contains copy write material. Perhaps our wonderful Government has reacted to Dot Com’s court actions taken against him by the U.S.A.


      • It’s not a surprise here as our wonderful Prime Minister, John Key, is a major shareholder in the Federal Reserve bank of USA. Obama has to suck up to him. when the US wants money to run on. I told you that we were the flagship of the NWO previously. The US want’s to charge Dot Com with copy wright breaches. And want us to export him to the US to face court action. What the hell are we doing, letting the US telling us how to run our country?. Ohhh I forgot we tell the US how to run it’self, along with the EEC. Follow the money.


    • You should get a Tor browser and then come at the video from that browser. Tor browser hides your actual I.P. address and gives you another one from different parts of the world making sites think you’re actually in another country.


        • No worries, but this is getting strange, that some countries are being blocked from seeing certain things, Rose of Yellow Texas will say it’s the ef playing with us LOL, I would say “desperation because they know we have figured things out and are not desperately trying to stop us from seeing the truth”. I don’t think they can win this time around, it’s just a matter of time when more people wake up and finally realize the prison gates are not opening up anytime soon.


          • If the blocked countries belong to the Five Eyes, as we are , it all makes sense. The spy network may have done a deal with Sony Music Enterprises {SME} as a way to establish internet control over what we can and can’t see. Both Canada and New Zealand are members of the Five Eyes. The worlds international spy network.


          • Finally got to see it using TOL browser, albeit I had to modify some of the browsers default settings. Many thanks to Louis. As for the Flat Earth scenario I am very dubious. Ships at sea can’t be seen past 40miles on the horizon as they apparently disappear as they go over the edge. If they don’t go around a curved earth, they must tip upside down to end up on the opposite side of the flat disk, or fall off the edge as it was originally believed centuries ago. A very strange delusion. Perhaps we have a flat gravitational field as well. That would explain why a ball when thrown, curves in it’s trajectory on it’s path. Bye,Bye Flat earth delusionist’s. Gravity follows the earths surface. Therefore we are a globe, and don’t fall off the edge.


            • I have the same thought process John, I think it’s another delusional scam to serve as some purpose later on which we will find out. This is why I asked on some youtube videos if the Earth is flat then why do we bother with time zones, why do we need to fly over the North Pole to shorten flying trips across the Atlantic and many other questions. I have this feeling that something insidious is about to start using this theory, you can’t tell me that after all these years we are not just figuring out the Earth is really flat? I don’t buy into it, besides, I have seen the Earth as a ball from my higher self/parallel realities when I go to sleep, only difference is that it’s not blue, it’s orange, brown, yellow and blue auras around it. That’s what I see, doesn’t mean it’s a fact.


    • The url won’t work either, someone out there doesn’t like NZ. SME is Sony music enterprises, the same outfit that is after Dot Com here in NZ.


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